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Free shipping on orders over $100!
Free shipping on orders over $100!

Lumintop Thor Pro

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$ 395.95
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Lumintop Thor Pro Specifications

ANSI/NEMA FL1 Moonlight Low Med High Turbo
Output LED 2 320 1600 5100 12100
LEP 40 85 150 230 300
Combo 45 400 1500 5200 12600
Runtime LED 90D 30H 7H 1M40S+4H10M 45S+4H
LEP 20H 16H 10H 6H30M 18M+5H45M
Combo 18H 10H 5H 1M40S+4H30M 45S+4H
Intensity LED 57800cd
LEP 426200cd
Distance LED 480m (Max)
LEP 1300m (Max)
Impact Resistance 1m
Waterproof IPX-8, underwater 2m
Size 68.5 X 51 X 153mm (Head Ø X Tube Ø X Length)
Net Weight 628g (Aluminum, battery excluded)
Light Source 1 X White Laser Emitter + 8 X LEDs
Power 86.4W (Max)
Battery 1-4 X 18650, button-top, unprotected, max length 67mm (Batteries are not included by default)
Rechargeable USB Type-C, max charging current 4A
Discharge/ Powerbank USB Type-C, max discharge current 3A
Protection Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, reverse protection, over-heat protection, low voltage protection

Notice: The above appropriate parameters are lab-tested by using four 18650 Li-ion batteries, it may vary due to the difference in batteries types and environments. The runtime on High and Turbo are accumulated due to the over-heat protection setting.


USB Type-C Quick Charge/ Discharge Function

  1. Charge: Integrated PD3.0/ QC3.0 output quick charging protocol, support PD2.0/3.0 bidirectional input/output and PPS output protocol; max battery terminal charging current can reach up to 4.0A; adaptive charging current adjustment is available. When charging, the display will show the input voltage, output current, percentage (only for charging status, not for real-time battery percentage indicator), voltage, and charging current. The quick charge function is turned off when two ports are being used simultaneously.

  2. Discharge (power bank function): Supports a maximum discharge current of 3A. When discharging, the output voltage, current, and percentage (only for displaying the discharge status, not for real-time battery indication) are displayed.


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