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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Skilhunt M200 High-CRI V3

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Skilhunt High-CRI M200 V3

Skilhunt M200 V3 LED Options:
Nichia 519A Neutral White High CRI R9080 CCT 4500K
Samsung LH351D Neutral White High CRI R9050 CCT 5000K
Max output:
Nichia 519A : 900 Lumens
Samsung LH351D: 1030 Lumens
Max runtime: Few months
Quiescent Current :38μA
Max beam distance: 188m
Max peak beam intensity: 8900 cd
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter

Battery: 1×18650 , 2 × CR123A ( Battery Not included by default )

If you choose the battery option we will include the EVVA Protected 18650 NCR18650GA 3500mAh 10A li-ion Battery

Rated Range: 2.7V ~ 8.4V
Length 104.5mm / 4.11 inch
Head diameter 23.5mm / 0.93inch
Weight: 46 g / 1.62 oz (without battery)
Accessories: 1*M200, Magnetic Charging Cable, Clip, Lanyard, Spare O-rings,User manual.

Skilhunt M200 V3 Features

1.Super bright & latest LEDs, More options for LED. Max 1400 Lumens
2.Removeable multi-directional pocket clip.
3.Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization
4.Multi-level dissipating heat designand new copper starboard, excellent heat dissipation. Flashlight head integrated construction, high thermal conductivity.
6.Easy to operate multi-function switch
7.Wide input range provides more choices of batteries. High efficiency driver circuit, no visible flash in any mode.
8.Automatic memory function, remember last used setting and can be preset to specific output mode for instant access.
9.Intelligent temperature control technology for flashlight stable and safe use.
10.Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation.
11.When light lockout, location indicator will flash, easy get the light in dark.
12.Magnetic tail, can be used in many special occasions, use as candle light, etc.


Battery installation
Please make sure that the positive pole of the battery points to the head of the flashlight
when you replace the battery.

How to use
Single click the side switch to turn the light on/off. When the light is turned off, it will memorized current brightness level or mode.


When the flashlight was OFF status:
Single click switch to memory level (H-M1-M2).
Quickly double clicks switch to Turbo(T1/T2) mode.
Quickly triple-click switch to Strobe(S1/S2/S3) mode.
Hold press switch 0.5 second to Low(L1/L2) mode.
When the flashlight was ON (T1/T2, H/M1/M2, L1/L2)
Press and hold the switch to automatically cycle, the level is selected when the side
switch has been released, turn off memorized.
When the flashlight was ON (T1/T2, H/M1/M2)
Quickly double clicks switch tranfer memory level(H/M1/M2) to Trubo(T1/T2), repeat
quickly double clicks switch back to memory level(H/M1/M2). Quickly triple clicks switch
transfer Strobe mode, repeat quickly triple clicks switch back to previous mode.
When the flashlight was ON (S1/S2/S3)
Quickly double clicks switch tranfer S1-S2-S3, turn off memorized.

When the flashlight is off , quickly click switch 4 times to access the button lockout
mode (location indicator activation at same time,the indicator light flash every second.
Double clicks can turn on/off the indicator). Quickly click switch 4 times,the button
unlock and activate memory Low mode.

When the battery voltage drops below 3.0V, the indicator flashes twice every 2 seconds.
When the battery voltage drops below 2.7V, the light will turn off.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
My first EDC flashlight.

What an awesome flashlight. It has a really nice feel. The grey color with the blue looks awesome. The clip is awesome and sits in my pocket with no issues. It has great output and UI that I like. I like it more then the sofirn flashlight I got as well. Also killzone flashlights is the best place to buy these. Very fast shipping. Great customer service. Always answered my questions and emails same day. Now I'm looking at the m150 and H04 headlamps to buy as well. Skilhunt did a great job with their flashlight. I am fully satisfied with this awesome flashlight.

Jason T.
I got my dad a SureFire for his birthday. Probably should have gotten him this.

Pretty versatile EDC light. While some probably consider an 18650 light a bit too big for EDC - this one actually pockets smaller than many. Most? Maybe. It’s slightly bigger than my olight i5t eos which is a reasonable size edc, in my opinion.

I’ve read some complaints about the interface but it’s pretty intuitive, and easy to navigate.

From off, long press (press and hold) to go into low mode - there are two different low mode settings. Press and hold again to cycle between the two lowest settings.

If you need the medium/high mode, from off just click (no hold) and you’re in the medium/high range. Again long press (press and hold) to cycle between the medium and high modes. There are three levels in this grouping.

