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Reylight Flashlights

ReyLight is a brand that manufactures high-quality LED flashlights and related gear for everyday use. The ReyLight team is comprised of a single genius named Rey who is responsible for the product development, marketing, production, and post-sale customer support for an impressive line of EDC Flashlights. Rey does an amazing job of juggling all these roles while providing outstanding customer service through the ReyLight Facebook group.  ReyLight's wide range of products which include high quality LED flashlights, EDC gear and other items for daily use. Rey ensures that every product not only functions well but also looks fantastic while doing so.  Rey strives to create products for enthusiasts who want high-quality products that not only look good but also function amazing when they are afield. While on the job or while wearing a suit you can count on your ReyLight flashlight to light the way. The best flashlight is the one you always have with you, and ReyLight's selection of obscenely bright, small EDC flashlights makes the choice simple. The compact, stylish and unique ReyLight Pineapple, Pineapple Mini, ReyLight LAN, ReyLight Dawn, and other models set the bar high for stylish, enthusiast desired EDC flashlights.

Reylight Ti Dawn Triple

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Reylight Ti Dawn Triple One of the most cutting-edge flashlights available today is the Reylight Ti Dawn Triple, which boasts a strong LED light a...

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ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum - 18650

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ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum-18650 Triple Nichia 519a 4000K R9080 The ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum 18650 flashlight stands as a testament to the manner in whic...

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