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Free shipping on orders over $75


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Best headband currently on the market

This will fit a wide variety of 18650 right angled headlamps. The design allows the flashlight to pop in and out without having to remove the pocket clip. Most head straps require you to take off the pocket clip and then awkwardly get the light through two rubber rings. Killzone delivered fast and in good condition.

great light

Not seriously field tested yet but have used casually. The build quality is amazing and the matte anodization of the metal feels great in the hand. Light gets bright on both white and red and the controls are simple.


This is a sweet little light, I like the pocket clip as well as the overall light. Plenty bright for edc has great out put.

Lumintop FW3X
Darren F.

This is the best edc light out there at the moment. And killzone flashlights is the best place to buy them. Super fast shipping, excellent service and good prices.

Lumintop FW3X
Danny P.
Great light

This flashlight is great, super bright for the size and perfect for an edc light. Just don’t put the battery in the wrong way, mine started smoking. But I have another one on the way .

Awesome WML

I originally had the LH1 head with the W35 body (18350 battery), but was underwhelmed overall. It had a great hot spot, but not enough spill. I then purchased the W65 body (larger 18650 battery) which helped some and increased run time, but still was nowhere as good as my Cloud Defensive REIN. Fortunately, Weltool did their homework and came out with this LH8 head in both 5700k and 6500k form. They are way better than the LH1 and are as good as or better than the REIN. And considering they are cheaper than Cloud Defensive while still maintaining quality construction and performance, I would say they are definitely worth it. I purchased both the 5700k associated with the W65B nomenclature, as well as the 6500k (W65C). For indoor use mounted on a home defense weapon, I would recommend the 6500k because it has more lumens, more spill, and lights up the room more overall. For outdoor use for longer distances, the 5700k might be better because it has more candella and a brighter hot spot, and therefore more ability to light up a particular object at distance. Either way, they are both similar and you can’t go wrong. Personally, I like the 6500k for the distances I use it when handheld (less than 150 feet) and the red dot sight I use when its WML is sighted well within its broader hot spot at closer distance. Great lights 5/5. Killzone also has amazing customer service and great shipping, this is a fantastic company!

Fenix HM50R
Wes O.

Love it so far have not had the chance to put it to full use yet. Deerseason is around the corner, I do like the head band and easy operation. Thank y’all I’m sure y’all will here from me again on future orders.

Lumintop FWAA
Freddy L.
FWAA is my most used light.

I have several of these with different emitters. This purchase was for 219c@3000k. Nice warm and cozy floody light. I only regret that I missed out on getting the copper version of this one. These lights are not without issues, but I'm still giving five stars here. IMO, they're worth a little tinkering. I'm taking KillZone's advice and switching to lower output batteries just to be on the safe side, but there is a good thread on BLF discussing lights that were damaged by a combination of user error and high output 10A batteries. There is also a very simple switch modification that will make accidental activation less likely. Become familiar with Anduril's safety features if purchasing this light. Overall, I think these are pretty great, though.

Acebeam H30
Acebeam H30

In February 2022 I had a celebration on at a buddies land and after doing doughnuts in a lot of mud, i hopped out and promptly dropped my H30 into deep mud and could not find it. I assumed it was lost and gone.

Now at the end of April this same guy is clearing the mud-field-turned-dirt and found my flashlight still there. He brought it over and after bring submerged in freezing mud and rain in the middle of a Maine winter, first click and my light turned right on. Battery held charge, all light functions work, no dimming. Incredibly impressed by this light. I've included some photos of when he brought it over.

Lumintop FW3X
Better than expected

Mine works great. Keep the tailcap as tight as you can and follow the directions. If you're new to BLF lights, start with this one. It's got all the bells and whistles to properly launch you into the enthusiast level. Killzone ships fast! I didn't expect to like this light as much as I do. Anduril software is amazing. After watching some YouTube tutorials, you'll be amazed at how perfectly customized this little light can be, and how you lived so long without one before. It's a game changer. But beware; after I bought this light, I ordered an FWAA, D4V2, and KR4 (all in Ti+Cu). Not because I don't like the FW3X, but once you see what these lights are capable of you'll want even more of them. The FW3X is a great place to start your new obsession.

So far so good

20 days in and only a few recharges it’s hard to really tell, but so far they seem ok. Running in a Lumintop GT3 and on high I’m sure it would draw any battery down fast. So far playing around showing off the nuclear explosion brightness of the GT3 I haven’t even drawn them down 50%. I’m sure on a lower setting they will last a reasonable amount of time.

