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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Weltool W5 Thunderbolt LEP Flashlight

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by Weltool

Weltool W5 Thunderbolt LEP flashlight


Weltool W5 LEP search flashlight throwing distance up to 2807 meters! The luminous flux is 699 lumens, and the beam intensity reaches 1,970,000 candela. It uses two 22500 or 22430 lithium-ion batteries. You can also purchase an extension tube and use two 21700 lithium-ion batteries to increase runtimes. High-quality temperature control driver chip, constant current drive help ensure that the flashlight will not overheat.

W5's LEP light source has a high energy density, and after passing through a unique lens reflection system, it forms a dazzling beam of light. High and low brightness modes, side-press electronic switch, battery indicator light, and lock function. W5 has almost no-spill, suitable for field search, sea rescue, long-distance indication, and other purposes.

Optional Weltool UB21-50 21700 USB Rechargeable Li-ion batteries can be purchased here.

The optional white diffuser can be found here. It also provides protection to the front lens when not in use. It is highly recommended!

The Weltool BB5 21700 extender can be found here.

Weltool W5 Instructions:

  • First, install the battery correctly.
  • The flashlight has a polarity protection function. If the battery is installed incorrectly, the flashlight will not be damaged, but it will not light up. Please check the battery in time.
  • After installing the battery, when it is not turned on, press the side switch once, the battery indicator on the switch turns on for 5 seconds and then automatically turns off (full battery: green light, low battery: red light, ultra-low battery: red light flashing)
  • Press the switch for a long time to turn on or off the flashlight. When the flashlight is turned on, the battery indicator will be on (full battery: green light, low battery: red light, automatically turned off after 5 seconds), and the red light will continually flash when the battery is ultra-low. Short press the switch to switch the mode. The default is the low light mode when the flashlight is turned on.
  • If the battery power is low during use, the battery indicator will show a red light, and it will turn off after 5 seconds. When the battery is ultra-low, the indicator light will keep flashing. Before the battery power is exhausted, the main flashlight will flash to indicate, and then it will stop working at any time.

Weltool W5 Switch lock and unlock function:

  • In the off state, press the switch more than five times to lock or unlock: 
  • The main light flashes quickly two times to indicate that it is locked;
  • After unlocking, the main light will light up in low light mode. 
  • After being locked, the flashlight will memorize the locked state. At this time, it needs to be unlocked when the battery is replaced and used again.

Weltool W5 Features:  

Material: aluminum alloy, black hard anodized

Reflective system: double convex lens

Beam divergence angle: 1.8°

Light source: special LEP module, wavelength 400-700nm, lifespan is about 10,000 hours


Low Model
Hight Model
Light Output 198 lumens 699 lumens
Beam Intensity 680,000 candela 1,970,000 candela
Beam Distance 1,649 meters 2,807 meters
Runtime(2*22500 batteries)
5 hours 1 hours 25 minutes
Runtime(2*21700 batteries) 9 hours 5 minutes 2 hours 45 minutes

Test environment: below 25 degrees Celsius, continuous work outdoors with breeze (ambient temperature will affect battery life).

Battery type: use 2 22500 or 22430 Li-ion batteries; or it can use 2 21700 Li-ion batteries after adding extension tube. An external charger is required to charge the 22500 or 22430 batteries.

Switch: side-press electronic switch with lock function to prevent accidental touch

High efficiency constant current drive circuit, no noise and no PWM

Temperature control protection: When the temperature of the flashlight is too high, the flashlight will automatically reduce the brightness to prevent overheating

Appearance patented

With battery polarity protection

Low voltage reminder function (battery indicator + main light flashing reminder)

With battery over-discharge protection

304# stainless steel bezel, double-coated tempered glass lens

Wear-resistant thread

Pass the 1-meter drop test

Double O-ring waterproof, protection level can reach IP67

Each flashlight has a unique serial number

Dimensions (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 60.5mm, (body diameter) 30mm, (length) 213.5mm, (length after extension tube) 264mm

Weight: 380±2g (excluding battery and extension tube)

Included: 2  INR22-24 or UB22-19 Li-ion batteries, O ring

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This is a fantastic laser flashlight. It is very powerful and fun to play with…. especially in smokey or foggy atmospheres. The closest thing to a real Lightsaber!

Justin M.
W5 thunderbolt

This light works great! The beam is intense.

Shawn M.
Very impressed

Not only am I very impressed with the w5, but I am equally impressed with the service of kill zones prompt service and quality. I had never bought anything from them before but took a chance because I saw good things about them and they were right. Shipment got from texas to Washington state in 2 days without issue’s. Then there is the light! This thing is very fun to mess around with. I just use the light as an enthusiast no specific reason and it’s mind blowing the quality and performance. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Kill Zone!!