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Free shipping on orders over $75!


Based on 518 reviews
Perfect for Emisar DW4

I bought this headband for the Emisar DW4 based on recommendations online. The fit is perfect and the headband is of excellent quality.

Solid headlamp

I've found this to be a great tool. The head strap is great and the color quality with the 519A is top-notch. It's a bit less bright at its maximum setting than I was expecting, but that just means it runs for a good long time. I've taken this out on my nightly runs and it has been able to keep a healthy charge over several days of extended use.

Seems great

I do not have a lot of time behind this yet but first impression is great. I mounted with arisaka offset scout mount. Switch is quality. Nice tight beam with a magnified optic would pid hundreds of yards while still providing enough spill even indoors. I've yet to run battery dead with around 30 min run time. I'm very pleased at this price point!

Will probably be my new EDC

Weltool has released several new lights recently and all of them are nothing short of impressive to say the least. This light has 3 brightness settings and memory mode. It’s a perfect size, fits nicely in the pocket, perfect mix of lumens and candela for anything you could realistically need an EDC light for. The 5 lumen low is perfect when you don’t want to disturb others or sacrifice night adapted vision. Medium and high have been giving me great run times like they should and the build quality is fantastic. I have no worries about this light taking a beating in real world use. It’s a perfect size for the pocket and the knurling and overall design is excellent. One of many Weltool lights I’m glad I have in my collection.

Amazing single mode tactical light

Weltool is really giving the competitor a run for their money. This is a single mode (one brightness) no frills light. The build quality is exception. The LH8 head has the lumens and candela for pretty much any real world situation, unless you need a dedicated thrower. In that case, get a Weltool LEP! This still puts out an impressive throw, and you can choose a warmer or cooler kelvin temperature (I have both)
It has a very nice hotspot with a perfect amount of spill. Very impressed by this light and will be adding more Weltool lights to my collection.

Works great

Just as described. Shipped fast

L2KD truly unbelievable

My mind still hasn't been able to wrap around the throw from the light. I had a friend hold a newspaper at the dead of night exactly 1.88 miles away, I couldn't even see him, I needed him to use his light so I could spot him, anyways when I hit him he stated he could read the paper like it was daytime!!! .
The beam is extremely tight , no side spill what do ever..
Now I need to grab the Maxtoch Owl Eyes Pro..

Excellent compact light

Went searching through my email to find what brand this flashlight was, as I loved it and lost it, and wanted to buy another. I do not have many rechargeable flashlights upon which to compare, but it held a charge for a good while, was impressively bright, and felt nice in the hand. Gets a little warm but I think that is more physics' fault. Buying another now.

Best Headlamp

When it comes to best headlamps Armytek Wizard C2 Nichia goes up against the Zebralight H600Fd. This one’s easily when bough from Killzone. Search Flashlight group on Re-edit for details.

Works great for Emisar dw4

Bought this to use on the dw4 headlight. It's a bit tight, but it holds it well, and the headband itself is top quality. Very happy with my purchase.

Great EDC light

This light is super useful for EDC. Small enough that it doesn’t get in the way of my other pocket items. The LED is nice and bright but has a very neutral and pleasing tint. The magnetic tail cap on such a small light means this thing can be mounted to nearly any magnetic surface. I’ve got many lights but I keep reaching for this one.

Ant Man Thor Mini Ti LEP Light

Excellent product and incredible bright light in a small package.
First rate quality and the only drawback is no battery included with purchase.
Other than that, this is a winner of a light.

Lumintop Ant Man

Amazing little pocket laser. LEP is a game changer in terms of the insane throw capabilities. Definitely not a flood light. Awesome product! Super fast shipping and handling!

Weltool W3 pro

This thing is badass. Practically, peace of mind with batteries. As illumination or signal, this is for me. Now I need to find a holster, filters, extra battery and I'll be set. Other than that, its everything I expected and more.

Acebeam K30-GT
Zachary S.

The Acebeam K30-GT is extremely well built, powerful, and throws light very far. At low levels the tint can be pretty green and ugly, but this isn't a flashlight you'd be carrying if you didn't want a lot of light. It feels "safe" carrying this thing around, and it's sure to WOW anyone you show it to. The build is really solid, it's surprisingly small, and it handles heat really well. On high and turbo levels you'll wanna use the included handle, b/c it can get pretty hot (understandably).

The UI is very simple, although I wish there was a way to ramp down, instead of having to ramp up through all of the modes to get back to the lower ones. The batteries need to be taken out to charge and are a little bit of a tight fit, but it's not that big of a deal for me.

Overall, this flashlight is worth the money. It's mostly throwy, but it provides a large hotspot that allows you to see a significant area, and it's BRIGHT!

Awesome flashlight

The polished titanium finish is beautiful, the UI is intuitive, and the flashlight is small enough to carry in your front pocket everyday. What’s not to like about this perfect flashlight. Use it indoors, outdoors, dog walking, moonlight mode, it is an awesome all-around light.

Favorite Headlamp!

I now own 4 of these headlamps! Very compact and efficient. Can’t beat the functionality of the Anduril user interface.


This thing is awesome. It does its job well. And a very handy built in charging port.

Amazing flashlight

Very good quality flashlight, works as or even better than expected. Just make sure you have the right sized battery applicable for it. Beam shoots pretty far and has a nice hue of color. Looking forward to getting light bars for it

Perfect EDC flashlight

This replaced my functional but ageing Streamlight ProTac. The EC35 feels to me like the perfect pocket torch. It's bright, warm, has a very good throw, and is in an excellent size format. The UI literally could not be better for my use case; dedicated turbo on the tail switch, and other modes on the side switch. This was also my first experience with Killzone and I was really impressed by the price and shipping speed. Really great experience all around, and I'm looking forward to using this light for many years.


I have purchased many L.E.D. flashlights but I heard about the L.E.P. flashlights and had to give it a go. If you need to see far away with pinpoint accuracy these are the lights to try. I bought the Thor 1 and am very happy with this purchase.

FW3 Titanium Lumintop

First thing props to Killzone Flashlights, got my order fast and with no issues. This will be my third lumintop and so far my favorite.


No reason to spend $70 - $80 on an 18650 or DF body from Surefire, Modlight, etc. I've had them all and this is as good as any for half the price.

Great little light

Best small light I have seen, even better with the 10440 tube added. Fast service, great quality.

Excellent Tactical Light

This is an excellent flashlight with great regulation and a beautiful tint (4k version). The onboard usb-c charging is excellent and it will also accept unprotected flat top batteries as well. I would highly recommend this light.