Double tap from off to get into turbo mode group. Two more (BRIGHT) levels here. Same way to switch between those too, press and hold to cycle between Turbo 1 and Turbo 2.

Quadruple tap to lock out. Another quadruple tap unlocks. When the light is locked out you can press and hold for lowest mode. I do recommend you lock it out for pocket or bag carry. One time I didn’t and the light went turbo in my pocket. Warmed me up quick. It didn’t get to a painful or dangerous level before I realized what was up, but it was HOT.

Side e-switch. Light can tail stand. Doesn’t seem to be picky about your 18650. I actually like the charging interface (proprietary magnet) opposite the e-switch.

If you’re a fan of olight, try this instead. I love the slightly rosy tint, courtesy of the nichia 519

Since I’ve been pocketing this light for the past two weeks, some of the black paint has come off the pocket clip. Looks like I’ve nicked some of the anodized coating off the tube too - just some tiny scratches through the finish, not like chips or flakes. To be honest I didn’t expect that but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal.

The only question is do you want this one or the little brother, M150v3 with the smaller footprint (14500/AA).

A few steps forward at the cost of a downgraded UI

I bought the V3 due to losing my black V2 and ended up wishing I could get the V2 again. The pros are as follows: upgraded pocket clip (the V2 pocket clip was garbage and the reason why I lost my V2), Nichia 519A option, recessed button that helps prevent the flashlight from accidentally turning on when not in lockout mode (a common problem I had with the V2), and the fact that it now comes in gray, which is a nice option. 
However, I cannot stand the new UI. The V2 UI was simple and straightforward, with L, M, H, and T all being easily accessible in the same mode. Now, with the V3 UI, it's T, H, and M with Low separated from the rest of the modes, and lockout is 4 clicks instead of holding down the button for two seconds. Why they decided to redo the UI and remove an entire mode is beyond me. 

Small correction: You cannot access Low Mode when the light is on, despite what the description says, which only works on the V2 (unsure of the V1).

Awesome Flashlight!

Love this light. Just what I was looking for. Great balance of flood and throw. The Nichia 519a 4500K is perfect for indoors and out. I wanted a step up from my Wurkkos FC11 and this fits the bill perfectly. Its a good deal smaller and I like the magnetic charger. Great all around light from a awesome vendor!

John R.
My new EDC

I love the M200 with Nichia 519A.

I previously used an Olight Warrior Mini 2 as my EDC, but there were too many issues. The Olight has great throw for its size, but the light is harsh and colors are washed out. The batteries are proprietary (and expensive), and the magnetic charger IS NOT universal across Olight products, as I've found my pistol light, rifle light, and the Warrior Mini 2 all need different USB magnetic charging cords. Plus the Warrior Mini 2 was just a bit bulky and heavy for something called a 'mini' 18650 light.

The M200 is shorter, thinner, and lighter. It can use standard 18650 batteries and has a magnetic charging system that so far seems to be universal across Skilhunt's product line. There is a bit of sacrifice in turbo throw distance, as the M200 only does 1400 lumens as opposed to 1750 on the Olight, but it's not much, and the increased clarity from the Nichia 519A actually makes up for it unless I'm really pushing to the edge of visual range. So my old Olight is now officially a backup that sits on the shelf waiting to be lent out to friends who forgot to bring a flashlight with them.

One of the smaller 18650 lights

I'd give this 4.5 out of 5. The M200 V3 is as wide as, and nearly as short as, my SC64w HI but with on-board charging and a magnet in the tailcap. The added length is great because it allows protected cells, and having double springs in the battery tube (as opposed to a button or pogo pin) means my cells won't get smushed when I drop the light. I wish it were USB-C charging instead of magnetic due to the exposed battery contact, but if you're not working in a hazardous environment (which I sometimes do) then you're good. The knurling is excellent; the magnet could stand to be a touch stronger for painted surfaces but it's alright. The emitter is a beautiful 4500K. Button has a slight recess and has not unintentionally activated in my pocket after about a week of solid carry. UI is simple; the only change I'd make is drop the moonlight and turbo to one mode each, for simplicity. Overall this is an excellent light and I would recommend it to pretty much anyone.

Nice flashlight

Nice flashlight with the 519A emitter, fantastic CRI. Very solidly built.

Its built-in charging capability is nice, however I don't like how the magnetic charging port is live at all times.