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Weltool T2

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by Weltool

Weltool T2 “Elegant Panther” Compact 18650 flashlight

The Weltool T2 is a compact portable LED flashlight, using 1 18650 Li-ion battery or 2 CR123A batteries, full power output mode 1,730 lumens, 42,450 candela, throwing 412 meters, there are three brightness modes, full power output mode is suitable for short-term emergency use, The medium mode is suitable for outdoor, and the low mode is suitable for indoor or close lighting. The Weltool T2 light head adopts Weltool's patented T-HC (Through-Hole Cooling) structure, which releases the heat generated by the LED and electronic components from the light head to the environment in time through air convection. The bezel is made of stainless steel with attack teeth, which are wear-resistant and drop-resistant, which can effectively protect the flashlight head. The Weltool T2 has a mode memory function, and has reverse battery protection, low battery reminder function and battery over-discharge protection function. It comes standard with a stainless steel pocket clip, which is easy to carry. The Weltool T2 has strong performance and simple structure, and can be used as emergency equipment carried every day.


Weltool T2 Features:

Aluminum alloy material, hard anodized surface, available in BK, ODG or Gray

Aluminum alloy reflector, coated tempered glass lens

High power white light X-LED, color temperature 6500-6800K

Weltool T2 Output:

Full power mode High mode Low mode
Weltool T2 Battery type 18650
2*CR123A 18650 2*CR123A 18650 2*CR123A
Weltool T2 Light output 1730 lumens 720 lumens 750 lumens 400 lumens
5 lumens 12 lumens
Weltool T2 Beam intensity 42,450cd 17,500cd 18,350cd 9,400cd 150cd 350cd
Weltool T2 Beam distance 412m/450yd 264m/288yd 270m/295yd 193m/211yd 24m/26yd 37m/40yd
Weltool T2 Runtime 50min 50min 1h20min 1h20min 160h 48h


Data is obtained from outdoor continuous lighting test using Weltool 3000mAh 18650 high drain Li-ion battery and Panasonic CR123A battery.

The Weltool T2 flashlight has battery over-discharge protection (when using lithium-ion battery), battery reverse connection protection, low voltage reminder function, memory mode function.

No flicker and noise

Patented through hole cooling structure

Battery type: 1 high drain 18650 lithium-ion battery or 2 CR123A batteries

IP67 level, can be used in heavy rain

Passed the 1 meter height drop test

Each flashlight has its own serial number

Weight: 95±1g (without battery)

Dimensions (±0.5mm): (Head diameter) 26.5mm, (Body diameter) 24mm, (Length) 135mm

Included: Weltool 3000mAh high drain 18650 Li-ion battery, charger,O-ring, stainless steel pocket clip

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Edward P.
True performer!

I have to say this light impressed me from the moment I picked it up. It fell perfectly in my hand, so comfortable. I chose this one because I like medium modes. Super bright, very nice throw and beam profile. So far Weltool is everything and more I can want in a light. Not to mention you notice the real build quality when compared to some other companies. Keep it up Weltool, your amazing. And thank you Killzone for your help, great packaging and fast delivery.

Matthew B.

It’s a fantastic light with excellent fit and finish. My new EDC, thanks again!

Jon B.
Awesome light!

Great light for walking around the property at night.
Killzone customer service was excellent with communication and I will be back.

Frank P.
Weltool T2

I bought this light after watching several reviews and i'am so glad i did.This is my first Weltool and it won't be my last.I love the size, the throw,and the GREY military look.Killlzone processed my order and i had my light within a few days.Thanks Jody.

Brandon C.

I recently purchased the T2 and it packs a punch for the size light that it is. It is definitely my new go too for a thrower. I keep it in my get home bag with my surefire edc2. My next purchase will most likely be the m8 zoomable I believe it is called. Couldn’t be happier with the weltool products.

Brian M.
Very solid unit

Cheap flashlights lying around the house are fine to help find a remote control under the couch. But when a storm hits, or if you are outside and need to really rely on your light, you want one that is solid and dependable. I have a couple of larger good lights for the car, but needed something I could carry. This light fills that need. I might get some more to give as Christmas gifts.

Will probably be my new EDC

Weltool has released several new lights recently and all of them are nothing short of impressive to say the least. This light has 3 brightness settings and memory mode. It’s a perfect size, fits nicely in the pocket, perfect mix of lumens and candela for anything you could realistically need an EDC light for. The 5 lumen low is perfect when you don’t want to disturb others or sacrifice night adapted vision. Medium and high have been giving me great run times like they should and the build quality is fantastic. I have no worries about this light taking a beating in real world use. It’s a perfect size for the pocket and the knurling and overall design is excellent. One of many Weltool lights I’m glad I have in my collection.