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Manker E05 II - Copper

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by Manker

Manker E05 II - Copper


The Manker E05 II exhibits a combination of compactness, versatility, and strong performance, making it a solid everyday carry flashlight. Its multi-fuel design, waterproof and drop-resistant characteristics, alongside a one-handed operational design, reflect a well-thought-out engineering approach. The variety in body color and filter options add a touch of personalization, while its high lumen output and substantial beam distance highlight its extreme performance in its class. The deep carry clip design, crafted from durable stainless steel, epitomizes the flashlight's practicality and utility, catering to a range of user preferences and applications.

** Please note that brightness specs here or in the manual are inaccurate as our stock has the Nichia 519A 4000k LED ** 

Mankerlight E05 II Cu is Most Powerful Every Day Carry Copper Flashlight in Single 14500 /AA Class.
1300 Lumens Illumination / Made by Copper / Ultra-Compact Size / Multi-fuel / Dual Constant Current Drivers /Multi-color Filter Option

- Gen 2 Model
- Precision turned from solid copper round bar
- Polished & passivated surface finish
- Solid copper "pill" that houses LED's copper MCPCB and driver
- Copper plated 304 stainless steel deep carry clip
- Mini size for perfect everyday carry
- Multi-fuel design:14500 li-ion, Ni-MH AA, Alkaline AA AA-size battery
- Extreme performance in its class (1300 lumens illumination / Dual constant current drivers)
- Forward 'clicky' button control for one-handed operation
- Light tail-stands easily for convenience
- IP68 waterproof rated, 2 meters underwater
- 1.5 meters drop-resistant
- Multi-color filter options: white / red
- Versatile usage applicable


Light source: 1 x Nichia 519A 4000k LED
• Light Modes: Low - Medium - High + Strobe
• Output: 1300 lm - 300 lm - 8 lm + 1300lm (20Hz) (powered by 14500 USB-C Li-ion Battery)
• Runtime: 2 min +1 hrs+4 hrs - 1hrs 30 min + 3hrs 50 min - 50 hrs (powered by 14500 USB-C Li-ion Battery)
• Battery: 1x 14500 li-ion / 1x Alkaline AA / 1x Ni-MH AA
• Max Beam Distance: 148 meters (485.56 feet)
• Working Voltage: 0.9 V - 4.2 V
• Driver: High efficiency constant current circuit (both 14500 and AA)
• Body Material: Copper (polished & passivated surface finish)
• Clip Type: Deep carry clip
• Clip Material: 304 stainless steel with copper coated
• Button Material: Copper (polished & passivated surface finish)
• Contact Spring Retainer Material: phosphore bronze / gold plated
• Lens: Dual-sided AR coated, 99% transmittance toughened Glass
• Optic: Orange peel aluminum reflector with vacuum plated
• Switch Type: Forward-click Switch (mechanical switch)
• Tritium: 1 slots in button cap. (fit for 6*1.5 mm)
• Size: 91.35mm (length) x ø17mm (min body dia.) x ø20mm (tail dia.) / 3.60" x 0.67" x 0.79"
• Weight: 123.1 g / 4.34 oz (included 14500 battery)
• Impact Resistance: 1.5 meters
• Waterproof: IP68 rated, tested 2 meter underwater for 60 minutes


Package content
1x Mankerlight E05 II Cu 4000K warm white 800+ lumen LED flashlight
1x Mankerlight 920 mAh protected 14500 lithium battery with Type-C USB port
1x Type-C USB charging cable
1x Lanyard
1x Spare waterproof o-ring
1x User manual


Operating Instructions
ON/OFF: Fully press the switch.
Momentary ON: Half-press from OFF until released.
Output change①: Continously half-press the switch (interval more than 0.5 second) to change different outputs ( Low - Med. - High), full press to lockout the selected output.
Output change②: From OFF status, fully press the switch to turn on Low output, and then fully press to turn OFF; fully press again to turn on Med. output, and then fully press to turn OFF; fully press again to turn on High output, and then fully press to turn OFF; If keep fully press again, turn back to low output.
Memory function: When OFF the light for 2 seconds, full press to output last used (except Strobe)
Strobe: Quickly double half-press the switch from OFF.

