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Free shipping on orders over $100!


Based on 691 reviews
Fantastic light

It’s my third Reylight and I love it. Functions the same as the pineapple mini but has even better battery life. Can’t go wrong here. First time using Killzone but won’t be my last, great retailer!

Cribaby Light

This light is one of the best and smallest 21700 lights that I own and fits my pocket nicely. The user interface is very simple and very user friendly. The color rendition is awesome for any kind of wiring job. I did take the pocket clip off of an Olight Warrior 3S and put it on this light. It fits perfectly and allows the light to fit all the way in my pocket. Killzone had the best price I could find and the shipping was super was my first purchase with them and it definitely will not be my last.

Perfect flashlight with perfect tint.

Very well balanced. Design, UI and emitter. Just right to my taste. Black oil anodizing done very well, as everything Ray does. Top quality as always.

Acebeam UC15
richard m.
Acebeam UC15

Best AAA flashlight

Lumintop FWAA
Daniel C.
Small Package Bigger Than Expected Output

These flashlights are ideal for wearing shorts, not heavy at all, compact & powerful capacity when combined with a good quality 3.7v Li-On batt. You cannot go wrong with Lumentop, these FWAA's & its bigger Brothers the FW1A Pro are such an impressive tool to have, I carry them all day everyday, along with my blade & pen, I csnnot be without those three itmes in hand. I am always making inspections & signing off so I am for sure an EDC Nut 😄. But as far as these FWAA's go, I love what they do for me when having them perfom the job.

Los Angeles CA.
Granada Hills CA.

Good but need to test in cold weather.

Ran well on a camping trip. Bought these for the cold and will have to see how they hold up there.

Fenix HM61R Headlamp
Christopher W.
Pricey but good.

Has all the features you would expect at this price poin plus a few more. Headband works well and was comfortable. Bought it and took it on one camping trip. Seems to be durable. UI can be improved but is acceptable. On/off is easy to find and engage with thin gloves. Did not try thick gloves. Small and compact as others. Would recommend.

Great right angle light

Awesome tint and output, definitely in my top 5 favorite lights

Favorite light in my collection

Amazing candela and incredibly small package perfect for pocket carry when paired with the BB8 short body for 18350 batteries

Very nice light

Solid pocket light with nothing to complain about. Easy to use, easy to charge, great output and color rendition. I have several Skilhunt lights and they've all been trouble free.

As always KZ is the place to pick them up. Their customer support and shipping have always been spot on.


Highly recommend for pineapple mini or other similar 10440 AAA lights! Great experience always with Killzone! Fast shipping! Highly recommended!!

Freaking laser beam..

This light is legit, you can easily see 400 yards with a dark night and a good optic. Talked my buddies into buying some too!

Outstanding Tactical Light

Took a chance on this light thanks to the excellent reviews on this site from reviewers JB and Albert R. (thanks, guys! I think I've caught the Weltool bug also!). It lives up to the expectations. Wow, fit and finish is amazing -- as good as (possibly even better, if that is even possible, than Acebeam, which is another a top-tier brand). Might be the perfect tactical light -- always starts in turbo, pretty hard to mess up in an emergency. As explained elsewhere, there is a hidden low mode if needed. Love the ODG color and the size is just right. Huge thanks to Killzone for fast delivery -- easily the best place to buy flashlights online -- why shop anywhere else?

Manker ML03
Brian W.
One more thing.

The battery is unworldly. I would have to charge my Nebo Torchy every 2-3 days the Manker battery lasted over a week before needing to charge. Need more stars.

Manker E02 II
Geoff C.
Sweet Angle Head

Love the little AAA pocket lights, so this Manker E02 II was a natural. Great output and ability to use a 10440 battery, nice floody beam, NW high CRI LED, regulated output (no PWM), super selection of low output levels, metal clickie button, stout clip, and tiny size are some positives. It can be a little fiddly getting the timing right for the four click lock-out or the three click strobe, but that's just user error. I'm very happy with the light, and would buy it again.

Amazing little flashlight!

Reylight makes some amazing flashlights. The owner of Reylights is very passionate about his designs and it shows. This aluminum flashlight is very light and can be easily carried as an edc. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another one!

Cool little light

Looks like a cheap standard penlight at first glance. It's not. It's actually pretty cool for what it is. It's got a much better button, it's simple looking and the machining is so good that you can't even see where it joins together until you unscrew it. The clip does a surprisingly good job at staying put, It can move, but it stays put pretty well. Not much thermal mass so it does get hot with a 10440, so short bursts with that. Great with a AAA though. Of course a great LED in it too. I don't care for the flush button on the back so I'm going to turn a bit off on the lathe. Otherwise a hard to beat, cheap yet quality pen light.

Great batteries, great supplier!

These batteries are usually my go to for 21700s. Killzone is an excellent place to purchase these from, great customer service, pricing, and shipping.

Acebeam E70 AL

This is a fantastic light! Great UI…inherently locked out pretty much full time (double click for on). Excellent beam with more output than I need. Super useful moonlight mode, which I use mainly. Fit, finish, and feel is of absolute quality. Great runtime, been using the light on a daily basis for about a week and a half now on varied outputs. Several night time dog walks and still not in need of a charge. Beam characteristics are more of a flood than a throw but with 4600 lumens the light has no problem powering it’s way to a decent distance. As a flashlight aficionado of sorts, I’d have no reservations recommending this light. I’d also highly recommend Killzone Flashlights as the retailer of choice, excellent customer service and follow up as well as super fast shipping, with a good price it’s a no brainer.

Weltool T19
Albert R.
Awesome Tactical Light

Awesome two mode light beautiful mixed beam of flood and throw. Beam tint is warmer side since it’s 5000k which is fine with me. Feels solid and has good balance weight. Feels more solid then my surefire and tint is wayyyyy better. Buy it if you’re on the fence.

Great little keychain light

I love this little thing. Unlike so many others in the class, this one is actually small enough to go on a minimal keychain. Has admirable performance for its size and seems to have enough capacity to be useful whenever you reach for it. It’s not going to replace any of your bigger lights, but it’s great for what it is. I do wish there was a positive click between off and on, but that’s a very minor thing and it works perfectly fine as is.


Lo recomiendo pontete y pequeño

Awesome little light

Great light, unique design, easy to program, love the 519A 4000k, recommend this light!!

Excellent Flashlight

Just what I was hoping for. Good size, very nice quality. Good, heavy clip. Solid, positive switch button. Nice light options. I am very happy.

Does not work with H30

I purchased this battery as a spare for my acebeam H30 headlamp. It doesn’t work. The built in charger must be interfering with it.

This battery does not work with the H30 due to length of the battery. You need the Acebeam battery without USB charging built-in. We have sent you an email explaining this in detail and your battery options for the H30.