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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Weltool INR14-06P High-Drain 14500 Li-ion battery

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Weltool INR14-06P High-Drain 14500 Li-ion battery


Weltool INR series lithium-ion batteries are original cells without additional protection circuits. Make sure not to overdischarge or overcharge this battery while in use. 

This INR14-06P is a high drain battery with a maximum discharge current of 6A.

Model: INR14-06P

Capacity: ≤650mAh

Internal resistance: ≤30mΩ

Voltage: 3.7V

Continuous discharge current : 6A(-20-60 ℃)

Max. charger charging current:  650mA (15℃- 45℃)

Overcharge protection voltage: 4.2±0.05V

Over-discharge protection voltage: 3.0±0.1V

Cycle charge and discharge times: 300 times, the battery has 80% capacity

Charging temperature: +0~+45 ℃

Discharge temperature: -20~+60℃

Storage temperature: -5℃~35℃ (Less than 3 months)

Dimensions: 14.6±0.2 mm (diameter), 49.5±0.2 mm (length)

Weight: 19.5±2g

Warnings :

Do not immerse the battery in water.

Do not place it near a heat source such as a fire source or heater.

Do not use over-discharge. Stop discharging when the battery voltage drops to 3.0 V.

When charging, use a professional charger with overcharge protection.

Do not reverse the positive and negative poles.

Do not connect the positive and negative terminals directly to metal objects.

Do not pierce the battery with nails or other sharp objects.

Do not disassemble or modify the battery.

by Weltool

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Joey G.

These batteries are perfect for my 1.6 laser