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Reylight Anodized Ti LAN

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Reylight Anodized LAN Titanium

The ReyLight anodized Ti LAN is a stunning AA/14500 sized single-emitter flashlight that gives everything you've ever desired from a flashlight – and more. It is made from the best quality materials, and its construction is exceptional. Even in low-light environments, the ergonomically built body and use of the Nichia 519A Hi-CRI LED promotes comfort and offers a good grip, while the high color rendering index of the Nichia 519 LED allows for considerably improved color rendition compared to typical alternatives. The ReyLight LAN 14500 titanium flashlight is an incredible illumination tool in every conceivable respect. The craftsmanship and design are both minimalistic, and the tool itself combines simplicity and functionality in a single, convenient package. The ReyLight LAN Ti flashlight provides a broad variety of brightness levels, allowing you to select the precise degree of illumination required for the task at hand from the available options. The design is breathtaking, and despite its little size, you won't even notice that it's in your pocket because it's so easy to conceal.

The Reylight anodized LAN Ti flashlight includes a rechargeable 14500 battery as standard equipment. (The idea is to use an unprotected cell. Since the protected one is longer, there is a possibility that it may apply an excessive amount of pressure to the spring, which will result in an issue.

Reylight Anodized LAN Titanium Specs:

  • Material: solid titanium
  • Nichia 519A 4000K
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • LVP (low voltage protection) for Li-ion battery. 
  • 14500 rechargeable battery is included.
  • Temperature control to avoid overheating problems
  • Anti-reflective coated lens
  • Aluminum alloy  reflector
  • Easy clicky switch operation
  • Tail-stand capability
  • Pocket clip
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 0.8 in (9.7 x 2.16 cm)
  • Weight: 3.3 oz (65 g) without battery
  • Spare O-rings
  • 1 tritium slot at tail switch, 3 around head, 12 around tailcap

Reylight Anodized LAN Titanium Programming Guide

1. Turn on the light.

2. Press the button 8+ times. The light will now blink once, then strobe, blink twice, then strobe, blink three times, then strobe…After 5 blinks and a strobe, the sequence repeats.

a. 1 blink: mode group selection. Press the button to enter this menu.

i. 1 blink: (ML)-2%-20%-100%

ii. 2nd blink: (ML)-10%-40%-100%

iii. 3rd blink: (ML)-2%-10%-50%

iv. 4th blink: (ML)-50%-100%-strobe-SOS

It then repeats. Press the button during any blink to select that mode group.

b. 2 blinks: mode memory on-off toggle (default off). Press the button during the two blinks or during the strobe after to turn mode memory on. Repeat to turn mode memory off.

c. 3 blinks: moonlight mode off-on toggle (default on). Press the button during the three blinks or during the strobe after to turn moonlight off. Repeat to turn moonlight on.

d. 4 blinks: mode order toggle (default LMH). Press the button during the four blinks or during the strobe after to change the mode order from Low Medium High to High Medium Low. Repeat to reverse the order.

e. 5 blinks: factory reset. Press the button during the five blinks or during the strobe after to reset the light to factory settings.

Shorcut: quick double tap to turbo.

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