Get the fast charge plug if you’re doing 4 batteries

Came without a quick charge plug and charging 4 batteries was a little slow. Picked up the xtar fast charge from Amazon since Killzone was out of stock. Major improvement, probably 3x faster. If Killzone has the plug in stock when you order this charger, definitely add it to cart. Otherwise this charger is pretty awesome for the price. The only thing I would change is put the charge readout and selector buttons on the front and at a slight angle

Do not point at face

Holy crap, this thing is bright. Like brighter than high noon on a clear day with fresh snow (if you’ve ever been snow blinded you know). It also gets very hot on high. Like need an oven mitt to hold it after about 30 seconds. It will also go down to a low candle on step program . Which is perfect for camping or battery conservation. The software has a learning curve with a lot of options that I’m still exploring but so far it seems fairly user friendly. Durability still remains to be seen but it makes a great spotlight for my remote homestead. Easily identify objects and animals at 300M.


Great Light, I think killzone will be my go to torch shop.

Awesome light

Love reylights, ended up buying one in each finish and style. Killzone shipped quick and answered my questions. Happy with my experience.

GT Nano 10440 Tube

The only drawback for the GT Nano is the limited runtime on the tiny little 10180 cell that it comes with. The optional 10440 tube and a 10440 cell increases runtime by about 4 times and actually increases the lumen and lux output by a bit. Killzone sells the tube and probably the cells for a very reasonable price and they ship super fast. I highly recommend getting this accessory for this awesome little light!

Cooper FW3A

This light is just as good as the titanium version but just a bit heavier since it’s made from cooper. Great light.

Great little light

I heard good things about this light before I bought it and I wasn't disappointed. It has a great tint and the finish is flawless.

Powerful long range light

The lh3 head is longer than my other led heads like surefire and modlite, but the beam is very powerful for long range use. I like the fact that is doesn’t generate as much heat as led makes it more energy efficient so I’m happy with this product.

Very impressed

Not only am I very impressed with the w5, but I am equally impressed with the service of kill zones prompt service and quality. I had never bought anything from them before but took a chance because I saw good things about them and they were right. Shipment got from texas to Washington state in 2 days without issue’s. Then there is the light! This thing is very fun to mess around with. I just use the light as an enthusiast no specific reason and it’s mind blowing the quality and performance. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Kill Zone!!

Amazing Headlamp

Absolutely love this Headlamp, I have tons of “enthusiast grade” lights. (Noctigon, Emisar, Sofirn, Comvoy) and tried Sofirn and Wurkkos brand headlights. Nothing comes close in value and performance in a right angle package, love the High CRI even though the Samsungs are usually on the green side. Only company that could compete is Zebralight or Armytek at nearly twice the price. Bought one for my father and grandfather too.

Great EDC

This light is awesome it’s compact and bright enough with the different modes that you can toggle through and I found it surprising that if the LI-ion battery dies you can use a AA battery. The only thing that it was missing is the tritium insert which it has but no option on the site to buy one.

Awesome little thrower

For its size it's a awesome light. It has a really nice hot spot and the distance and run time is great. If your looking for a small light with a lot of power this is it. Also Killzone flashlights is the best place to shop for fast delivery and awesome customer service.

Lumintop Ant Man

The Ant Man mini LEP is a well made product. All of the machining and finish is precise. Threaded portions are smooth as well. Not really a “flashlight” for up close use (like to unlock a house door) since the light it very focused and intense. It’s useful to put a focused light pattern at realistic distance up to ~100 yards (in my experience). Yes it can throw farther but starts to wash out. I would recommend, just remember to order a charger (sold separately) if you don’t already have one.

Little power thrower

I got on the waiting list for the original BLF GT and have been a fan ever since so naturally I had to get this tiny little version as well. Like the original it immediately brought a huge smile to my face once I turned it on. It is unbelievable how this tiny little light can project a beam so far! Every single person I have shown this little pocket rocket to has wanted one and of course I recommend they buy theirs at Killzone. The ONLY drawback is the obvious one. A light with this much power will not have a lot of run time on it’s tiny 10180 battery so even though the optional 10440 battery tube takes away some of the “cuteness” I do recommend buying it and a couple of 10440 cells if you are going to use it for extended periods. They increase run times by about 4x and actually increases the power output a little. The tiny tube is plenty good for showing it off several times though. This picture supplied is the little Nano easily hitting a tree 100 yards away!