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Free shipping on orders over $100!


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Can't go wrong with a reylight

Great light, great store

Perfect inside light, great beam, perfect tint. Good buying experience from killzone

Amazing Little Light

Glad I bought it. Hard to believe these are as affordable as they are.

Incredibly bright

Perfect light head for a helmet mount. Great for night vision users.

Awesome flashlight.

Easy to carry, lightweight and precise beam

Weltool T12
Edgar S.
What a flashlight!!!

Talk about a versed tool. For up close and long range you cannot go wrong with this. The programmable functions are actually useful. Being able to change those settings quickly is super dope! The build quality of Weltool is just spectacular. If you need something that can illuminate everything up close and spot something far away. This is it!!

Killer Light

Really like the LIGHT, it was what I expected, I use as a EDC, I have several, would recommend it and KILLERZONE as a company. Delivery was quick.

Manner E05 II Ti

Great little flashlight. Solid. Bright. Heavier than I thought it would be being that it is titanium.

Manker E05 II
Tanner G.
Excellent value and quality.

I bought the polished aluminum version and I love it. The pros: beautiful and simple body design, excellent emitter choice, excellent driver, can run on various battery chemistry, pocket clip is very robust, and allows for momentary on with a half press.

The con: UI would benefit from some customizability like a Reylight, but works just fine as is.

Nice light

Had another 14500 light for many years and the switch finally gave out. After quite a bit of research I decided to try this one. The UI is much more complicated than I am used to, but not to bad to learn and offers some usable options I didn't have before. It's got good power for its size, and the magnetic charging cable and tail cap are very handy. It has become my daily carry and so far I am very happy with it.

Does what it is supposed to do.

Purchased with an M150 from KZ as an extra to keep in my suitcase. Works just like the one that came with the flashlight. I'm not a huge fan of proprietary cables, but this one seems like a decent design. The price seems reasonable, and I like that they use it for several models and the magnetic connection is nice. Best of all, in a worst case scenario where the cable(s) fail, I can remove the battery and charge the same way I did before I had the convenience of a magnetic cable until I can get another.

Mighty mini light

Great Product , & Killzone is an Awesome Company - Highly Recommend Both !
I got the Bb7 Ext Tube too , very pleased &
You will be too , Thanks Ever So Much n
Lord Bless

Bright, minimal options

This thing shines really bright. I've got several 10440 minis and this one outshines it as well as some bigger ones. I dislike the menu system on this light, finding it annoying to not have any way to get through brightness other than to cycle on and off quickly. I also dislike the no temp on when locked at low level. Skillhunt does this and I'm hooked. Overall though, great little light and at this price in titanium it's a steal.

All good

I mostly used it for jogging at night. It’s lightweight and handy.

Manker E05 II Ti
Daniel C.
Excellent & Ideal

This is the ideal flashlight if you wear shorts often. Its tough & even though it is titanium, it has a bit of weight to it, but not so bad that it'l drag your shorts down. The 6500K is potent, I truly love it in an all around manner. One more thing, its size is great too, it will not get in the way of your other edc gear. 👍🏿👍🏿

Awsome light

Thought the menu would be cumbersome but it is intuitive.
Very bright!

Unexpected performance

I was holding off on this light for a while and I regret not buying it sooner. I watched YouTube videos but didn't realize it was this good!! I love this light! It's my GO TO for open areas. It's the floodish throw of an absolutely beautiful tint beam. Thank you again killzone for the fast and reliable service!

Skilhunt E2A
Jackie M.
Nice simple 14500 aa light.

I have a couple of Skilhunts and like them all. I picked this one because of the nice 4000k color and simple UI. You can hand this light to anyone and they will be able to operate it. This unit is all you need for a simple,bright, easy to use edc light. One would be hard pressed to find a better option at this price point. I've made several purchases from Killzone and am always impressed with their service!

Acebeam TAC AA
Jackie M.
Nice 14500 AA Thrower

This is my first Acebeam product. I'm pleased. Build quality and finish is excellent for the money. This model is a little large for aa size light in comparison to others. I didn't have a thrower in aa 14500 until this one. The throw makes up for the large size, with the large smooth reflector, and cool white emitter, it reaches out for its size! The UI is straight forward and simple. If you are looking for more flood this one isn't for you. If killzone carries the light you're looking for they are the company to buy from! Always shipped fast and packaged very well.

Highly recommended!!!

If you need a super high quality 10Amp cell this is one of the best on the market!!! I use them in all of my FW3s and never had any issues!! Highly recommended!!

Excellent EDC!

Perfect small edc light. I like that this unit can use standard and rechargeable cells. The UI is simple and has the ability to be programmed into diffrent settings. Build quality is superb! I do wish they offered some cooler color temps somwhere in the 5-6k range. I like warmer colors for indoors and close inspections. I prefer edc lights on the colder side if I just need to take a quick look at something. I also work outside and cooler temps seem to do better under sunlight. I've made several purchases from Killzone. Shipped FAST, very well packaged. Don't hesitate to buy from this company! I will again for sure!

Great light for patrol work

I work as a police officer and I specifically bought this light for work. I wanted a light that could be bright enough at a distance to expose detail and cut through barriers like headlights and tint, but still function well when clearing tight quarters. I've been using this on the job for almost a month now and it's already proven to be exactly what I was looking for. I run the light on setting A, so a light tap and hold at full power is perfect for cutting through headlights and tint, a full press puts the light on high which is right for most occasions, and a light tap while on switches to low so I don't get blinded looking into a bag or small compartment during a search. Time will tell on durability and longevity, but based on reviews from others I've read this shouldn't be an issue.

Good light

Durable and bright

Great warm EDC

This is a great lightweight, warm edc with probably the best range of outputs. Skilhunt has also very good clips, they have the right angle when you're putting it on a regular ball cap. This light also has decent outputs if you're using regular alkaline aa. This is my 3rd skilhunt product and I really like them all!

Weltool W2
Bruce N.
EDC Dream

Finally an EDC sized flashlight that competes with a large torch. I have throwers that have a high enough candela for temporarily blinding an attacker, but none that I actually can carry all the time. Excellent build quality (on line of Surefire) and prompt delivery. Due to quality, I will soon be getting a W3 Pro Tac (due to my addiction to cool flashlights). Highly recommend, just buy it, you won't regret it.