Paracord Quick Change Call Lanyard (Green/Black/White)

Looking for a light weight durable call lanyard that can be used for predators, turkeys or waterfowl? This awesome call lanyard weighs in at less that 3 oz so you will barely feel it around your neck. In addition to the light weight the thickest portion that goes behind your necks is only 1 inch so it is really comfortable. It is not real stiff either so just feels good on your neck! There are 5 double drops which will allow you to hold up to ten total calls. Four of the drops are removable and you can adjust up or down where the calls sit on the lanyard. Since the drops are made entirely of paracord they do not make any noise! Made out of durable paracord with no clips or anything to break this lanyard should last a very, very long time!

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