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Weltool W3Pro TAC LEP Tactical Flashlight

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Weltool W3Pro TAC LEP Tactical Flashlight


Weltool W3Pro TAC is the tactical version of W3Pro, with 930 lumens, 547,500 candela, and a throwing distance of 1479 meters (1617yd)! Use 1 pcs 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with overheat protection to ensure the flashlight will not overheat. W3Pro TAC's LEP light source has high energy density, and after being reflected by the optical lens, it forms a dazzling beam of light! The default is high mode when the light is turned on, and the strobe and low are hidden; when the power is off, half-press the switch to instantly become high, or you can quickly and continuously half-press the switch 4 times to turn on the strobe. The beam of W3Pro TAC has a spill at close range, and at the same time has a super long-range throwing ability. It is especially suitable for field rescue, indication on the sea, maintenance of high-voltage line towers, etc., and is specially designed for special lighting.


Weltool W3Pro TAC LEP Tactical Flashlight Features:  

Aluminum alloy, black hard anodized surface

Acrylic lens

Special LEP module,5700-6700K, lifespan about 10,000 hours



(Tested with Weltool UB21-50 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, outdoor, constant on, below 25 degrees Celsius)

This LEP light source complies with IEC 60825 Class 1 and IEC 62471 Exempt

Use one 21700 li-ion rechargeable battery

Tail Forward switch, 50,000 press life

High efficiency drive circuit, no noise and no PWM

when the flashlight temperature is too high, the flashlight will automatically reduce the brightness to prevent overheating

With reverse polarity protection

With low voltage prompt function,With battery over discharge protection

Coated tempered glass lens 

Passed 1 meter drop test

IP67,can be used in heavy rain

Each flashlight has a unique serial number

Size (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 33mm, (body diameter) 26.5mm, (length) 162mm

Weight: 168±0.5g (without battery)

Included: UB21-50 li-ion battery, Type-C charging data cable, waterproof ring, stainless steel pocket clip


Weltool W3Pro TAC LEP Tactical Flashlight Instructions:

  • First install the battery correctly

  • Half-press the tail switch button once to turn on the high mode, release it to turn off, even if this operation is frequent, it will be high. At this time, press the switch hard to make a "click" sound to keep working continuously, and press the "click" again to turn off the flashlight.

  • The hidden mode can be activated by half-pressing more than 4 consecutive times in the off state. When the hidden mode is turned on, the strobe is first. At this time, release the switch and then half-press it to switch to low immediately. Low and strobe can be switched in a cycle. Press the switch firmly to lock the strobe or low continuous operation; in the hidden mode, it will automatically exit the hidden mode and return to the high mode after shutting down for more than 1.5 seconds.

  • When the battery power is low, the main light of the flashlight will flash to remind you, please charge the battery in time.

  • When the battery power is exhausted, the flashlight will automatically stop working.

Use suggestions:

  • Do not disassemble the parts by yourself, this will void the warranty and may damage the flashlight.

  • It is normal for the flashlight to heat up when it is working; however, it is only recommended to use it in an environment where the outdoor ventilation (wind speed exceeds 5m/s) and the temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius! Continuous high light for a long time will accumulate heat. Turn off the flashlight in time when the hand feels a lot of heat; turn it on again after the flashlight cools down.

  • After long-term use, please replace the O-ring in time to maintain waterproof performance.

  • After long-term use, Please use professional grease to lubricate the thread in time.

  • Please clean the conductive contact surface of the flashlight in time to ensure the normal operation of the flashlight

  • We recommend that you remove the batteries and recharge the batteries at least every 3-4 months when you will not use the flashlight for an extended period of time.

  • This flashlight has excellent waterproof effect, but it cannot be used as a professional diving flashlight.

  • Do not aim the beam at the eyes and skin to avoid vision damage or skin burns, and keep away from children.

  • Do not aim the beam at other people, nor at mirrors, glass or objects that may reflect light on the surface. The reflection may cause the same damage as direct light; it is strictly forbidden to aim at moving airplanes and cars!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

What an incredible light only took a few days before I was ordering another weltool.. now I'm in the hunt for more..

Pics speak for themselves

John L.
My favorite EDC

The Weltool WP3 Pro Tac is my favorite EDC
The LEP is fantastic
Also, purchased the white diffuser to give it a flood like beam when needed
Highly recommend if cost is not an option

Tim T.

Awesome light.

Vaughn T.
Really great general use LEP

I find most LEP beams are too narrow for everyday use. Little, tiny bright spot WAY over there, and no spill - which is fine if you are looking at that tiny spot through a scope or binoculars, but its not great for the unaided eye.

The W3Pro TAC is different. At over 900 lumens, its more than twice as bright as many LEPs. And rather than focus it into a pencil beam, which would have made this a killer ON PAPER, they instead went with a broader hot spot plus a spill zone. This makes all the difference in usability for me. Moving objects are easier to track, the spill increases awareness; its a great outdoors light.

Is the spill ugly? On a white wall, yes. It has artifacts and its not perfectly round. Is the hotspot surrounded by a gross yellow/green ring? Yes. Do either of these things impair real world usability? Not even slightly.

For a small headed light, it packs a lot of range and punch.

Coty A.
Shocked with the quality

After seeing a cousin's LEP of a different brand, I was amazed by the lightsaber light beam. It was a little bit of a hard choice between this one and his Odin turbo. This pro tac hands down is better though. Only got because of extra income at the time, but don't think I'll ever regret buying this. I already had my favorite handgun and my favorite pocket knife, and this goes perfectly along with them. Thank you to Weltool for this amazing product.