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We are experiencing unprecedented shipping delays due to recent hurricane. Free shipping on orders over $100!
We are experiencing unprecedented shipping delays due to recent hurricane. Free shipping on orders over $100!

Acebeam L17

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by Acebeam


Acebeam L17 Flashlight


Acebeam brand new tactical light L17 is the ultra-long-range flashlight designed by one single 18650 in the industry. The L17 offers two different LED options available for different users' needs: OSRAM white, green light LED. The white LED delivers a maximum of 1,400 lumens and 802 meters. It is great for tactical use cases and day-to-day lighting, while the green is great for preserving night vision and other activities like fishing and hunting. Both options come with an impressive lumen output, throw, and a defensive strobe mode for quick, on-the-fly self-defense. The most impressive feature of the L17 is its ability to give off light up to 802 meters away. Considering the body is barely 14CM long, having that much throw packed into a small tactical light is amazing!


Acebeam L17 Specifications:


Ultra Long Range Throw by one single 18650 battery

LED Color Option:

OSRAM White LED output 1,400 lumens and throw 802 meters

OSRAM Green LED output 2,000 lumens and throw 820 meters


LED option 1: OSRAM white light LED

Ultra-Low: 15 lumens; 3600cd; 120 meters; 58 hours

Low: 50 lumens; 11025cd; 210 meters; 21 hours

Med: 150 lumens; 23409cd; 306 meters; 6 hours 45 minutes

High: 370 lumens; 42025cd; 410 meters; 2 hours 45 minutes

Turbo: 1400 lumens; 160801cd; 802 meters; 1 hours 15 minutes

Strobe: 1400 lumens; 2 hours 30 minutes


Max output: 1400 lumens

Max runtime: 58 hours

Max beam distance: 802 meters

Peak beam intensity: 160801cd


LED option 2: OSRAM green light LED

Ultra-Low: 25 lumens; 1722cd; 83 meters; 58 hours

Low: 75 lumens; 4970cd; 141 meters; 21 hours

Med: 230 lumens; 20449cd; 286 meters; 6 hours 45 minutes

High: 500 lumens; 42642cd; 413 meters; 2 hours 45 minutes

Turbo: 2000 lumens; 168100cd; 820 meters; 1 hour 15 minutes

Strobe: 2000 lumens; 2 hours 30 minutes


Max. output 2000 lumens

Max. runtime: 58 hours

Max. beam distance: 820 meters

Peak beam intensity: 168100cd



Low Voltage Warning:

Voltage <3.1V, three times flash and the brightness level downshifts to Low



Can be powered by one protected 18650 Li-ion battery or 2xCR123A.

Batteries are not included by default.

Acebeam 18650 with built-in usb recharging can be optionally selected.

Unprotected 18650 batteries are not recommended as they may not be long enough either will not work or during bumps/recoil the light may turn off.

Pocket tactical flashlight- compact, lightweight and portable convenience

Strobe setting can disorient an attacker or serve as a distress signal

One-handed, one-button for easy and fast operation

Highly efficient constant current circuit design (Non-PWM)

All circuitry contact points are gold-plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability

An intelligent temperature controller is used to adjust brightness and prevent overheating

Lockout mode prevents accidental activation

Carclo TIR Lens: product highly efficient optics with a huge variety of beam shapes

Stainless steel strike bezel design for use in emergency situations

Tail switch for easy and fast operation

Sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum body with military-grade type III hard-anodized finish

Size: 140.5mm (Length) x 40mm (Head Diameter) x 25.4mm (Tube Diameter)

Weight: 150g(5.3oz.) w/o battery; 199g(7oz.) w/ battery

Impact resistance to 1 meter

IP68 waterproof (5 meters submersible)

Acebeam also manufactures a few other awesome tactical flashlights in different sizes and brightness levels. You should also check out the Acebeam L30 II,  Acebeam L18Acebeam L35, Acebeam L19, and Acebeam P15. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fits perfectly in its category

This isn't a reading light. It's not an everyday light. This is for reaching out to a distance to see what you need to see. A thrower. You could use low mode to walk a path at night but it's main strength is distance viewing. I don't mount it to a rifle but I think it would function well except for close quarters.

Philip F.
Great thrower

Blown away. I ordered a second one right away to give to my dad, as he was super impressed as well. I got the green for night fishing and spotting channel markers in the dark. I can see channel markers at ridiculous distances. The green doesn't spook fish too much.

Richard S.
Acebeam l17

This is my first acebeam light. It is pretty nice. Strong green hotspot. Compact size. It is working just fine. Seems well worth it. Killzone shipped it quickly. I also ordered the picatinny pistol grip to mount a light on. It shipped quick and feels nice.

John S.
L17 with Red Osram LED

Excellent light overall! The K-lux rating is correct, as we could easily see hogs and deer at 400 yards. No game spooked during testing (hogs, deer, coyotes, bobcat, rabbits...etc.) I would recommend this light 100%. The white or green versions are perfect mates for an AR platform as well, with double the distance (approx 800 yards). Worth every penny. Keep in mind, there is little to no corona/spill (side-light) with these LEDs and lenses, and are made for spotting, not general purpose. Fits in all standard one inch scope rings. And lastly, use a good battery like Panasonic, Efest, Samsung, etc. God bless!!

Zachary C.
Great Flashlight, Needs a Low Mode

When indoor, or looking at my kid's ear for example, I'd like to have a lower output mode. This thing is powerfully bright, but loses some versatility without having a very low mode.

Pretty good.

Overall well made and a great thrower. Only giving it 4 stars since the switch is mushy and not the easiest to switch modes. Would love one with a improved tail switch and tail light like on the Fenix tk47.