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Fenix RC20

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by Fenix

Fenix RC20 Flashlight

The Fenix RC20 is another excellent flashlight from Fenix. It's an upgrade to the popular Fenix RC15 model. With rechargeable batteries and a USB charging cradle, Fenix RC20 simplifies how you charge. Whether the charger is fixed in the wall or placed on your car's dashboard, all you need to do is place the flashlight in the cradle to charge! Plus, you can always know the battery power level with an indicator light built right into where the neck meets its body. 

The RC20 is a fantastic light that can illuminate your long-distance view with its 1000 maximum lumens. It also features dual switches for easy handling and functionality, four brightness levels, plus instant strobe or momentary-on function! With this product's ability in law enforcement activities as well other driving situations where visibility needs attention; you will be able to see everything clearly from up close all the way into darkness without any difficulty whatsoever because of how bright it shines on objects both nearby and far away

A single-handed operation via a double tail switch has a unique tactical ability. It effortlessly activates four brightness levels plus strobe, mode shifting, and momentary-on function. The flashlight is appropriate for rescuing, search, driving lighting, and law enforcement with the dual operation mode.

Fenix RC20 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Level Indicator

The battery level indicator shows the charging status of the battery. With the flashlight off, click the mode switch once which will turn on the indicator light in the flashlights neck for three seconds.

Here are the different indication levels;

  • Red light flashes: critical power level
  • Red light constant-on: low power level
  • Green light constant-on: sufficient power level


When charging, place the flashlight head into a charger cradle, rotate it until it clicks into a position that matches the polarity port and cradle. Once the power connects, its charging cradle's indicator light turns green without a flashlight, turns red when the flashlight is plugged in, and green once charging has completed. The average charging time is roughly 3 hours.

With a conventional USB charging cradle and customized Li-ion battery, there's no doubt that the Fenix RC20 simplifies charging. You can plug the charger into the flashlight, whether placed in the car or fixed on the wall.

The flashlight indicator light situated on its neck shows battery power level. The flashlight lights up an impressive long-distance view of 290 meters' courtesy of its 1000 max lumen output.

Fenix RC20 Rechargeable LED Flashlight Operation

The semi-round and round buttons are the mode and tactical switch, respectively. To temporarily turn the light, tap the tactical switch and release it to turn it off. To turn the light ON/OFF, press the tail switch entirely.

When it comes to mode switching, operating the flashlight is effortless. You need to press the mode switch over three seconds. Once you do this, the LED flashes twice then remain constantly on. It'll shift between Simplified and General mode.

Output Selection

Regarding output selection, click the mode switch once to modify the brightness level with the flashlight on.

· Simplified Mode: To cycle through Mid → Turbo.

· General Mode: To cycle through Low → Mid → High → Turbo.

Another notable feature of this flashlight is its low-voltage warning function. Whenever the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V, the flashlights indicator light automatically shines to indicate its time to charge it.

If the battery voltage continues to go further lower, the flashlight shifts to a lower brightness level. If it happens in the low output mode, the flashlight blinks 3 – 5 times to remind you it's time to recharge it. The flashlight does not automatically turn off for normal use until the Over-Discharge Protection feature prevents the battery from working.

The flashlight turns off automatically to prevent the battery from over-discharging once the battery voltage is low.

Overheat Protection

When operating at Turbo output, the flashlight accumulates plenty of heat. If it overheats up to 65 degrees C, it automatically downshifts the output, thus preventing it from overheating. When the temperature drops, reset the Turbo output if necessary.

Intelligent Memory Circuit

This flashlight memorizes its last used brightness level, excluding the strobe function through the intelligent memory circuit. Once you turn it on, it recalls the initial brightness level in Simplified Mode and General Mode.

Instant Strobe

With the light off, long-press the mode switch to enter momentary-on strobe, release it the light will go out. With the light on, long-press the mode switch for 0.5 seconds to enter strobe mode, single-click again to turn back to the previous status.


  • 2600mAh 3.6V rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Cree XM-L2(U2) LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
  • 161mm (length) x 25.4 mm (diameter) x 40mm (head) (6.3×1×1.6 in.)
  • Two brightness levels and four brightness levels
  • 205 grams, including the battery

Impressive Features

  • Tough ultra-clear glass lens featuring an anti-reflective coating
  • High-end type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Long-lasting aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Anti-roll and slip-resistant design
  • Regulated output for constant brightness
  • Over-heat protection to maintain cool temperature on the surface
  • Low voltage reminder
  • USB charging cradle


Proper usage and maintenance are essential for the proper functioning of this rechargeable led flashlight. The first important thing you need to avoid is disassembling its sealed head as it could cause some grave damage to the gadget and void its warranty.

Secondly, avoid using a poor-quality battery. If you do not intend to use it for several months, remove its battery to prevent battery explosion or electrolyte leakage.

To prevent any form of accidental activation, unscrew the flashlights tail cap halfway turn or remove the battery.

Continuous operating at the Turbo brightness level might activate an overheat protection of trembling of the light beam. Consequently, lower the flashlight's brightness level to cool it down to maintain normal status.

Extended use of this flashlight might cause O-ring wear. To ensure your flashlight's water seal is efficient at all times, use an approved spare to replace the ring. Regular cleaning of the battery contacts helps enhance the performance of the flashlight. Dirty contacts cause your flashlight to shine intermittently, flicker, or completely fail to perform based on these reasons;

· The batteries need to be replaced

· The PCB board contact, threads, or any other contact is dirty


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