EagleTac D25C Clicky

EagleTac D25C Clicky

What's included

Stainless steel bezel w/ durable dark titanium coating
Spare o-rings
Stainless steel pocket clip (Titanium coated)
User Manual
Rigid Nylon Holster w/ self-retention device and flip
Mil-Spec Paracord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip


Maximum lumen output

XM-L2 U2: 453/296/33/1

Nichia 219C CRI-92 D240 LED

  •       LED lumen: 330

    ANSI FL-1 lumen

    XM-L2 U2: 317/210/24/0.5

    Nichia 219C CRI-92 D240 LED

    •       220/142/19/0.5

    Turbo boost technology
    1) Turbo boost technology is activated every time you turn on at turbo output setting. It offers 20% more power to the LED for the first 200 seconds at turbo mode.

    2) ANSI FL-1 is the total overall light output being emitted from the flashlight. This measurement is generally more accurate as it takes into consideration the loss from reflector/lens/bezel. EAGTAC ANSI FL-1 Lumen output is measured using a calibrated integrated sphere three minutes after turning on the flashlight.

    Top binned LED

    Cool White LED
    This gives you the maximum brightness output in its class and maximum beam distance.

    High output that you can count on
    This circuit survives the toughest torture environment including:

    1) repeatedly over-night burn-in test
    2) over input voltage test
    3) over-driven output current test
    4) high-temperature oven test.

    We designed this circuit to offer extreme output performance while maintaining a reasonable amount of headroom. Thus making this flashlight one of the top performer with a rock stable circuit design.

    A950RC circuit

    We use current regulation method to control the amount of current going through the LED for all output levels. This results in constant brightness output regardless of battery type, LED model, and temperature/voltage change.

    This circuit utilizes low restrictive passive components and top-notched ICs/FETs to ensure ultra-high efficiency and low drop-out voltage.

    Excellent runtime and flat regulation

    D25C runs for 150+ hours on its lowest brightness level. The current regulated circuit design allows constant output throughout its runtime for all output levels without PWM-flicking.

    At highest brightness level, D25C current regulates for 0.9 hours using a single CR123A battery.

    The current regulation control method allows the just right of amount of current going through the LED. This results in constant brightness output regardless of battery type, LED variation, and temperature change.

    Clicky on/off switch & Twisty head

    Easy on/off operation

    Press the switch button until it clicks to turn on the flashlight. To switch off the light, press the switch again until it clicks.

    Output adjustable

    Half press the switch button to switch to the next output level. With the head loose, AUX hidden modes are available after you repeat two sets of regular low-med-high output. Loosen the head for group one output, and tighten the head for group two output.

    Programmable settings

    1) Moonlight output (disable by default) - disable or enable the moonlight output. The entire output range of the group 1 output will be shifted to a brighter output set or a dimmer output set accordingly. Toggle this setting starting with head loosen, turn on the light, and then repeat tight and loose for three times.

    2) Mode memory - remembers the last output of the group 1. To toggle this setting, with head tighten, turn on the light, and repeat loose and tight for three times.

    Turbo boost technology

    This is activated every time you turn on at turbo output setting. It offers 20% more power to the LED for the first 200 seconds at turbo mode. It’s normal for the light to get warm at such level. Do not leave the light running unattended.

    Gorgeous Knurling.

    The CNC precisely cut and rolled square-shape knurling provides a sure grip throughout the entire flashlight body.

    Reverse polarity protection

    Your safety is our first priority
    Inserting battery in the wrong direction may lead to serious damage to the flashlight and the battery. We incorporate a physical structure to protect against reverse polarity without compromise (battery with a protruding button top is required).

    Excellent thermal path

    The one-piece head design allows the LED to dissipate heat quickly to the outside world. This result in higher output (LED loses output as junction temperature increases) and longer LED life.

    Durable structure against drop impact

    The stainless steel bezel provides highly drop resistance. O-ring is used as a cushion to protect and water seal the harden water white glass lens (with anti-reflective and Sapphire coating)


    We (EAGTAC) warrant our flashlights to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. We will repair, replace at our option, without charging any product or part which is found to be defective under normal use within 120 months from the date of purchase with the proof of purchase.

    Electronics, chargers, and rechargeable batteries are covered for a period of 12 months with a purchase receipt. Such repair or replacement shall be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty. Normal wear and tear including batteries draining are not covered, nor is damage resulting from modification, misuse, abuse, neglect, battery leakage, improper maintenance or repaired by anyone other than EAGTAC.

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