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Unbelievable service and product

I chose to get a notification on the website to tell me when they got this back in stock and upon ordering it I received it less than 24 hours later! The service that they provide is unmatched and the product is by far the best I have in my flashlight collection. If you’re addicted to kick *ss flashlights you have to have this one.

My new EDC flashlight

OK guys, it takes a lot for me to change EDC flashlights, but this one tipped the scale and is now my new EDC. Only one con, so let’s get that out of the way. I don’t like the orange peel reflector, which gives the light a flood pattern. I would have preferred it to be like the Thrunite’s smooth reflector, to give it a little more beam distance. I don’t expect it to in anyway be a “Thrower” beam, because of the small size, but it would have helped. Now for the good points. They kept the light small (both length and width) which allows me to carry it in the custom leather holster that I had made a couple of years ago. A BIG plus! The strong magnet in the base allows it to be attached to steel to act as a work light. I love the the contour of the grip. Even though it’s made for a standard AAA battery (1.5 volts), it passed the 10440 Li-ion (3.7 volt) test and didn’t blow up the LED emitter, allowing me to “hot rod” the light to get maximum brightness. So there you have it, it is now my every day carry light. Good luck!

Great floodlight

The X80 GT is just what you need on a ranch. If something is going on in the field at night, this brightens up the whole area so you can assess the situation. And it's small and light for being such a powerful beam.

Great Light!

Fantastic light and fantastic ordering experience!

Wonderful flashlight

Do not be intimidated by this light having a UI, it’s quite simple to operate. To be blunt, this fills the niche of being both a useful tool and pocket jewelry with an ability to tinker. With all of the modes and accessories, you can really make these lights whatever you’d like them to be and playing around within the UI itself is both fun and a great way to learn. I opted for the fw4a over the fw3a mainly out of love of the design and a desire to try something a little different than the original. I would highly recommend either light. Higher CRI/2000k-4500k are my preference. If your going to be indoor/up close, to me, the ability to distinguish nuance in color is more useful than overall output. If your outside and want to see something way over there, a higher output say 5000k+ light makes sense. Since this is a pocket flashlight, you can think about the ways you may use it to help make the decision on which LED/emitter to go with. I’ve been very pleased in the few weeks I’ve had this light. It’s been in my pocket most days and is used every night walking the pup. Ramps quickly and lockout is both easy and practical with 2 momentary settings. Definitely a thumbs up!

Fun light saber!

The quality seems nice, and it's fun to out-throw all your friends, but it has limited practical usage. Doesn't really get too hot, and the diffuser makes it more viable in close quarters, but becomes a huge torch for a little diffused light.

The best thrower

I have been collecting flashlights and the Weltool W4 is the best thrower I have so far...the beam is so narrow and focus which push the light over 1.5 miles away...another positive about this LEP flashlight is the size is not as big heavy as other brands.
I’m very happy that I’ve found shipping and handling are top notch and the owner Jody is so friendly... I know that I will come back here very often.

Scanlight grip handle

Solid and comfortable grip. It is girthy, but I have large hands. I imagine it could cause fatigue to someone with small hands. The picatinny fit is very tight. It takes quite a bit of effort to move the rail mount, even with the screw off. All in all it is a quality grip.

Great compact light

This light is great because you can use AA or 14500.

Like a friggin' lightsaber!

I've never seen a flashlight before with such a laser-like beam. It's the size of a regular flashlight, but reaches out almost 3 kilometers to touch distant objects with its brilliant light. This thing is not a toy, so keep it away from children. If you are a flashaholic like me, then the W4 is a must for your collection.

Top-notch cell.

Run time with this cell is fantastic! Highly recommend for protected, button-top applications.

Signal another planet.

I watched reviews of the Weltool W4, on YouTube, but you just can't really appreciate this lights throw until you fire it up yourself, in person! Whoa! Pretty sure that I accidentally signaled the Mars rover! Sorry NASA! Seriously though, if you are looking for a compact, mega-throw, death ray, for very special purposes, search no more! The diffuser cap is a 'MUST', and turns this light saber into an actual useable source of light for real situations. Awesome job Weltool, keep up the great work!

Most anticipated

Had been 'saving up' for this one, and it didn't let down. It is a very specific flashlight though. But what an amazing feat of engineering to hold in your hands.


