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Fenix LR35R

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by Fenix

Fenix LR35R

The new Fenix LR35R is a super-bright, rechargeable LED flashlight with a maximum output of 10000 lumens with a max beam distance is 500 meters. A USB Type-C port makes it effortless and quick to charge the two 4000 mAh Li-ion power batteries. A striking attribute of this rechargeable flashlight is that it emits a vast amount of light with a wide beam angle. Its strobe function can come in handy for search and rescue. Although small, it boasts plenty of power. The Fenix LR35R is a lightweight and flat-designed flashlight that is only 5.5 inches long. It features a battery level indicator that notifies you of your batteries' status.

The Fenix LR35R rechargeable flashlight is submersible up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. IP68 rated protection, lockout function, and intelligent memory circuit are other notable attributes. IP68 rated protection helps ensure against debris and dust getting in the flashlight. Other impressive attributes are an impressive throw distance and sturdy pocket clip. With its powerful 10000 lumen output, your night adventures like patrolling, caving, searching, or even walking the dog late at night will never be the same. The new Fenix LR35R's body is the same as Fenix TK35, but the former takes pride in higher output. Of great importance to note is that this model is not a tactical flashlight and not compatible with many accessories like pressure switches and weapon mounts. Its turbo and night modes are very effective in large open areas.

Fenix LR35R Rechargeable Flashlight Build Quality


There's no doubt that Fenix flashlights boast great build quality. This model is no different. The well-machined rechargeable led flashlight does not have any annoying sharp edges. While the quality of the threads and machining is excellent and we would love to see it available in a matte finish.

Fenix LR35R Lighting

The new Fenix LR35R rechargeable flashlight utilizes Luminums SST-40 LED LEDs, just like with the TK22. When it comes to the light module, this unit offers an incredible mixture of reach and output with a max beam distance of 500 meters. Regarding the LED color temperature, Fenix often utilizes cool white LED for most of its models, and this model isn't any different. The beam's color is nice and even. It doesn't have the green or blue hues present like in cheap lights that are harsh on your eyes. It would be awesome for Fenix to add a neutral-white version for our customers that prefer a neutral white option. 

Fenix LR35R LED Rechargeable Flashlight Modes

  • Turbo mode: 10000 Lumens, 1.42 hours, 1640 ft
  • High mode: 3000 Lumens, 1.58 hours, 886 ft
  • Med mode: 1200 Lumens, 3.25 hours, 558 ft
  • Low mode: 450 Lumens,  8.33 hours, 345 ft
  • Eco-mode: 50 Lumens, 80 hours, 98 ft
  • Strobe mode: 10000 Lumens


Fenix LR35R Batteries 

As mentioned previously, two 21700 Li-ion batteries power the new LR35R rechargeable flashlight. When it comes to a battery replacement, unscrew the unit's tail cap to insert the battery. Ensure the positive end is towards the light head. Once you've inserted the battery, screw back the tail cap.

The LR35R protected batteries feature a button top. The positive side has a circuit that protects your battery from common dangers, such as overcharge and under-discharge.  A battery level indicator shows the battery's status. Click the switch once, with the flashlight switched off, to check the status. The indicator lasts for three seconds.

Here are the different light indicators on the new LR35R rechargeable LED flashlight:

· Red light flashes – Very low 1% - 25%

· Red light on – Low 25% - 50%

· Green light flashes – Sufficient 50% - 85%

· Green light on – Fully charged 85% - 100%

Fenix LR35R LED Light Charging

An impressive feature of this LR35R is its charging. It sports a fast, built-in charging system. At approximately 2.55A, the unit's two batteries recharge within hours (roughly 3.5 hours from depletion to complete charging).

To charge the unit, you need to first switch it off. Once it's off, plug the charging cable's USB A socket into an electrical outlet. After that, connect the charging cable's USB Type-C socket to the light. As indicated in the previous section, the unit will turn green when fully charged. During charging, it displays red. Close its anti-dust cover once the flashlight is charged completely.

