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Acebeam L18

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by Acebeam


Acebeam L18 Tactical Flashlight

The Acebeam L18 has grown since the highly compact L17. It has a larger head to provide more throw power (1000 meters). It feels great in your hand with outstanding balance and a grippy finish. The additional weight is an advantage because it feels sizeable without being bulky. It, too, will tuck into your jacket pocket, but it is designed for tactility, and it feels compact and lightweight.

The new L18 is the latest product in the Long Range series of flashlights. The L18 comes with a high-performance TIR optic lens system and Osram white LED, which allows this flashlight to emit 1500 lumens at a throw distance of 1000 meters.

With up to six brightness levels and a well-balanced beam of light, this searchlight is ideal for a wide range of applications. The memory function is a great feature since it allows the searchlight to light in its last used mode.

The L18 is styled for hunting, tactical use, duty, search and rescue, law enforcement, and outdoor adventures. It measures just one inch in body diameters, so it is compatible with various weapon mounts. The tail switch is for tactical applications, while the side switch is ideal for everyday activation.

Powered by a single 21700 battery (not included), the L18 delivers significant outputs and runtimes. When you purchase the Acebeam 21700 USB and need to recharge, simply connect the battery to a USB power source using the provided charging cable. The Acebeam L18 has a battery level indicator to help show you the remaining power or the charging status of the battery.

To protect the battery and flashlight, the L18 features a constant-current/temperature control system. This helps to ensure a reliable beam of light while preventing overheating because of prolonged use.

Its aerospace-grade aluminum construction along with a hard-anodized finish along with no external charging port allows this nifty searchlight to remain water-resistant.

All things considered, the Acebeam L18 is an excellent device for anyone who wants to see a long way in the dark. It is clear Acebeam put a great deal of thought when making this searchlight based on its features. Everyone needs dependable lighting to help them make tactical decisions at night. The Acebeam L18 has stepped up to answer that call.

The Acebeam 21700 USB battery nor the charging cable are included by default unless you choose to add the optional Acebeam battery to your order. If you choose to include the Acebeam battery a charging cable will also be included.


Acebeam L18 Specifications:


  • 1000 meters throw by one single 21700 battery ( Not included )
  • Moonlight: 1 lumen;  94 days
  • Low: 53 lumens; 12100cd; 220 meters; 47 hours
  • Mid1: 190 lumens; 34040cd; 369 meters; 12 hours
  • Mid2: 390 lumens; 67600cd; 520 meters; 5 hours
  • High: 750 lumens; 121452cd; 697 meters; 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Turbo: 1500 lumens; 250000cd; 1000 meters; 1 hours 30 minutes
  • Strobe: 900 lumens; 3 hours
  • Max output: 1500 lumens
  • Max beam distance: 1000 meters
  • Max runtime: 94 days
  • Peak beam intensity: 25000cd
  • Size: 154mm (Length) x 52.2mm (Head Diameter) x 25.4mm (Tube Diameter)
  • Weight: 147.5g(5.2oz.) w/o battery; 220.5g(7.78oz.) w/ battery
  • Impact resistance: 1 meter
  • IP68 waterproof (5 meters submersible)


Acebeam L18 Features:

  • Pocket tactical flashlight - compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Be able to deliver a maximum of 1,500 lumens
  • A super far-reaching throw of 1,000 meters
  • Powered by a 5100mAh 21700 battery, max runtime of 94 days
  • Acebeam USB rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery can be purchased separately.
  • 6 brightness levels option plus special Strobe
  • Dual switches for easy and fast operation
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum body with a hard-anodized finish
  • An update TIR lens provides better light quality with a soft and balanced beam
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • The aggressive strike bezel is used to break windows or defend in an emergency situation
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit design (Non-PWM)
  • The power indicator indicates the remaining battery power
  • Intelligent temperature regulation and protection adjusts output performance to prevent overheating
  • All circuitry contact points are gold-plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability
  • Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
  • Strobe mode disorients an attacker without excessive force


Acebeam also manufactures a few other awesome tactical flashlights in different sizes and brightness levels. You should also check out the Acebeam L30 IIAcebeam L17Acebeam L35Acebeam L19, and Acebeam P15.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Powerful Flashlight, great batteries

The throw distance on this flashlight is amazing for its size. Feels very solid. This is the second one of these we have purchased. Our last one was lost in the woods. The other one was a workhorse and we expect this one to be as well. The batteries last quite a while and recharge fairly quickly if you have a charger that works with them.

