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Right angle lights are just the right angle

If you like puns then you're going to love this flashlight because I certainly do. You know, even if you don't like puns you're going to love this flashlight, it's actually completely unrelated to anyone's affiliation with puns.

I own a few high-performance flashlights at this time so I was looking for some really specific things in this light and I'm happy to report that it's wonderful in every way. I'm also pleasantly surprised that it's not very heavy when worn as a headlamp and that the headband strap is fabulous.

From the distribution of the light beam, the color temperature & CRI, the magnetic tail cap, excellent pocket clip, the magnetic charging, fantastic headband, and the customizable interface this light is great. If you're considering it you should just get it.

Acebeam EC35 Gen II
Dakota S. (Richmond, US)
Amazing AR-15 light!!!

The push button on the back with the selector switch up front is great for quick tactical needs and also for planned usage. Couldn't ask for a better light!

Acebeam L18
Ernest D.I. (Cary, US)
Great light

Love the size, brightness, and lack of spill!

ReyLight Pineapple Mini Titanium
Jon C. (Branford, US)
good value

this is a flashlight enthusiasts flashlight. but I wanted AAA and a clicky switch with ultra low mode and titanium body and pocket clip. it's a good quality flashlight that doesn't break the bank.
switch is a bit squishy but works fine for my use: turning the moonlight mode on and off. It is bright and handy

Lumintop FWAA Titanium
Dean K. (Schenectady, US)
Great little light

High quality light small and bright.. polished finish is flawless.

Acebeam E70-BR
Thomas E. (McDonough, US)
Brass E70: Another great edition!

I regard the Acebeam E70 as mostly a collector's piece/ shelf queen. Real life, practical usefulness is minimal. It certainly functions as intended and looks awesome as well, but it's primarily just fun to own! With the purchase of the brass edition, I now have four different versions. Titanium, copper, stainless steel and of course brass, completes the collection that I personally want......unless of course, if Acebeam decides to make, oh say....... a titanium/copper Damascus model, with a red internal aluminum tube. HINT,HINT Acebeam! I DARE YOU!

Weltool W4 LEP Flashlight
John E. (Camarillo, US)
Magic flashlight part two

I was sitting in my backyard at night
With my Family all the light out
I pulled my W4 out of my pocket and pointed it up in the air everyone went silent they could not believe that this small Flashlight could make the narrow beam that far into the night sky especially when large owl flew over about 600 feet above it lit up the owls under side so bright we watched it fly across the sky it was incredible.

Armytek Wizard Pro Clip
Brian B. (Baraboo, US)
Armytek Wizard Pro clip...Excellent!

I have several 18650 flashlights and I wanted a clip that was strong and allows the flashlight to sit flush or as close to flush in my pocket. I tried 4 others and this one definitely fit the bill. If you have a light where the clip location on the light is around 25mm this will work great! I have already purchased 10 of these and plan to purchase at least 4 more. Thank you Killzone!

Acebeam H30
Tim B. (San Marcos, US)
Great light, fast shipping

5K Red / UV version:

Red is slightly brighter than I think it needs to be, and the included battery is too long to charge in a Gyrfalcon All-44. Those 2 things are my only quibbles

Works fine with Sony VTC6A and some older iJoy 20700 I had laying around. Good battery life

UI is relatively easy to figure out, the headstraps are quite nice, the mount is just taunt enough to hold an angle once set, all in all just a great piece of kit for camping, cycling, and an occasional scorpion hunt

Shipping was amazingly fast, out the door the same day

Lumintop FWAA Titanium
Mark A. (Oceanside, US)
Everything an EDC light should be!

Love this thing, easily a top 2 choice within the space.

Acebeam EC35 Gen II
AJ M. (Santa Cruz, US)
Great light for a night out.

I purchased the Luminus SST-20 4000k 95+ CRI version, I am very stoked with it. This is my first truly high end flashlight, I enjoy the dual controls--nice to have some adjustability in your output. I really got this light for the dual buttons, specifically the insta-turbo access via the tail button, being that I am using this light for late night ventures.

Acebeam H60
William C. (Irvine, US)
Bright, unique neutral white headlamp

The Acebeam headlamp is a well made headlamp that offers a floody, neutral, high CRI beam. The sunlike LEDs illuminate a wide area evenly and provide excellent color rendition. I have a couple of quibbles. The sunlike LED option only has two settings, very bright and not bright enough. I would have preferred either a third, middle setting of about 20 luments or a higher low setting. I find the low setting useless even to read something held 6 inches from my face.
The other quibble is the button pushing gymnastics required to change between the two light sources: from "Off" you have to quick click then hold. It works but not always on the first or second try.

