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Weltool LH9 - Potted High-CRI Light Head

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by Weltool

Weltool LH9 - Potted High-CRI Light Head


The Weltool LH9 is a single-mode high-lumen LED weapon light head with a 2050 lumen output and a candela rating of 27,000. The Weltool LH9 also features a phosphor bronze spring and through-hole cooling technology, as well as stress and vibration resistance due to the potting technology used.

The potting process covers core electrical components with a liquid epoxy that solidifies once dried. Potting improves the flashlights durability by hardening the flashlight and locking in all of the solder joints. This makes the flashlight more rugged and resistant to shock, impact, and vibration. In addition, potting improves the heat dissipation of the flashlight, as the Potting compound helps to dissipate heat away from the LED and other electronic components. Potting also protects the flashlight from moisture and other environmental factors that can damage electronics.

With the Weltool LH9 it is easier to detect the color of objects thanks to the high Ra90 color rendering index and the 5000K color temperature. The LH9 is particularly well suited for home defense or law enforcement since it features orange peel style aluminum alloy reflectors to produce more spill.

Weltool LH9 Features:

Aluminum alloy material CNC machining, hard anodizing

Coated tempered glass, stainless steel bezel

Can use 1 18650 lithium-ion battery or 2 CR123A lithium batteries. 18650 should be rated 10A or higher. 


1*18650 2*CR123A
Light output 2,050 lumens 980 lumens
Beam intensity 27,000 cd 12,000 cd
Distance 358 yd 239 yd
Runtime 1h 50min

5000K color temperature

Ra90 color rendering index

Compatible with surefire M600DF and Weltool W65 weapon light body, BB18 body

No noise and flicker, with temperature control protection

With reverse battery protection

Low voltage reminder

Low battery protection function (Li-ion battery only)

Head diameter :32mm


Weltool LH9 Compatibility

Weltool Compatibility Diagram


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very good

Great head for home defense!


For sub-100 yards, the LH9 has exceptional CRI and spill. Creates an absolute wall of light, easily covers standard 8’ walls in most structures with a great hotspot and enough spill to light up hallways. Paired with an rifle 10.5-14.5”, this is a no brainer purchase

Mark P.
Good spill

Great for home defense. Lots of spill. Probably not the best choice for long distance but Weltool makes good options for those needs too.

Mark P.
None better

When it comes to shorter range light heads that provide maximum spill (flood) for a weapon light, this is #1 for me. I now have 4 of them and I'll certainly be buying more. 👍👍

Exceeds expectations

Bought this light head specifically for home defense where plenty of spill was needed, while still being able to blind subjects. The LH9 met my expectations and then some! Plenty of spill with a nice concentric hot spot, rivals other light heads used for the same purpose. Very pleased. Only con with the LH9 is its power requirements for remote switches (25W). As of this review, Weltool does not offer remote switches for the LH9 (yet), and switches like the ST07, SR07 and UE07, according to them, do not have the ability to output full power to the LH9 head. In lieu of them releasing a remote switch designed for the LH9, I will be using Weltool's TC70 tailcap in the interim, which does output full power for the LH9 light head.