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weltool w4

The Weltool w4 is the brightest flashlight that i know of very bright well made with a beem that has a throw of 5 miles!!
Flawless transaction and fast delivery (even during these weird times) If your wanting one order from the place that has them Killzone!!

Works great

Wanted some spare batteries and charger and I couldn’t be happier. Works great, looks great, 10/10 all around


I love titanium, so I had to have this light. This light is has a great mode range, from low moonlight mode to crazy bright turbo. It is the perfect size for edc, hardly larger than the battery. The anduril UI is super intuitive and feature packed. I have carried this everyday since I bought it. Killzone shipped fast and communicated very well. 100% will purchase from this site again.

Very good build quality, competitive to now-unavailable LEP lights.

This light casts a thin spot at an incredible distance, but has enough divergence to be used as a search light (such as on a night time mountainside.) Other manufacturers have discontinued lights like this, and they've been hard to get. Comparing the W4 to my W30, the brightness is just as good, the throw distance is just as far, plus you get a dim mode that the previous didn't have. Solid aluminum construction and a glass front lens - (Some other LEPs have plastic lenses; this does not.) Comes with a USB-rechargeable cell but I've had no problems using other generic ones. I have a feeling that LEPs may be regulated soon at least in the US due to their laser-driven properties, so now would be the time to get the W4 before you can't. As usual flawless transaction and fast delivery (even during these weird times) from Killzone.

Very impressed

This is pretty darn neat. I am amazed how well this flashlight performs. Small and compact with such a punch for the price. My next purchase will be a headlamp/flashlight combo from same mfgr

Great everyday flashlight!

I use this flashlight every night to walk the dog. The light is bright enough to ensure that my dog and I can be seen by cars and the color reproduction of the LED is great! The optional battery that killzone paired works perfectly. Magnetic charging is far and few in-between. The interface took a few minutes to learn, but is easy for anyone to use. With the mode B I use, I have only the 3-4 modes I need in rotation including the low lumen mode to check things out in the middle of the night and turbo that doesn't make the flashlight too hot(important to me). If you have any questions, email Jody/killzone. Response time is rapid, personal, and they will ensure your order is cared for.

Excellent General Purpose Light

This light is very well constructed, is exceedingly bright, has a long throw, and is rechargeable. The beam profile is somewhat narrow with a bright spot in the center, personally I like floody lights more but this is an excellent example of a thrower.

Tremendous light throw

While "only" 500 lumens, this light throws all of them in a very well-engineered, tightly-focused beam that seems not affected by tremendously long distance. I've compared it directly to 800 (PD32), 1,000 (PD35) and 3,000 (TK35) lumen Fenix lights and I am really excited about this light. It maintains its narrow focus as long as it throws that light, a true beam. However, wile you can see objects MUCH further, you can't see very wide outside of its beam, only a few meters, if an object is outside of the beam field, it will not be illuminated. Compare it to "brighter" lights that use all their lumens to throw their light in a much wider field. The TK35 will get it's light out several hundred meters and give a very wide wide field of illumination, but by the time the light hits the target way out there, illumination isn't as great as the TK30. If an object is waaaay out there, you'll se it with the TK30, but you'll have to hit it there's not a lot of peripheral illumination from its beam.

Great for the price ! High CRI and 4000k tint good! Video review link below.

I was sent this light from killzone flashlights to review. I was curious about the Skilhunt brand for a few years seeing their headlamps with optics and color tint options had me curious. I wasnt sure what to expect with the E2A. I've been using for a few days as an edc light and I find I am liking more and more. First off the look is nicely machined atleast on the model that was sent to me. I have the 4000k sst20 high cri model in gray. The gray colour is nice and i think i like it better than if i had the black. The light has a basic ui with 3 simple modes of output. The driver is efficient and ive tested the low mode with an old zebralight 14500 flat top protected battery for about 7 hours and 43 minutes on the lowest mode. The light did not run out of power nor change the brightest within the time period and since for my preferences and uses that is more than sufficient time for what i need out of an edc light. I really enjoy the fact that it integrates in my solar AA rechargeable batteyr system which i use for hiking , camping, working as a trail steward and edc activities. It uses either 14500, nimh AA or an alkaline AA which in my opinion makes this a fantastic light. Interchangable battery systems are the way to go with flashlights and electronics in general. This light has a good tint and my prefered tint 4000k is or less. The high cri is icing on the cake as I draw and sometimes I need to see accurate colour for my traditional artwork and also for my videos that I film on gear. Yes I do use lights these to light up certain shots for a short duration. The cons would be minor, though the rubber boot tail clicky is great and good, id prefer a harden cover around the side and/or a metal cover over the tail cap as a matter of preference. The light is simply one of the best high cri 4000k muti battery powered edc options out there. I like it better than my lumintop tool 2.0. The tool has more modes but with a light this small I dont really care about strobe as much personally. One thing to note the honeycomb type tir produces a slight bit of texture on the beam pattern. I found this negligible in my personal taste but I know some may see it as artifacts in the beam. When using this light i noticed it does nto really matter in edc daily activities. I would post a video but there is a 100mb limit so I will post a link for the video review.