I use the headlamp when walking the dog, doing odd handyman errands around the house, etc. It's brilliant for these tasks when using the sunlike LED. I also have the Armytek C2 Wizard slightly more diffuse edges as the spill drops off. The Zebralight also has a nice flood but is weaker in intensity, even if peak lumens can be set to be similar. I like the Zebralight UI the best, plus it's light weight and the perfect around the house light (reading at night, ease of finding a setting). The Armytek has a simple UI, it's a bit large for an 18650 headlamp. Still very good. If I were to get a second high CRI headlight, I would still consider the H60; probably perfect to leave in the car in the event you run into issues and need a strong flood as you work around it.

I'm hoping Acebeam and others continue to develop models using the sunlike LEDs.

Acebeam K75
Thomas B. (Chicago, US)
Awesome light!

Brightest light I’ve ever owned! Very durable and easy to use. Long run time. Very satisfied and great customer service. Highly recommend.

ReyLight Pineapple Mini Titanium
Brertt K. (Peotone, US)
Great Light for its size

It's not super throwy or bright, but it's good for its size and the beam quality is amazing with the 219b sw45k. Love the tint, no green shift like sst20 4000k has on some of my other lights and it's also nice and rosy. The option for AAA is also really nice and great for if you're in a pinch. There's better and brighter lights out there but specifically AAA/10440 and at this beam quality it's hard to think of lights that beat it.


This little light really packs a punch. So easy to Cary and killzone is always on point!

Good Tailcap

I received my tailcap quickly and it appears to be well made. It fit on several older Surefire and Solarforce P60 type lights without a problem. The momentary and click on functions worked fine. It seems to be a functional item.

ReyLight Pineapple Mini Titanium
Dean K. (Goshen, US)
Great little light

Very nice light , great color rendition..

UV light with great build quality

I've been using a Tool AA 2.0 as my UV light and it absolutely works well. The Weltool is a big step up. Same great build quality you expect from Weltool and it is a good looking light. The purple bezel ring makes it easy to find. It's much brighter than the Tool AA 2.0 that I am used to. Most of the time I use the lower brightness setting unless checking something towards the other end of the house.

Acebeam E70-TI
Thomas E. (McDonough, US)
Rat Rod of flashlights

I own three of Acebeams' E70 models. Stainless Steel, Copper, and Titanium. While the polished finish of the Stainless and Copper models show a 'refined' side to the E70, similar to a 'trailer queen' hot rod......the stonewashed, Titanium model is the rat rod of the three. I personally like the Titanium model the best, because it has that 'rough around the edges' look. Almost 'industrial' might be an apt description as well. Of course the functional operation of all the E70 models are identical, so choose your won't be disappointed.

Spare for W3

Bought a few of these batteries for backup power to a Weltool W3 light. I have an external charger so did not need the built in USB port. These batteries have a great runtime. Bought several so I could get free shipping. Price was in line with other sellers who had these batteries in stock. Would recommend KillZone. Great communication and fast shipper.

SKILHUNT MC10 Magnetic Charging Cable
Garrett S. (Cedar Park, US)
Charging cable and headband replacement

Ordered a replacement Skilhunt MC10 Magnetic Charging Cable and HB3 Headlamp Headband for my Skilhunt H04 RC LED Headlamp. If you don't have one, this headlamp is incredible... long battery life, great light output, and super durable. I was very happy to find a replacement charger and headband so that I could continue to use my favorite light. More recently I used it for a 7 hour trip in a water cave. The charger, headband, and headlamp all performed as expected. Shipping from Killzone was prompt.

The real deal

I love these Lumintop hyper glow accessories. They are very hard to find from US-based sellers. Thanks to the good folks at KillZone for keeping these in stock and shipping out fast!

Another great light

I had no idea how good weltools build quality is, I will definitely be buying more weltool products in the future.

Lumintop FWAA Copper
Richard S. (San Francisco, US)
Lumintop FWAA copper

Great light. I own a few Lumintops and they are always top quality. I also have a FW3C. Tge copper on both of tgese midels is beautiful. Not too much eeight for EDC.... for me. Great power. Simple user interface. Get one.

Good Headlamp

Good construction, nice and bright, a charge lasts a long time. I was recommended this as a good headlamp and was not disappointed.
I use it when I’m locking up my chicken flock at night. There is poor lighting because it’s heavily wooded. The headlamp lights up the entire area I’m working in. Also good for hunting raccoons.