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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Killzone Flashlights Stainless Pen Light

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$ 14.99
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Killzone Flashlights Stainless Pen Light

This stainless pen light is just a little gem of a flashlight! It is only 3.5 inches long so it slips easily into your shirt or jeans pocket and you will forget it is there until you need it. It is a simple single-mode flashlight that produces a very nice tint along with high-cri. The LED has been upgraded from the "Nichia W219BT- V1" LED to the 4500K "Nichia 519A SM455 M500 L5 R9080" LED. It will run off of either a single AAA alkaline/lithium, rechargeable 10440 lithium-ion battery, or NiMH rechargeable Eneloop batteries. The lumen output varies based on the batteries used but ranges from 175 lumens with a lithium-ion battery to 50 lumens with a NiMH Eneloop battery. We recommend using NiMH Eneloop batteries in this light due to the longer runtime, and reduced amount of heat generated when using the light plus they don't leak like traditional alkaline batteries.

** No KZF Logo on this batch **

** When installing the battery please ensure the positive end of the battery is facing the LED side. Putting the battery in backwards will damage the flashlight. **


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kinda feel like I stole it

What a light for the price. Smooth, sleek finish, slides in and out of jeans with ease but deep carry clip keeps it in. LED color is nice. Does get hot with the 10440. Nice engraving on side. Bright enough. Find myself only buying lights with multiple battery options as you never know where you’re going to be when it goes out. One power mode is simple to use as you don’t get trigger happy skipping through power levels. Would love to see flood to spot adjustability on these small lights if possible. Buy more than one just because:). Pics next to a pineapple mini, quarter and dime.

Very nice pen light.

This pen light is awesome. Good LED in it. Doesn't take up any room in your pockets. The finish is meticulous that you can't even see that you can unscrew the head to take out the lens, led. Very nice and popular pen light.

Nice little light

Barely takes up any space in a pocket and beats using phone flash. 519a is great

Jason T.
Outstanding little pen light

Not much bigger than a standard cigarette, this wee light packs a punch. Great with a eneloop NiMH rechargeable AAA, but absolutely insane with a 10440. Definitely more handy than I expected it to be. This will turn into a regular gift for friends and family. Will definitely add another to stow in my travel bag! Have three flashlight loving nephews that might be getting these instead of Maglite solitaires this Christmas.

Todd G.
Great little light

This is a great little light. I put a disposable lithium battery and it gets pretty bright for its size and output. It’s has only one stage and clicks button for on/off. Great color and high CRI with Nichia 519a LED. The only thing I don’t really like is the flimsy clip, but for a $15 light it’s worth it.

David S.
Cool little light

Looks like a cheap standard penlight at first glance. It's not. It's actually pretty cool for what it is. It's got a much better button, it's simple looking and the machining is so good that you can't even see where it joins together until you unscrew it. The clip does a surprisingly good job at staying put, It can move, but it stays put pretty well. Not much thermal mass so it does get hot with a 10440, so short bursts with that. Great with a AAA though. Of course a great LED in it too. I don't care for the flush button on the back so I'm going to turn a bit off on the lathe. Otherwise a hard to beat, cheap yet quality pen light.

Active A.
Nice EDC flashlight. Good for Gifting

Beam has a homogeneous rosy warm tint. Stainless steel exterior can be sterilized.

Best Pen Light I've Ever Had

Title says it all. Love it for its simplicity and amazing color rendering. It's not too bright with a Ni-Mh battery but not dim at all, provides great light for short to medium distances, and is small enough in my pocket to go completely unnoticed. Finish is great (it's just brushed steel but looks amazing) and the two seams are nearly invisible. I use it as an inspection and backup pocket light, because while I carry and use larger lights for work I either often leave them in one spot to light a work area forgetting I need light with me or they're just too cumbersome for a quick look or something. This light is dead simple, one mode, no fiddling with locks or anything of the sort. It did arrive with the button a bit proud causing it to occasionally come on in my pocket, but the switch assembly is press-fit into the body so the switch depth is customizable with a bit of finesse and it hasn't come on by accident since being pulled down a bit. Overall great light, and while one of my least expensive, if not my "cheapest" light, it's quickly become one of my favorite and most used. It's always in my pocket.

Also want to give a huge shout out to Killzone Costomer Support, my order was marked delivered but was nowhere to be found and they sent out another order with no hesitation.

Ethan R.

It's classy, the machining is flawless, the clip is firm and doesn't spin, the beam pattern and shape is ideal, the switch is recessed enough but not too much. This is a fantastic light.

Excellent quality

The perfect spare light to stow in any kit