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Free shipping on orders over $100!


Based on 777 reviews
Punisher Light

Exactly what I was looking for. Small compact design can be easily mounted on a rifle. We have several Killzone scan Lights that we use for varmint hunting. The Punisher was the perfect light to add to our rifles. This light illuminated the scope reticle as well as the intended target. I am extremely satisfied with the product quality and the customer service from Killzone.

Excellent light, Excellent distributor

Pineapple Mini is just as I expected; an excellent fit and finish along with a perfect emitter. Went with the black oil finish but in retrospect I would probably go with stonewashed. The light is fantastic. Curious how the tail switch will hold up over time.

Skilhunt E2A
Chess W.

Nice light! Killzone sent it as quick as possible but when received it the battery was dead.

LM 10 Copper

Lots of bling as well as functionality
Super cool aesthetic- feels brass knuckle menacing in hand - great UI
Great beam and High CRI close the deal.

Awesome flashlight

This is a great flashlight, love the way it looks. Interface is super easy to navigate and program, build quality is excellent. You will not be disappointed!

Great little light

Love the Pineapple Mini. Excellent quality and lighting modes. Easy to carry. It’s perfect. I would order more from Killzone but UPS is unreliable where I live and would prefer USPS.

Acebeam H30
Samantha O.
Me gusta!

So I absolutely love this headlamp! It's very well made and you know this as soon as you start to handle it. It took me a watching a couple YouTube videos to figure out how it all worked but I got the hang of it in no time! It charges super fast and I love the moonlight mode. Definitely a great feature. So overall I would give this headlamp a 5 out of 5 ratings all day. I will say this though, only because it actually happened to me early this morning... BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHERE YOU PLACE IT WHILE ITS ON AND NOT ON YOUR HEAD! I set it in my lap with the light facing down for not even a minute and it burned a damn hole in my sweat pants! So just be cautious and make good habits of turning it off when you're not using it.

Punisher flashlight

Love my light. Currently I own a Killzone sniper hog fox pro and wicked and I’ll pick my Killzone punisher over all the others. Not only is it brighter but the warm white seems to be a lot more effective than the brighter white beams on the others, in regards to not blinding animals coming in. On top of that their customer service is unmatched I messed up and ordered the wrong light and Jody had me a new one in my mailbox the next day

Solid Flashlight

Not as small as some of the really tiny ones, but a perfect handheld, and it packs a punch. I love the turbo-only tail-switch to get to max brightness when you need it quickly. Nothing worse than messing around with holding down the button in gloves when you just need to see something.
Also, Killzone made it easy!

Awesome flashlight

I have a triple dawn, I loved it so much that I picked up this lanapple. I'm going to pick up a copper and brass lanapple too. I highly recommend any Rey Light product.

Manker Striker Mini Raw Titanium

This was my 1st flashlight purchased from KillZone Flashlight. Prompt service and fast shipment. I'm really enjoying this light, I use it every night on my walks. The high & low is simple and great. Beautifully machined raw titanium finish. Thank you KillZone Flashlight.

The combination of two great flashlights

Reylight has a hit with the mixture of a Pinapple body with their LAN head to make the titanium LanApple. I purchased the polished or Raw version and find it a real gem. Reylight always furnishes a battery and extra o rings with each flashlight sold.


Great form factor. Great output. Doesn't leave much to be desired


The first light I received had an issue. Killzone was super quick to respond and quickly had a replacement to my door. The Dawn is my third Reylight and won’t be my last! Triple 519a in a beautiful rosey tint. Amazing blue ano with an awesome glow gasket. Highly recommend both Killzone and Reylight!!

Sweet edc light

The size, pocket ability, user interface and sleek titaniumness is awesome. One thing is, seems the pocket clip leaves me wanting more. Eh. Definitely recommend.

Wuben X2
Doc M.
Awesome light

Tied of every flashlight being a black knurled tube? This one looks more Star Wars. It's very, very well made and easy to use.


Awesome light.

Weltool T2
Frank P.
Weltool T2

I bought this light after watching several reviews and i'am so glad i did.This is my first Weltool and it won't be my last.I love the size, the throw,and the GREY military look.Killlzone processed my order and i had my light within a few days.Thanks Jody.

Good people to deal with

In my opinion you get a good idea of the company when things don’t go as expected. Killzone was great to deal with when I had to get a flashlight replaced. They sent a replacement out to me right away and they were very quick with email responses. Will definitely buy from them again.

Nice little light

Barely takes up any space in a pocket and beats using phone flash. 519a is great

E3A keychain LED flashlight

The package arrived much sooner than I'd have thought. Came with it's own battery already installed. Nicely packaged. Very good looking device, nicely tooled. The amount of light it puts out doesn't seem possible from such a small device. If your not careful where you point it, you'll have spots before your eyes for a while. It's that bright. It even came with spare parts. I like it so much I'm going to order another soon as I finish this. Great product.

Brass pineapple mini

This is a fantastic EDC. Just the right size with a great warm tint- Nichia 519a . The programming makes this useable for everyone.I use ML/LMH. Build quality is flawless. Clip works great.
Switch has a nice positive feel. Looks great too. Killzone had fast shipping and will definitely use them in the future.
I have actually been using a NiMH AAA instead for the extra battery life. It is still plenty bright and a charge lasts considerably longer.

Ti Lanapple

This is one of the best EDC lights I have ever used. The best part is it can easily be programmed to fit anyone’s needs. It has moonlight mode that can be turned on or off. It can also be programmed LMH or HML. So it is very versatile.
The quality of machine work is fantastic and it is one of the best looking lights made. Led tint is perfect!

Works well

Got to use with Reylight pineapple mini, does well, same 320 mah as what comes with Pineapple mini, for occasional use batteries last well, higher lumin settings not surprisingly drain battery much faster but still good time, only drawback is I can't get them to charge on power bank like original battery, starts up but stops in few seconds, might well be my bank being strange, just be awere might not work for on go/camping/travel charging, I use USB C single battery charger from Countycomm, also tried nitecore 2 battery charger with same results, but using wall adapter charges just fine with either charger, overall batteries are well worth getting, might be overkill to some but I carry 3 in small edc pouch, figure if I need light for long time and this size is all I have, better to have them.

Great size and output

First off, compared to the ti version, this brass is a brick, but I like it! Has become my fidget toy, something about the brass I just twirl it like a pen thru my fingers, lumin settings with 10440 is great, with eneloop AAA, moon is not enough, other settings are still good, brass vs ti the brass wins for thermal performance, ti gets warm way faster but not bad to hold, just noticeable difference in hand. In all, if ya like brass and want small good flashlight, get this with extra batteries, doesn't beat a bigger flashlight for performance but for ease of carry and occasional need, really haven't found something better, for price, size and output, Reylight does good. Killzone got my order out fast, and be aware! Their not kidding shipping gets delayed with batteries, but that's on shipping company. I'm definitely checking here first if I need anymore flashlights.