The light is great, exactly what I ordered. The threading is smooth and the light is extremely bright in such a small package. Box was well put together and shipped/delivered extremely fast. If killzone has what you want don’t hesitate to purchase from here!

Best 14500 light I know of

Basically, this light does everything pretty well. The UI is good, the emitter is good, the reflector optic gives a nice overall beam pattern, the size is about what I'd consider ideal for EDC, has magnetic charging but uses standard batteries, and will run on any battery that will fit. In fact, I think a few minor changes would make it perfect (on the off-chance the Skilhunt development team sees this). First, I'd like the option of manual mode memory instead of last-mode memory, especially in the mode B UI that seems to be what most people prefer. Second, I'd prefer the electronic lockout to be a triple click from off instead of a long hold, and I'd remap the long hold to turning on at minimum and then cycling up through the modes. It would also be nice to have some warmer and less green LED options, since the 351D has just enough of a tint to be slightly annoying. Anyway, all of these minor flaws are things I can live with, so this is absolutely a good little light. Also takes the same charger as the H04RC and every other Skilhunt light, which is nice.


I purchased the Lumentop Edc18. It is a very nice little light. The light works very well and is incredibly bright for it's size. I chose the raw aluminum version and it looks great. I am tired of black. Jody, the store owner, is great. She is very helpful. Shipping was very fast. I placed the order on 3/19/21 and received the light on 3/23/21. I would recommend this light and this store.

Acebeam l17

This is my first acebeam light. It is pretty nice. Strong green hotspot. Compact size. It is working just fine. Seems well worth it. Killzone shipped it quickly. I also ordered the picatinny pistol grip to mount a light on. It shipped quick and feels nice.

Not bad

I got the #4 and #1 patterns. Attached a pic of them in an LM10 and an FW3A. Nice upgrade for triple optics.


As everyone else has mentioned. Do opt for the diffuser, not just to make it more usable, but it doubles as protection for that awesome front element when not in use.

Great for clear nights to point out celestial objects in the night sky when a traditional laser is too thin. Probably drew some concern from other campers off in the distance.

It's hysterical how much reach this has. Definitely my favorite light in my collection.

My first “real” flashlight

I bought this to rotate for edc between my Streamloght protac 2l. I couldn’t be more impressed switching from 5 inches to 4. You can show all your friends, your wife, and all her friends and they’ll all be amazed at what just 4 inches can do!

If you're reading this, buy it.

I hesitated a long time. Glad I grabbed it. As of march 2021, nothing is like it. A couple LEP's try (acebeam etc) but this has a brighter, clearer hotspot at range.

There is nothing else like it. Buy the diffuser so its useable at short range. Videos online don't do it justice.

My personal opinion: if you own this + a great flood light, you would have the best of both world's instead of having one light that is mediocre at both.

I'll be ordering from here again. Glad I found this site by accident.

This thing is amazing!

The Weltool W4 is a light unlike any other. 100% throw, 0% spill. I can spotlight buildings over a mile away with ease.

Killzone got my light to me in only two days! You guys rock!

Beautiful light and beam.

The LM10 is just a beaut of a light. Especially the Brass.
Its similar to the classic FW3A in a lot of ways but its better in many ways as well.

If you like Brass lights this is a must have.

My favorite so far

I’ve got two of these in titanium and one of each in copper and brass. The titanium ones get carried and used the most. The optics I already have for the original FW3 swap right in.

I have the XPL 3A 5000k, SST20 4000k, and Nichia 219C emitters. The XPL is bright with a neutral tint. The SST20 is a little warmer. The Nichia is around the same tint as the SST20 but with better flood / less throw.

It’s nice to see these back in stock. Maybe not so much for my wallet, as I kind of want the sandblasted finish now.


Just buy it, you will not regret it. I waited a long time for this to come back into stock and let me tell you... it was worth the wait! This light has the lowest moonlight of any light I've ever had and is very versatile. Straps in and out of the headband in moments and the right angle format is very useful. I'd recommend the upgraded magnetic tail cap if magnetic charging isn't all that important to you, the magnet in the stock tail cap is usable but it's not as strong as I would like. The tint is gorgeous and beam pattern extremely smooth and even, I love it. Overall a very solid light, instantly one of the favorites in my collection.