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Lumintop GT Nano 10440 Tube Copper Brass
Frank W. (Florissant, US)
Gt nano brass 10440 tube

The build quality is spot on. I am a gadget guy and exceptional flashlights are a weakness.
This is nothing short of perfect. The threads are machined to a very high standard and well lubricated. The finish is flawless. The packaging is very robust and intended to keep the product as flawless as made.
And, it works exactly as expected. Kudos!

EagleTac T25L-R MKII
S.D. (Tampa, US)
Nice tactical light!

Very good light. U.I. takes getting used to. But once you get it, it's very usable. Very bright. Has a nice usable throw distance to it. Color tint is also cool white, just a shade on the neutral side. (5500k-5700k) EagTac makes some high quality lights and batteries for their lights!

Lumintop EDC18 Raw Aluminum
John (Seattle, US)

Great light at a great size. Easily fits into a pocket unlike almost any other 18650 I have used, but obviously still has the width from the battery size. The light switch functionality is very intuitive and the LEDs are very bright. The only thing I am left wanting is a button on the tail cap.

Acebeam H30
Todd U. (Glastonbury, US)

I am so impressed with my purchase! The light is way better than I could imagine! With the help of Jody a killzone we figured out the right light combination that would work for me! Very happy with everything and definitely would do business with killzone again!!

Lumintop FW1A
Mark F. (Alexandria, US)
Very capable when a little more throw is needed than the FW3A provides.

Like the FW3A, the FW1A has areas where it excels and others, not so much. The FW3A is mostly flood, excels up close similar to a floody headlamp, making a great work light, but only has any usable throw if you really crank up the power (increasing heat and significantly reducing battery life). The FW1A, on the other hand, provides significantly more throw per lumen and is far better suited for extended use beyond 25 meters or so, but is only so-so for use as a work light. I really like the FW1A for trail walks and find I prefer it to the FW3A for general outdoor use.

Acebeam L17
Philip F. (Saint Johns, US)
Great thrower

Blown away. I ordered a second one right away to give to my dad, as he was super impressed as well. I got the green for night fishing and spotting channel markers in the dark. I can see channel markers at ridiculous distances. The green doesn't spook fish too much.

Aurora A3 Pro
Glen P. (Southgate, US)
Huge amount of light for its size.

I cannot believe the amount of light that the Aurora emits. Perfect sized for a key ring. I wish I would have purchased two!

Acebeam EC35 Gen II
Glen P. (Southgate, US)
Better than expected

Best flashlight I’ve ever owned.

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0
Will M. (Lancaster, US)
Tool AA 2.0

No complaints here. Good power, tail-clicky, takes regular off the shelf batteries if you forget to recharge. Included diffuser is handy.

Aurora A3 Pro
Will M. (East Orange, US)
A3 Pro keychain edc

Can't go wrong with purchasing this light. Takes up no space, simple user inputs, brightness settings are task-oriented, even has strobe and 'beacon' with one click. Would be a great gift.

Lumintop FW21 X1L
Samuel D. (Sarasota, US)
Great little light!

I wasn't sure what to expect with this one. As I own the fw21 x9l which is such a good light! However I'm pleasantly surprised that it is just an entirely different light altogether and treat it as such. It has barely any spill area, and the beam from the osram emitter is very tight and very small. Especially paired with a T.I.R. optic. It creates this pencil thin beam that stretches very very far, and it's very bright white in color temperature. Overall very basic U.I. and simple to use. Great for spotting smaller objects 500+ meters out. I recommend highly, to complete anyone's FW21 series collection. :)

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0
zthang b. (Hanoi, VN)

small but powerful

Lumintop FW3A Copper
John J. (Boulder, US)
Great light with fast shipping

Bought this FW3C from Killzone and was very happy they had the SST-20 4000K emitters I was looking for. Shipping was lightning fast, and product was packaged well. Love the light, it's perfect, and it was the same price and a LOT faster than ordering from Lumintop's online store..

EagleTac GX30L2-R Pro
Kerry M. (Abington, US)
Best flashlights ever

The beam travels so far and bright it’s almost unbelievable. Hard to find them but if you do you won’t regret it.

MAXTOCH L2K LEP SpotLight - Short
Luke E. (Middleburg, US)
Maxtoch l2k sword.

This thing throws a clear beam and it has two filters one yellow one green for hunting. And you can run with no filter. The longest throwing lep I have. It is awesome!

Acebeam L35
Neil M. (Mays Landing, US)
Flashlight junkie

Probably the best flashlight I have owned. I hàve bought 8 different ones great company fast delivery.

Lumintop FW3A Copper
Thomas E. (McDonough, US)
Simple elegance.

The slimline profile, along with the construction of materials, make the Lumintop FW3A Copper, a simple, yet elegant EDC choice in small flashlights. Mine has taken a rich patina and will continue to do so as time passes. I strongly recommend also adding a turbo glow gasket in the color(s) of your choosing, for that ' icing on the cake ' look. Whichever LED choice you make, you can't go wrong.

Acebeam EC35 Gen II
S. (Portland, US)
Solid Flashlight

Well built flashlight with exactly the right amount of flexibility for my needs. Love the dual switches.

Pretty slick little lamp

I'm by no means a light aficionado, just a practical guy looking for a quality do-it-all light. I needed a light that could do a wide variety of different tasks: flood for preflighting aircraft, dim headlamp light for cockpit during flight, magnetic for working on vehicles, long life and decent throw when needed for camping. I shopped around for quite a while before finding this guy, and boy am I impressed. It fulfills all those tasks perfectly, with the light clipped to my shirt on turbo while riding minibikes around in the woods at night it even worked amazingly as a headlight too. I'd recommend using the lockout feature if you keep it loose in a bag, I noticed my flight bag was glowing one night and found the light had gotten turned on high while the bag was being tossed around and boy was it way too hot to touch. Only minor damage to the polyester bag but the light survived no problem.

Overall I'm very happy with this, likely going to order another one to keep in the tool box.

Acebeam E70 Aluminum
c.m. (Hickory, US)

Solid, bright, easy to operate. Two clicks on tail cap for on, one for off. Wide beam profile is great for everyday work/ general use.

Acebeam TK16 Aluminum
Joshua P. (Waltham, US)
Great little EDC, surprising throw!

Had this a couple months now, feel I can offer some thoughts. Love the form factor of this one. I prefer the shorter body for pocket carry over an 18650-sized light. It weighs very little. This thing gets surprisingly bright and throwy. Beam is very pleasant and I have no complaints about tint. High CRI is very nice. Switch has a very definite click when activated and is satisfying to press. UI is easy to operate. I have accidentally activated the light while in my pocket but didn't melt any clothing fortunately. Definitely recommend!

Awesome Clip!

This deep-carry clip makes your EDC18 so much more versatile, enabling either head-up or head-down carry with equal ease. Highly recommended if you have an EDC18.

Murata VTC5A 18650
Stephen R. (Tampa, US)
Power Packed!

The Murata VTC5A is one of the best 18650 batteries available. It will pull 25 amps continuous and 35 amps up to 80 degrees C. This sucker will drive your emitters HARD on turbo, so be ready for some light and heat! If you want maximum performance out of your 18650-powered lights, this is the one to get!

Lumintop EDC18
Stephen R. (Tampa, US)
Great EDC light!

This is a great EDC light with full Anduril on board. I bought this with a Murata VTC5A and deep carry clip, and it's one of my favorite lights.

Get this one!

Acebeam L30 II
Emeterio R. (Los Angeles, US)

Best flashlight ever owned!!! period !!!!!