Justin C.
Acebeam L18

I have purchased several tatical/high powered pocket flashlights over the past 11 years for work (LEO). The Acebeam L18 is by far the best flashlight I have ever owned that fits in 1 inch holster. Before purchasing this flashlight, an exterior charging port was my number 1 requirement because I could easily top off the battery and take it off the charger quickly. The flashlights I was using had 2000 plus lumens and had a max runtime around 2 hours. After using the Acebeam L18 for approximately 1 month, having to take out the battery to charge is not an inconvenience at all, because the runtime greatly exceeds other flashlights I was using (have to charge about 4x less) and because the battery has a built-in charge port. I also feel like not having an exterior charging port on the flashlight greatly increases the durability, and you dont have to worry about having to purchase a new flashlight just because the charging port got damaged (this is why I needed to replace my last flashlight). I keep my saved light input on Mid 1 most of the time which has a runtime of 12 hours (190 lumens, and 369 meter beam distance). This setting produces more than enough light, lasts 4x longer than the other flashlights I was using, and I honestly don't miss having 2000 plus lumens with how well this flashlight performs. Finally, the experience I had ordering from Killzone Flashlights was the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!

Jesus a.M.

This is the best store in flashlight

Ernest D.I.
Great light

Love the size, brightness, and lack of spill!

Michael M.
Big bang for the buck

I’m no professional when it comes to these but I can tell you it’s the most amazing flashlight I’ve ever seen. I remember being a small kid 40 years ago and playing with a light five times bigger than this but not producing more candela.

James w.
Acebeam L18 flashlight

The light is amazing tight beam very well built very glad I got shipping as well I have bought multiple orders from killzone everything has been top notch

The best compact form factor thrower with a useable beam.

This flashlight is perfect in every way. It has next to zero spill, the beam is the perfect width. It’s not a pencil beam but it keeps its shape all the way out. The only time you see a little bit of spill is when in turbo. And I wouldn’t even call it spill. It’s mainly just a faint glow about two feet from the light. If you hold it above your head, you will not really see any spill at all.

The one down side to this flashlight is Acebeam not releasing it in green. I prefer green in my long range throwers. Just because it doesn’t mess up my night vision, further out you get more contrast. And green throws furthest. I don’t hunt. I’m just a flashoholic and I enjoy casting light onto things in the night. I enjoy it too much.. lol

This flashlight keeps up with my Noctigon K1 pretty good up until about 900m after that the L18’s light starts to diminish quickly. But my Noctigon K1 is in W1 Green and it has 720,000 CD.

As far as this being a LEP killer. It is not. But it is definitely the closest thing you can get to a LEP. Only this is better because it has a useable beam within 400 meters all the way out to just over 900-950. I prefer the L18 if I’m looking at anything within 500m-600m or so. After that Noctigon K1 (W1 Green) 550m-650m to just under a mile. Once I hit that mile mark. I’ll bring out my JetBeam RRT-M1X Raptor (LEP) I mean I will use the LEP if I don’t need to light up a area and just a small spot at closer distances but I feel it’s best to use at about half a mile out or more. Depending how on your intended use. I just like to pay with flashlights, so yeah the L18 doesn’t kill a LEP but it does do a better job then one within its range IMO. It’s a good light to have. It’s allowed me to remove my FT03 from my kit and my GT Mini. It basically made having those two lights useless.

I feel that if flashlights keep getting better as they have been every year. The LEP will have just been more of a novelty item. As soon you won’t need a LEP. I don’t hate LEP’s I really do like mine but as far as it putting a good useable beam down range it’s not something they do well. But it’s something the L18 does great.

My only con about this light is it doesn’t come in green. All the reviews I seen on YouTube they said there will be a green version. Where? Because I can’t find it for the life of me. And I don’t plan on buying a L19 because I feel it’s overpriced for only a couple every meters throw. And I want to have two of the same flashlights in white and green so it’ll be easier to show people how much better green is at longer distances. Up close, white light all the way. But anything further out and green really shines. It’s mainly just because it doesn’t mess up your night vision. And our eyes see green better and brighter then any other color on the spectrum. You don’t hear that said very often, you usually hear, it’s just so the animals won’t see it. I don’t hunt. And I prefer green light for throwers every time if it’s going to be for something past 600m. Plus green light is known to relax you. And if you look into green light therapy. (Which I recommend to anyone especially if you suffer from migraines or cluster headaches) look into some of the study’s. It’s actually unbelievable what green light does for pain, depression, anxiety. It’s not as simple as turning on green light anytime you are in pain. It’s somethjtbg you need a daily dose of. But I do it and it definitely has helped me. Anyway just wanted to add that because it has helped me with my migraines. I don’t even get them anymore. (Could be a coincidence) but they stopped within months after I started.

Back on topic.

The L18 is a great light. One of the great few flashlights that actually preform as it says it does box. The beam is perfect, I like that there is no wasted light and every bit of it is thrown down range.

Only picture I had with the L18 but as you can see it’s in my kit.