Rovyvon A1x

The RovyVon Aurora A1x is a budget keychain flashlight that packs up to 650 lumens* CREE XP-G3 orNichia 219C (Only available in Black color) LED and has a 2'' long body. In its mini size, there's a built-in Micro USB charging port and the 330mAh lithium polymer battery will be quickly charged in 70 minutes. 


  • Optional: CREE XP-G3 S5 will give out max 650 lumens, you could have not imagined this small little flashlight will be so bright; Nichia 219C LED chip will give out Eye-pleasing light, it will feel more comfortable and warmer when you are outside in the dark environment. Colors will be more accurate with the Nichia version.

  • Better Operation: Quick-access on, directly to high mode (Momentary On) for emergency use; 2-Clicks-On, no accidental on, no power waste; default way from moonlight-low-med-high.

  • 330mAh Li-po rechargeable, more capacity than before, No PWM.
  • Hidden Strobe Mode: Some people like the Strobe mode, while others think it annoying, so we hid the strobe mode by special activate (Triple-clicks ON), in this way, we keep the function for emergency use, but it will not annoy you for everyday use.

  • Memory Mode: No worry to feel it hard as too many lighting modes, When the USB rechargeable flashlight runs at a mode over 3 mins, it will be turned on from the memorized mode next time.

Material: Polyamide
Length: 60.5mm / 2.38”
Diameter: 15.6mm / 0.61”
Weight: 16.8g / 0.59oz

Brightness and Runtime:
For Cree Version:
Moonlight: 2 Lumens, 30 Hours;
Low: 20 Lumens, 8 Hours;
Medium: 360 Lumens, 1.5H +95 mins
High: 650 Lumens, 1.5H +75 mins

For Nichia Version:
Moonlight: 2 Lumens, 32 Hours;
Low: 15 Lumens, 10 Hours;
Medium: 260 Lumens, 1.5H +120 mins
High: 450 Lumens, 1.5H +90 mins

Note: When the light is working at High mode or Medium mode, it will step down to 100 lumens in 100 seconds due to the massive heat generated.

Packing list:
1x Flashlight
1x Stainless Steel Keyring
1x USB Cable
1x Lanyard
1x Warranty Card
1x User Manual


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