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Rovyvon Hybrid H3 Pro

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by Rovyvon

Rovyvon Hybrid H3 Pro Flashlight

The Hybrid series is the newest series among RovyVon's line, why Hybrid? We'd like to find a way to balance between a built-in proprietary battery and a replaceable easy-to-get battery, that's just like a PHEV car that the battery power supply gives a quiet driving experience and the traditional power supply of gas gives no range anxiety on the go.

The H3 Pro comes with a built-in 330mAh lipo battery that can be charged via the USB-C charging port, and it is also compatible with an AA battery (1.5V Alkaline battery or rechargeable 1.2V NiMH battery) or rechargeable 14500 li-ion battery. After inserted the external battery (AA or 14500), it will use the external battery by default once turned on, of course, you can switch it between the built-in battery or external battery as you prefer, there's a battery indicator to show which battery you are using at the moment, green is for external battery and blue is for built-in battery.

And why Urban Everyday Carry Tactical Flashlight? The H3 Pro has a dual-switch operating system, a side clicky e-switch, and a tail tactical dedicated switch. The side switch is for daily use of illumination to change modes from moonlight to high mode, and the tail tactical switch is for one-touch quick access to turbo/strobe.

It weighs 45g/1.59oz and has a slim size that 154.5mm/6.08" in length and 17.8mm/0.7" in diameter. It comes with a pocket clip, USB-C charging cable, an extra Charging port cover, a User manual, and a warranty card in the box besides the H3 Pro flashlight itself.


  1. Crafted from aerospace 7075 aluminum alloy with hard anodization
  2. Uses CREE XP-L HI LED, max output of 600 lumens
  3. CNC machined aluminum smooth reflector, max beam distance of 120m
  4. Hybrid battery power supply with built-in 330mAh Li-po battery and replaceable AA/14500 battery (not included)
  5. Dual switch balances between daily use and emergency use (tactical use)
  6. Instant mode memory (side switch) and one-touch quick access to turbo/strobe mode (tail switch)
  7. Detachable deep carry stainless steel pocket clip included
  8. IPX7 water resistance

Power supply switch

  1. By default, it will use the external battery (Alkaline or Ni-MH AA battery or 14500 Li-ion battery) once it was installed.
  2. By holding the side switch for 3 seconds (the light is off), the power can be switched between the internal battery and external battery - a) If the external battery was used, it will be switched to the internal battery (Li-po) and the battery indicator will show Blue to indicate it was switched successfully; b) If the internal battery was used, it will be switched to the external battery and the battery indicator will show green to indicate it was switched successfully.
  3. It will switch automatically if the battery is low (Li-po / 14500 is lower than 2.8V or AA battery is lower than 0.8V).
  4. It will fail to switch the power supply in the following cases - a) The board has issues like short circuit, etc.; b) Both batteries are low voltage.


I.    Side switch (Daily Use)
1. Turn on: rapid double-click
2. Change mode: click to cycle through moonlight (0.5lm)-low (15lm)-med (200lm)-high (600lm),
NOTE: Every single click, the battery indicator will show related color to tell which battery it is using now, Blue for Lipo battery and Green for AA/14500 battery.
3. Turn off: Long press for 0.3 seconds.
4. Mode memory: it memorizes the last used mode after turning it off.

II.   Tail switch (Tactical dedicated)
1. Momentary turbo/strobe: Half-press
a. If it was activated from off, release the button will turn off the light;
b. If it was activated when the light was turned on with the side switch, release the button will go back to work at the mode it was interrupted.
2. Consistent strobe: Full press

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Z.

Great little flashlight and very bright