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Fenix LD30

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by Fenix

Fenix LD30 flashlight 

The new Fenix LD30 flashlight is a great companion for all your outdoor adventures. The new LD30 flashlight is ideal for industrial and outdoor use with 1600 maximum brightness output and a beam distance of 205 meters. The new LD30 uses Fenix 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery or two CR123 A lithium batteries. The two batteries are cold-resistant and work well for emergencies. This compact flashlight is lightweight and small for reliable outdoor applications. The LD30 tactical tail switch provides instant power activation. In addition to a low voltage warning and a battery level indicator, other features that make the LD30 flashlight outstanding include a 2-position body clip, a thinner optical lens, and quality construction. 


Light Operation Instructions

The new Fenix LD30 flashlight is straightforward because it has a user-friendly design. By turning on the tactical switch, you will be turning on and locking the flashlight. If you release the switch, the flashlight will turn off and unlock. You can choose various output modes based on your needs. When the LD30 is on, click the side switch once to move through Eco-Low-Med-High-Turbo. When the LD30 light is on, and you press and hold the switch on the side for about 0.8 seconds, you get into strobe mode. Click the side switch once to move the cycle from Strobe-SOS. If you press the hold the switch for about 0.8 seconds, it will resume to the previous output level.

Fenix LD30 Flashlight Battery

The new Fenix LD30 uses the Fenix 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Alternatively, you can use two CR123A lithium batteries. In the middle of the switch, you will find a battery level indicator. Every time the light is on, the indicator shows you the battery status for about 3 seconds.

The following are the various alerts from the LD30 battery level indicator:

· Green constant on- saturated 100%-85%

· Green flashes- Sufficient 85%-50%

· Red constant on- Poor 50%-25%

· Red flashes- Critical 25%-1%

When it is time for battery replacement in your Fenix LD30, remove the light body and put the new battery into the LD30. Ensure the anode side is to the LD30 head and then put back the light body.

Low Voltage Warning

You can always tell when it is time to replace the rechargeable battery. The low voltage warning alerts you when the voltage status is lower than the preset status. At this point, the flashlight goes to a reduced brightness level until when it gets to the Eco output mode. At this mode, the battery alert blinks red to inform you the battery needs replacement or charging. The rechargeable LED flashlight doesn't turn off automatically to maintain normal use. It continues to light until the battery is empty.

Intelligent Downshift

It has a time-limited downshift where after maintaining it for 5 minutes, its brightness reduces by around 30 lumens every 6 seconds to about 1200 lumens.

Overheat Protection

It has an overheat protection feature for safety purposes. When using the flashlight on high output level and the temperature is above 55 degrees C, the brightness reduces by approximatively 30 lumens after every 6 seconds. It will do that until it reaches around 400 lumens. When it detects the temperature to be less than 55 degrees C, the brightness increases by approximately 30 lumens every 6 seconds. It increases up to 800 lumens, and you can now select high output once the brightness downshifts. When using the flashlight on turbo mode, and the detected temperature is equal to, or less than 55 degrees C, the brightness reduces by 30 lumens every 6 seconds. It goes up to 400 lumens. When the temperature drops, the brightness increases by 30 lumens every 6 seconds until it reaches 1200 lumens. If the temperature is more than 55 degrees C within the first 5 minutes, the brightness decreases to 800 lumens directly. You can now select the Turbo output once the brightness downshifts.

Voltage Downshift

When the voltage is less than 3, the flashlight automatically goes to a lower brightness level to reach the Eco output. You can only select other output levels after downshifting. Click the switch on the side to choose your ideal output level./p>

Premium Quality Materials

The robust construction makes the flashlight suitable for outdoor use. It is made of quality aluminum material that is oxidation-free. It also has a high-quality anti-abrasive finish to enhance its durability. Moreover, it has coted ultra-thin optical lenses. It can withstand impact at 1 meter. It also has a rating of IP68 2-meters underwater capabilities.

Light Usage And Maintenance

For optimal battery performance, Fenix recommends using a quality battery. Always remove the battery when storing the flashlight. This protects the light from damages from battery explosion or electrolyte leak. Remove the battery when transporting the flashlight to avoid unwanted activation. If you store the battery, remember to charge it after every four months for better performance. The package includes a spare O-ring for replacement purposes. After long-term use, the O-ring needs replacement to create a quality water seal. Clean the battery contacts frequently to achieve better performance. This will help you avoid the problems associated with dirty contacts.

Flashlight Warnings

  • Mixing batteries from different brands, capacities, and sizes are not recommended. This can lead to damages to the batteries or the flashlight.

  • Handle Fenix 18650 Li-ion batteries with caution because they are made for commercial use.

  • Batteries without circuit protection can lead to explosions or combustion.

  • Directing this high-intensity flashlight directly to the eyes can cause eye damages.

  • Do not disassemble the sealed head because you can damage the flashlight or make the warranty void.

Flashlight Specifications

· Beam distance of 205 meters

· 1600 maximum brightness output

· Battery level alert

· 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery

· On/off side switch selection

· Reverse polarity protection

· Low voltage warning

· 59g weight without battery

· Ultra-thin optical lens

· 1-meter impact resistance

· Tactical tail switch

Fenix LD30 Impressive Features

· High output flashlight

· Easy battery replacement

· Overheat protection

· Easy to select different output modes

· Great for outdoor use

· Quality and coated optical lenses

· Versatile use with the body clip

· It is bright and compact

Fenix LD30 Summary

This is a great tactical flashlight for outdoor operations. With a brightness of 1600 lumens and 205 meters beam distance, you can be sure of reliable illumination. The Fenix LD30 provides 5 output levels to suit different applications, including emergencies. Carrying it anywhere is easy with a 2-way clip that offers a versatile attachment. The flashlight is durable enough to handle any outdoor condition. No worries about the higher surface temperature because it has intelligent overheat protection. With the battery level indicator and other great features mentioned above, this is your ideal flashlight for daily use in all outdoor situations.


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