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Weltool T1 Pro

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by Weltool

Weltool T1 Pro "Little Duke" AA/14500 Mini EDC flashlight

This T1 Pro is a mini flashlight, only 9.7 cm, throwing distance up to 290 meters, 21,060 candela. Using 5700K neutral white temperature LED, you can use one AA alkaline battery or rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or install Weltool BB7 extension tube to use two alkaline batteries to increase brightness, and use 14500 lithium-ion battery to reach 540 lumens. The flashlight has a stainless steel pocket clip, which can be held on the flashlight body in two directions and is easy to carry. The forward switch at the rear can light up when you touch it, or it can be locked and always on, and has three modes.

T1Pro has a powerful throwing ability and a large spill area, suitable for EDC, hiking, camping, and can also be placed in a bedside table or car armrest box as a backup lighting; it is especially suitable for putting T1Pro in an emergency bag as an emergency lighting flashlight use.

Weltool T1 Pro Features and parameters:

Aluminum alloy CNC machining, hard anodized

Coated tempered glass lens, stainless steel sandblasted bezel

5700K High Density X-LED

Aluminum alloy reflector 

Weltool T1 Pro Output: (AA alkaline batteries)


Battery 1*AA battery 2*AA batteries
Model Med High Low Med High Low
Light output 53lm 160lm 3lm 134lm 324lm 34lm
Beam intensity 1895cd 5,780cd 148cd 4,500cd 12,100cd 1,250cd
Beam distance 95yd 166yd 26yd 146yd 240yd 76yd
Runtime 3.5h 39min 92h 10.5h 30min 84h

Weltool T1 Pro Output: (14500 Li-ion battery)


Model Med High Low
Light output 365lm 540lm 86lm
Beam intensity 12,080cd 21,060cd 2,560cd
Beam distance 239yd 317yd 110yd
Runtime 1h10min 38min 8h42min


Can use 1 AA alkaline battery, AA Ni-MH battery, Energizer L91 lithium battery, 14500 Li-ion battery; you can also buy Weltool BB7 extension tube to use 2 AA alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries.

Head-to-body structure

The body has two holding positions at the front and rear, with a stainless steel pocket clip

Tail forward switch

Flashlight with battery polarity protection

No noise and no flicker

Passed the 1-meter drop resistance test, IP67, can be used in heavy rain

Each flashlight has its own serial number

Size (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 20mm, (barrel diameter) 18mm, (length) 97mm

Weight excluding battery: (±0.5g) 43g

Including: Weltool Type-C USB charging UB14-09 14500 Li-ion battery (900mAh), O-ring

Weltool T1 Pro Instructions:

Install the battery correctly first

Half-press the tail switch button once, the flashlight starts to work, release the switch and the flashlight stops working. Press this repeatedly to cycle between medium and high, locking the mode after the switch "clicks" in any mode.

In the off state, press halfway for more than 4 times in a row to open the low mode


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David T.

Awesome little 14500 pocket thrower. Lover this little light….only wish I would have realized that there was a TAC version that turns on in high mode.

Kevin P.
Really like the Little Duke

14500 light that has a great beam profile. Good sized hot spot with some good spill. Powerful. I personally like the tube style lights with a head the same size as the body, fits nicely in the pocket. Very good fit and finish. Good, solid clip. Only complaint is the user interface. Always comes on in the middle mode of three modes. To access the lowest mode you have to half press three times then on the fourth full press. Quirky interface that I personally don't like. It makes up for it in the above mentioned areas. I works certainly recommend this light even with the weird interface. Cheers


Excellent company to work with...5 star all the way.

Jose S.

Lo recomiendo pontete y pequeño

Ryan H.
One of my favorite all time lights

Perfect pocket thrower

Samuel D.
Awesome little light!

At first the U.I. confused me, however a quick glance at the user manual and I quickly understood just how simple it was to operate. Great little EDC or even 5th pocket light. Comes with 14500 battery for maximum output. But will also accept AA's, standard and NiMH's. Highly recommend Weltool brand 👌

Samuel S.
Awesome little torch

Have been looking for a AA/14500 with decent throw for a while now. This one fits the bill. I wish the UI was a bit different, also wish the clip was 2 way but those are kind of nit picky requests.