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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Reylight Pineapple Mini Tailcap

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Reylight Pineapple Mini Tailcap

The functionality of the flashlight is further improved by the new Pineapple Mini tail cap, which helps to prevent the flashlight from being accidentally activated when it is in a pocket. In addition to this, it gives you a spot to rest your thumb, which makes it much simpler to push the button halfway. Lastly, it enables the flashlight to stand on its tail, which enables you to turn on the light, set the flashlight on its tail with the beam pointing upward, and illuminate the space in which you are currently located.


** This is not a complete flashlight. It is only for the new tail cap. **

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect Fit

Flawless threading and finish match.

Zane H.
Great tailcap

These tailcaps are so much better than the stock one. Bought two so I could swap the one in my original pineapple mini as well. No more worrying about it turning on in the pocket, as I carry my light in my back pocket.

Excellent tail cap

I bought this so my new pineapple aaa x 2 wouldn’t come on in my pocket. This switch protector works perfectly!! Thank you!!

Matthew T.

Tailcap is nice in that it fits well. the button in my Pineapple is gritty feeling as it slides against the tailcap. Not sure if this is a button issue or a tailcap issue. it's a minor gripe. Shipping took FOREVER. This was a tiny thing that would fit in any envelope yet I paid as much as it cost to ship it. It took a really long time. Had someone just dropped it into a padded envelope and sent it USPS snailmail it'd have arrived in 2-3 days but this took much longer. So I'm reasonably happy with the tailcap but the shipping time and cost was not good. oh well.

This order was shipped USPS First Class and was delivered in 7 business days. The order came in over the weekend and was shipped out first thing Monday. We can not ship orders without tracking.

We do recommend to upgrade to UPS for quicker more reliable shipping times.