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Free shipping on orders over $75!


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Another winner from Weltool

Weltool has been putting out amazing lights and this new T19 is no exception. It is high CRI and has a beautiful mixed beam that is meant to be primarily a tactical light, but also has a hidden low mode. Hidden, because you need to purposely click 4 times. This ensures you can still signal in high (3 short, 3 long, etc) without going into low but it’s there if you need it. Very well thought out. Construction is bulletproof and top notch as always, plus this light head is potted. The only thing I would like is for this light to be compatible with a Thyrm Switchback. If you need a high output mixed beam light with a secondary low mode, this should be on your list.


Super cool flashlight, good quality 💯, excellent service 👍

Stainless AAA LED flashlight

I read some reviews on the light,, and took a chance on it, and I’m glad I did because I totally love it!
It’s stainless, small, takes one AAA battery, (standard, or rechargeable 10440 and has great color rendering (good CRI)
It has one mode, simply on.
No low-medium-high to struggle through, just “on”.
It is plenty bright for up close and lighting up medium range, like in a room.
VERY happy with this light, I may get a couple more, did I mention the price is great?

Handy little light

I bought this mainly for chores around our small farm. It's lightweight and very handy to have on my head while collecting eggs and navigating the feed shed in the morning and late evening. Having light where I need it with both hands free is especially handy when dealing with our goats, they can be quite rotten sometimes lol.


Love these things. Bought enough to give as gifts to all my friends and family this year. Perfect for all. My mother uses it to see menus at restaurants. My nephew uses his to read at night. My brother in law is a vet and uses his at work.

Powerful. Solid. Incredible.

Off the top, I really like Weltool products - Weltool commits to quality manufacturing across the product line. The W3 Pro is my first LEP and does not disappoint. I enjoy different lights but do not know all the terms and variances for those seeking a technical review. I live in the country and it suits our purpose and price point for spotting. Being in the country we have minimal light pollution so I imagine the beam and spot is even more pronounced than some users experience.
Lastly, the customer service provided by Killzone (Jody) is second to none. Knowledgeable about the products sold and lightning fast in response. If there is a light I want or need and it's sold here, I'll purchase from Killzone over other local or internet resellers.

Great EDC light

I have the v2 and just upgraded to the v3. The light is great. The features Skillhunt included are well thought out. The two way clip and magnetic tailcap mean I've always got a place to hang the light if I need my hands free.

Excellent transaction. I’m very happy with my Reylight titanium Pineapple. Thank-you!

Small and sleek and useful

You'll find the advice on their website is correct, namely, the light gets too hot too fast using a 10440, so use an AAA battery. The 50 lumens provided by an AAA is perfectly usable for just about anything indoors, and adequately lights your immediate path outdoors.

Best flashlight ever!

This is a monster of a flashlight! Small enough to keep handy yet bright enough to be incredibly useful. It is also tough and engineered perfectly.

Perfect EDC

I saw this flashlight reviewed on Zero Air and had to take a look. The light is very streamlined and reminds me of an unibody Macbook pro. The seam to replace the battery is virtually invisible and the light doesn't have any knurling making it a minimal metal body. This doesn't mean it skimps on function. I was at a hotel when the power went out and was able to use this pen light to get around the building and check out things. The CRI is really high too making things look accurate and close to daylight. This is easily one of the best purchases you can make under $20 for EDC and I can't find many excuses for not having something like this around.

It's a beast!

The K75 is everything you think it will be. Good "ultimate thrower" to go with the X-75 "ultimate flood".

Very nice

Very well made and surprisingly bright for its size. Smaller than i thought which i am happy about makes it easy to always carry.

Weltool W65 Body
Joseph H.
Perfect fit!

Awsome 18650 light body! Couldn’t ask for a better product at the price point.

Lumintop EDC AAA
Marshall M.

Great flashlight

Acebeam E70 Mini
E70 Mini is max

Not a personal purchase, but instead as a gift (for first-time EDC); and a result, had limited time to learn more about it. The Acebeam quality readily shines with this one. Neat size plus a cool look is fun, but the high cri Nichia 519A (with its uniform beam and high lumens) is the business one needs in a reliable EDC. It was a relief the gift was so well-received, and an easy reminder flashlights (and Acbeam ones, at that) make great gifts. Speedy delivery, by the way, making another purchase from Killzone so convenient. Thank you Jody for the superior service.

Osram Green

This was a gift and though I was unable to spend time learning about this flashlight, it proved to be a sure hit. Merely reading of the Osram Green LED specs did not prepare me for the wow factor it delivered. Acebeam's optics and build quality are showcased nicely here as usual. One minor quibble is the side switch. For me, there is room for added improvement by making it more tactile. It has a good action, but the flatness makes locating not as immediate. Quibble aside, the throw on this great and its size is easily comfortable. This model definitely stands out from other thrower flashlights.

Hard to fine

Only place i was able to find these cables. Fast delivery is a plus!

C2 Pro 3000K Nichia

I have been waiting for this light for 5 years. Thats when I started carrying my first Wizard. The clip, switch, UI, mode spacing, wide beam, texture, water and drop rating are all first class. The light goes in and out of the head mount easily. The mount does need some padding but I've already fixed that. The 3000K hi cri was all that was missing from the Armytek lineup.

Lumintop Silicone Switch Button

Good button I replaced on my Bluetooth speaker’s switch

Great buttons

Sorry to anyone who wanted the white silicone buttons earlier this month. I bought 19 for a custom project where I modified the buttons to fit into a kitchenaid cooktop and upgrade the broken old buttons to these sleek clean ones. Saved a homeowner $2600 for a whole new replacement. Total repair cost was instead around the $240 mark with labor. Thank you for supporting local small business with your products.

Solidly Built, Beautiful Color

This headlamp is sweet. It's nice and bright and floody when I take it out on evening runs, but still has a beautiful neutral white color. The build quality feels great, it has a matte finish that feels nice and grippy in the hand. The pocket clip isn't my favorite, but it does the job. My favorite is how soft and dim the moonlight mode is. Works great as a bedtable nightlight and barely drains the battery.

Works great, but.....

I like the light body. The Weltool W65 is every bit as good as the competition, but unfortunately Killzone never has any of the different colors in stock when I'm buying a new one.

Incredibly Bright Flashlight

It's amazing how bright of a flashlight this is. It's not small enough for EDC in my opinion, but I like this size more since it's easier to handle. It's also very nice to be able to charge via USB-C, and to charge other devices using the flashlight as a power bank.