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ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum - 18350

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ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum-18350 Triple Nichia 519a 4000K R9080

The ReyLight Dawn - Aluminum is a testament to the advancements in flashlight technology. It showcases how modern design can seamlessly integrate with functionality to produce a tool that's not just effective but also user-friendly. The use of the 18350 battery is a strategic choice, allowing for a compact design without compromising on performance.

The flashlight's durable aluminum construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, while its ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use. The multiple brightness levels and modes provide versatility, ensuring it's suitable for a range of scenarios, from navigating a dark trail to signaling for help in emergencies.

Moreover, the flashlight's user-friendly interface, combined with its robust build, makes it a top choice for both seasoned outdoor enthusiasts and everyday users. The inclusion of features like the anti-roll design and pocket clip further enhances its usability, ensuring it remains accessible and secure.

In the ever-growing market of flashlights, the ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum stands out as a beacon of quality and reliability. Its combination of compact design, powerful performance, and user-friendly features make it a must-have tool for anyone in need of a reliable light source. Whether you're an adventurer braving the great outdoors or someone who just wants a dependable flashlight for everyday tasks, the ReyLight Dawn-Aluminum is a shining example of what a modern flashlight should be.


Comes with a rechargeable 18350 Li-ion rechargeable battery.


LED: Triple Nichia 519a 4000K R9080

head dia: 25mm/0.98 inch

total length: 80mm/ 3.15 inch

(battery included) weight: 91g/ 3.21 oz


Group1: (Moonlight)-2%-20%-100%  ( Default)

Group2: (ML)-10%-40%-100%

Group3: (ML)-2%-10%-50%

Group4: (ML)-50%-100%-strobe-SOS


Programming guide

  • ToEnter Configuration Mode:

-From ON, half-click/tap the tail switch 8+ times until it starts to flash.

(When the configuration mode is entered, the light will start to blink once, then a quick flash, blink twice, then a quick flash, blink three times, then a quick flash, blink four times, then a quick flash, blink five times, then a quick flash. This sequence continues twice if a selection is not chosen)


*The number of blinks indicates the configuration option number to be changed. 

* Half-click/tap the tail switch during any quick flashes following the blinks to select the configuration option.


-Here are the configuration options:


  1. Mode group selection 

(After entering this menu, you can see it blink 4 times. The number of blinks indicates the number of mode groups)

The 1st blink --------- Group1:  (Moonlight)-2%-20%-100%

The 2nd blink -------- Group2:  (Moonlight)-10%-40%-100%

The 3rd blink -------- Group3:  (Moonlight)-2%-10%-50%

The 4th blink -------- Group4:  (Moonlight)-50%-100%-strobe-SOS


*Half-click/tap the tail switch during any blinks to select the mode group.

*After selecting the mode group, you can half-click/tap to select the brightness mode.


  1. Memory mode on-off toggle (default off)

To turn memory mode on, half-click/tap the tail switch during the quick flash after the second blink.


*To turn off the memory mode, reenter the configuration mode and repeat the instruction above.


  1. Moonlight mode off-on toggle (default on)

To turn the moonlight off, half-click/tap the tail switch during the quick flash after the third blink.

*Repeat to turn the moonlight on.


  1. Mode order toggle (default LMH)

To change the mode order from Low Medium High to High Medium Low, half-click/tap the tail switch during the quick flash after the fourth blink.

*Repeat to reverse the order.


For example, the default mode order of group 1 is (Moonlight)-2%-20%-100%, if you change the mode group to HML, the mode ORDER of group 1 will be (Moonlight)-100%-20%-2%


  1. Factory reset

Half-click/tap the tail switch during the quick flash after the fifth blink to reset all options to their original states.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Extremely Perfect 18350 Light

Where do I begin? this thing is perfect for me. the shorty 18350 light form factor is my all time favorite for EDC. it has kicked "nicer" lights out of my pocket. Amazing deep blue color, nice aggressive (but not too much) frag pattern. the stock optics are really nice (not Carclo, better). great floody wide beam with wonderful tint, color temperature, and cri. one of the best ccts for 519a imo. slightly warm but not too much, Goldilocks beam.

the clip is nice and strong shiny titanium, absolutely secure. length and width of the light is perfect. the button is by far the best feeling clicky switch I have ever felt. I will just sit and click it hundreds of times. smooth, but with the right amount of resistance, and with a tactile but not loud click.

I love that it has a bunch of trit slots, and boy it just feels like a premium piece. it's lightweight but also feels very solid.

I have tried hard to find something about it that I don't love, but I can not. I would give this thing 6 stars if I could. Definitely buy one.

Amazing little flashlight!

Reylight makes some amazing flashlights. The owner of Reylights is very passionate about his designs and it shows. This aluminum flashlight is very light and can be easily carried as an edc. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another one!