Video review below.

I reviewed this light on youtube. This is one of the best edc lights you can buy. Customizable ui that is complex but after using it it becomes easier. I got the high cri 219c emitters. This light has tons of output but more importantly good run times on medium and low. I've installed the turbo glow gasket in sky blue and it is fantastic and fun! The cons of the light I would say mostly are minor one thing being the heat dissipation issue but thats because titanium usually isnt the best heat sink material to use. The ui is complex but the amount of customization you get outweighs the con. Bototm Line this light is for the person who is into flashlights and wants to learn or step into the world of modding i think. This is my first multi led light with uses carclo tir optics and a turbo glow gasket. it is alot of fun. Im thinking about buying the copper version just to have a version that is resistant to bacteria and slightly better heat management. I'd upload a video review but the file is way bigger than 100mb. so here is a youtube link instead.

This is a very Powerful trower

If your looking for a flashlight that throws a long beam Acebeam K75 is it. Using 4 18650s, it has great runtime and very little heat. The only drawback is the size of the lens, it makes it hard to carry, but that's the price you pay for a long reach. One thing I would recommend is a cover for the lens if you have to transport it. Also, I do miss a USB charge port. It does make it more convenient. The best place to shop is the Killzone store. They are great to their customers.

Very satisfied. Personal favorite.

I'm new to flashlights as a hobby and higher powered lights in general. So take what I have to say with a grain of salt. I'm very happy with this light. It's smaller than I expected and just feels like a high quality device in your hand. Nothing is loose, jiggles, or rattles. The finish is nice but I'm not sure how long it will hold up. It's already showing little wear from my keys and it being in the same pocket. But that's kind of expected. It does get warm quickly and can get uncomfortably hot if you play around the with thermal configuration. Again, totally expected and not a problem if you've looked into what you are getting. If I were to buy this again, and I very well may. I'd buy a version that is a little warmer tint.

AceBeam L30 Gen 2

All I buy are AceBeam lights. They have a very wide selection to choose from. Very well made and lots of accessories. Nice carry case, lanyard, usb charging cable, o-rings and a 21700 5100mAh battery. I bought the 6000k because I wanted the brightest light. 4,000 lumens with the Cree XHP70.2 chip. They claim 373 meters but the farthest I used it was around 500’. The beam is wide about 25’ but the Cree XHP70.2 punched out further. For myself 500’ was perfect distance. 200’ was very bright. The modes are firefly, low, mid, high, turbo and strobe. One click on the tail switch is turbo. It’s 6” long, well weighted and fits in hand and pocket perfect. Hopefully my thoughts on this light answered any questions you might have on this light. I would definitely buy this light again. I always order from kill zone flashlights. They have what I need in stock, their prices are better and they have very fast shipping.

The best compact form factor thrower with a useable beam.

This flashlight is perfect in every way. It has next to zero spill, the beam is the perfect width. It’s not a pencil beam but it keeps its shape all the way out. The only time you see a little bit of spill is when in turbo. And I wouldn’t even call it spill. It’s mainly just a faint glow about two feet from the light. If you hold it above your head, you will not really see any spill at all.

The one down side to this flashlight is Acebeam not releasing it in green. I prefer green in my long range throwers. Just because it doesn’t mess up my night vision, further out you get more contrast. And green throws furthest. I don’t hunt. I’m just a flashoholic and I enjoy casting light onto things in the night. I enjoy it too much.. lol

This flashlight keeps up with my Noctigon K1 pretty good up until about 900m after that the L18’s light starts to diminish quickly. But my Noctigon K1 is in W1 Green and it has 720,000 CD.

As far as this being a LEP killer. It is not. But it is definitely the closest thing you can get to a LEP. Only this is better because it has a useable beam within 400 meters all the way out to just over 900-950. I prefer the L18 if I’m looking at anything within 500m-600m or so. After that Noctigon K1 (W1 Green) 550m-650m to just under a mile. Once I hit that mile mark. I’ll bring out my JetBeam RRT-M1X Raptor (LEP) I mean I will use the LEP if I don’t need to light up a area and just a small spot at closer distances but I feel it’s best to use at about half a mile out or more. Depending how on your intended use. I just like to pay with flashlights, so yeah the L18 doesn’t kill a LEP but it does do a better job then one within its range IMO. It’s a good light to have. It’s allowed me to remove my FT03 from my kit and my GT Mini. It basically made having those two lights useless.