Note: When battery voltage is low, the light will step-down directly to low output, sometime you turn off the light and then turn on again, it can be lighted up but will also step-down to low output soon. When battery voltage is extremely low, the light will shut OFF automatically.

Battery Charging Indicator
Plug USB Type-C socket of the included charging cable into the USB-C port of 14500 battery, and connect another USB socket to the adapter. 14500 battery has built-in intelligent identified charging function. When battery is charging, the indicator will be red. After battery charging is completed, the indicator will change to green.

Technical Data
Powered by Mankerlight 14500 USB-C li-ion battery:
Low: 8 lumens, 50 hours
Medium: 300 lumens ~ 8 lumens 1 hrs 30 minutes + 3 hrs 50 minutes
High: 1,300 lumens ~ 300 lumens ~ 8 lumens, 2 minutes + 1 hours +4 hours
Strobe: 1,300 lumens 20Hz
Beam intensity: 5,476 cd
Beam distance: 148 meters
Impact resistance: 1.5 meters
Waterproof standard: IP68, 2meters underwater for 60 minutes

Powered by AA Ni-MH Battery:
Low: 1.5 lumens, 27 hours
Medium: 100 lumens ~ 1.5 lumens, 1 hours 50 minutes + 3 hours 3 minutes
High: 420 lumens ~ 100 lumens ~ 1.5 lumens, 2 minutes + 2 hours + 30 minutes
Strobe: 420 lumens 20Hz
Beam intensity: 1,806 cd
Beam distance: 85 meters
Impact resistance: 1.5 meters
Waterproof standard: IP68, 2 meters underwater for 60 minutes

Powered by AA Alkaline Battery:
Low: 1.5 lumens, 55 hours
Medium: 100 lumens ~ 1.5 lumens, 1 hours 20 minutes + 16 hours 50 minutes
High: 420 lumens ~ 100 lumens ~ 1.5 lumens, 1 minutes + 48 minutes + 3 hours 15 minutes
Strobe: 420 lumens 20Hz
Beam intensity: 1,806 cd
Beam distance: 85 meters
Impact resistance: 1.5 meters
Waterproof standard: IP68, 2 meters underwater for 60 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Killer Light

Really like the LIGHT, it was what I expected, I use as a EDC, I have several, would recommend it and KILLERZONE as a company. Delivery was quick.

Adrian C.
Great EDC choice!

After carrying 18650 and even 21700 lights I was concerned with going with such a small light. While this is more of a flood than thrower it actually does what would be considered EDC work alot better due to the tint of the light. Colors looks so much better and detail is easier to make out.

Jonathan W.
Copper Magic

Was blown away by this light.
Truly a custom look and feel and at a budget
Price - the Nichia 519a is a perfect color temp for me and the beam is impressively large and floody. Can’t go wrong with this little gem

Overall a really nice copper 14500

I bought this cause it looked interesting. I always love copper. if it's an option I'm probably going to get it. it has a nice heft and feel to it. gets bright enough for most edc things. the clip is good and tight, it will not fall from your pocket.

slim form factor with premium looks, which the tritium slot really adds to. the color temperature and tint are great. the button feels very smooth and very nice.

the beam is surprisingly wide and floody for a relatively deep reflector. narrow hotspot up close, wide from a couple feet out. the *only* thing I don't 100% like about this light is that on mine (have never heard anyone else report this) there is a very slight, almost unnoticeable, dark spot in the dead center of the hotspot. it took me days of carrying to even notice it. I tried, but it will not even show up on the picture, and I can really only barely see it when I'm moving the light around. so honestly it's pretty minor, I'm just picky when it comes to lights.

overall it's a great little copper light.