Note: To attain a maximum battery output of 10000 lumens, it is prudent to strictly use quality Fenix recommenced Li-ion batteries. Batteries with circuit protection are the best as they reduce the chances of a fire.

LR35R Usage and Maintenance

To enjoy the optimal performance of the new LR35R, it is important to know how to properly use and maintain the rechargeable flashlight. If you don't have plans of using the light for up to four months, remove the batteries to prevent damage. Removing the batteries also prevents accidental activation while in storage.

Over time, the LR35R rechargeable flashlight O-ring can wear out and should be replaced to ensure proper waterproofing. An included spare is handy in replacing the ring if ever needed. Another routine maintenance item is the cleaning of battery contacts and flashlight threads. Dirty contacts can cause the flashlight to flicker, intermittent shining, or poor illumination. Soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and use it to gently clean all contact points. Frequent cleaning of the contacts drastically improves the unit's performance.

LR35R Specifications

· Memory circuit

· USB Type-C charging port

· Lockout function

· Battery level indicator

· Six Luminous SST40 LEDs

· One-meter impact resistance

· Overheat protection

· Powerful mid-size searchlight

· Wide-angle flood beam

· IP68 Rated Protection


· Two high-capacity batteries

· Impressive beam tint and profile

· Compact and durable

· Strong performance on medium and high output

· In-built USB-C charging

· One-hand operable

· Battery status indicator


Want to enjoy 10000 lumens from a Fenix rechargeable flashlight that fits in your bags yet still easily slips in a jacket pocket? The new rechargeable LR35R is another impressive product from Fenix. The size of the rechargeable LR35R, coupled with a broad beam, are two main strengths of this model. Its light is ideal as a spotlight enabling you to light up a vast area while effortlessly fitting in a jacket pocket. If looking for a high-power flashlight with a great rating you should get the LR35R consideration.

If you want a flashlight for any and all occasions, then this is the one. The Fenix LR35R 10000 lumen flashlight has an IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating so that it can be used in just about any situation without fear of damaging your expensive device. It’s powered by two 21700 rechargeable li-ion batteries which means it will have great run time when compared to other flashlights on the market today. And with its USB Type-C charge port, you won't have to worry about carrying around extra cords or spending time looking for outlets when charging up your Fenix LR35R 10,000 lumens flashlight at night! The LR35R 10,000 lumen flashlight is a must-have for any outdoorsman or anybody who wants to light up the night! Get yours today and start blasting away darkness like never before!

It would make a great gift for men, women, and even your older kids. We offer free shipping, great service, and have a high rating in the online world so don't hesitate from purchasing. Should you want to see some of the reviews on the products we sell please check out the reviews page here.

Fenix Warnings:

1. Because of this unit's high-intensity lighting, avoid shining it directly into the eyes as it can cause eye damage.

2. Over time, the LR35R rechargeable light tends to heat up, which increases the temperature of its shell. Pay keen attention to this heating to prevent the shell from burning you.

3. When changing the batteries, do so according to the manufacturer's specifications (refer to the ''Battery'' section of this article).

4. If you store your Fenix rechargeable flashlight for several months, recharge it every four months to maintain optimal battery performance.

5. Avoid disassembling the unit's sealed head as it not only causes damage but also voids its warranty.


Does the Fenix LR35R Flashlight support rechargeable batteries?

Yes, the Fenix LR35R can be quickly charged with the two included 4000 mAh Li-ion power batteries via the USB Type-C port.


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Customer Reviews

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Lawrence P.
The most practical flashlight I own. Great size.

I have many high output flashlights, and this Fenix LR35R is very nice. It has a great range and long run times. It's easy to use having a USB C plug, which makes it very convenient—using two 21700's batteries. It comes with a nice sheath, and the flashlight is a perfect size. The only complaint is the 4000 mAh batteries are too long to use in my Obus-3400 to test run time that's no big deal. The best part of this light was the staff at Killzone. They go out of there way to assist you and sell at a great price.