I feel that if flashlights keep getting better as they have been every year. The LEP will have just been more of a novelty item. As soon you won’t need a LEP. I don’t hate LEP’s I really do like mine but as far as it putting a good useable beam down range it’s not something they do well. But it’s something the L18 does great.

My only con about this light is it doesn’t come in green. All the reviews I seen on YouTube they said there will be a green version. Where? Because I can’t find it for the life of me. And I don’t plan on buying a L19 because I feel it’s overpriced for only a couple every meters throw. And I want to have two of the same flashlights in white and green so it’ll be easier to show people how much better green is at longer distances. Up close, white light all the way. But anything further out and green really shines. It’s mainly just because it doesn’t mess up your night vision. And our eyes see green better and brighter then any other color on the spectrum. You don’t hear that said very often, you usually hear, it’s just so the animals won’t see it. I don’t hunt. And I prefer green light for throwers every time if it’s going to be for something past 600m. Plus green light is known to relax you. And if you look into green light therapy. (Which I recommend to anyone especially if you suffer from migraines or cluster headaches) look into some of the study’s. It’s actually unbelievable what green light does for pain, depression, anxiety. It’s not as simple as turning on green light anytime you are in pain. It’s somethjtbg you need a daily dose of. But I do it and it definitely has helped me. Anyway just wanted to add that because it has helped me with my migraines. I don’t even get them anymore. (Could be a coincidence) but they stopped within months after I started.

Back on topic.

The L18 is a great light. One of the great few flashlights that actually preform as it says it does box. The beam is perfect, I like that there is no wasted light and every bit of it is thrown down range.

Only picture I had with the L18 but as you can see it’s in my kit.

Solid light, as advertised

This light is like a Toyota Camry. Does everything you want, not much more. Built to last. Solid. If you only want to buy one nice flashlight, this is a great choice.

Great headlamp

Great 18650 headlamp. The warm, high CRI tint and floody light without a hotspot is perfect for the generally close range work I bought it for. Definitely lights up a room, but works well without excessive reflected light from close surfaces. The magnetic charger is convenient; working well with unprotected cells taken from a power bank. I've only used it continuously a few days now, but very happy with it. A huge step up from the AAA hardware store headlamps I had been using; the tint on this is much more pleasant to work with.

Thank You

Excellent delivery and service. Everything arrived on time and in great condition before Christmas. Thank you.


Fantastic product, and it is everything, that you read about this LASER FLASHLIGHT. BUY, NOW, while you can, for your collection !!


Recharges batteries within a few hours.


Batteries have good life and put out strong light.

Very satisfied with my purchase from Killzone flashlights

I find it really cool that so much light is able to fit into a pocket. I bought the SST40 in 4000k and the colors are very vibrant, while still putting out a lot of lumens. It gets very hot on turbo, though. I recommend using the electronic lock-out feature when not in use.

The picture attached to this review is demonstrating how well this light (on turbo) lights up my 3 acre yard. The camera doesn’t do it complete justice, it’s putting usable light on the oak trees from 450 feet. The fence is 6ft tall and roughly 250 feet.

Skilhunt H04 Mini RC High-CRI 4000K

Awesome little headlamp. Great tint and run times. Having a magnetic cord for recharging is convenient. The button on the side is better in my opinion. This allows for a pinch grip to turn on the light.

Excellent Light

I wanted a multifunctional light primarily to use as a headlamp, and this fit all of my needs: Multiple brightness levels including firefly, Red mode, 18650, good protection against water and drop. It has surpassed my expectations in every aspect. The red light is ridiculously bright. I’m not even sure I can think of a use for the highest setting but it’s fun to show off to people, and low and medium are great. This is a great light for hiking, camping, etc, but also a nice all round light for pocket carry with the clip, and the strong magnetic base adds additional utility. I’m very pleased with the product.
Shipping was fast and customer service was also top notch. I will definitely order here again.

Nice EDC light

Nice brightness and portability, I particularly enjoy the battery life and magnetic tail.


This is an amazing light. I got this and a lumintop FW3A. It did run very hot on turbo with a 18650 protected battery 20A 3.7V that I had. But using the recommended Samsung 30Q, completely removed the issue. If they make a copper FW4A, I will definitely grab one.


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