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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Nichia Magnet USB Warm - 3000k

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Color: Black

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by Armytek

Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Nichia Magnet USB Warm - 3000K

** This is a custom batch Armytek made for us using the Nichia NV4L144ART
sm303E1000R9050 LED and we did not order enough to justify the additional cost of updating the packaging. The box, manual, specs in any literature within the box or this listing will all reference the 4500K version. **

** The bicycle mount is no longer included by default. Armytek has replaced this option with a holster. This is for the OD green and black version. ***


Wizard C2 Pro Nichia is an update to the Wizard Pro Nichia model, popular among the fans of high-quality light.
The version of Wizard C2 Pro with Nichia LED is designed specifically for use in the areas where clear color differentiation is required: for photo and video shooting, painting, and polishing, working with wire color coding.
Incredibly powerful for the 3000K color temperature tint light output of 1600 lumens provides near to perfect natural reproduction of object colors at 113 meters. The flashlight works for 6.5 months on just one 18650 power source. To charge the battery, use the magnetic USB cable that is already included in the set.
Thanks to the extended set of accessories with a head mount, clip, magnet in the tail-cap and the multifunctional 3 in 1 flashlight is suitable for outdoor activities, sports, fishing, hunting, car maintenance, and service. Wizard C2 Pro Nichia is compatible with hard hat mount AHM-02 and can be used as a primary power source for construction.



Simple one-hand operation, reliable head-mount
Solid-body without long wires, weak rubber connectors, and unnecessary boxes
The flashlight is easily installed, removed and 180° rotatable in the mount
Quick-release rubber ring provides additional fixation


Compact design
Convenient side button
Special matt anti-abrasive finish without rough knurling
Strong built-in magnet and removable robust steel clip


Body made from durable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum
Improved shock resistance, new springs for more efficient flashlight performance and better battery and driver protection
Constant light without flickering
Quick-release mount in the set
Close to sunlight LED lighting with high CRI >90 and color temperature of 3000K for near to perfect natural color reproduction.
Incredibly powerful for the given color tint light output.

** The bicycle mount is no longer included by default. Armytek has replaced this option with a holster **


New optical system and TIR-lense: transmits more lumens, provides greater beam distance with the comfortable wide spill.

Maximum LED efficiency: we achieved 1600 lumens instead of 1400 lumens in Wizard Pro Nichia.

New head design: improved heat dissipation and brighter light with more lumens.

Enlarged side button: softer and more comfortable pressing.

Innovated electronics and firmware: extended runtimes and enhanced brightness.

Simple operation by default: easy to use right out of the box (6 modes), possible to switch to professional advanced operation with 11 modes.

Improved springs: new springs for better protection of the battery and driver and increased performance efficiency.

Stylish body: matte anodizing, laconic style, new corporate branding.

New magnetic charger: the flashlight charges 2 times faster (3 h 40 min).


Pro Powerful electronics provide an impressive light output of 1600 lumens and record 6.5 months in Firefly mode. Constant brightness even at low ambient temperatures and not fully charged battery.
Pro Multicolor temperature, battery level, and state indication with the ability to turn it off.
The convenient wide beam of the fully upgraded optical system, TIR-lense is protected from scratches by tempered glass with anti-reflective coating.
Innovative technology allows using any 18650 Li-Ion batteries with 10A discharge current and provides full protection against short circuit even in case of contact between the magnetic connector and metal objects.
Active real-time temperature control to prevent overheating above +58 °C.
Total protection from water, dirt, and dust in accordance with IP68 standard — flashlight continues to work even at 10 meters depth. Withstands fallings from up to 10 meters.
Robust and water-resistant magnetic connector.
No hassle warranty 10 years.
18650 Li-Ion battery (3500 mAh) is included in the set.

** The bicycle mount is no longer included by default. Armytek has replaced this option with a holster **

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
J. H.
Armytek Wizard Nichia

Such a great light. The warm tint is so easy and pleasant on the eyes outdoors especially during extended use. Shipping speed and quality of service from killzone was top notch as always, the way I’ve been treated has cemented my business/loyalty with them.

Best Headlamp I have owned!

I used to be a black diamond guy. Still love my black diamond but I needed something with more utility. Upon researching so many popular brands and different head lamps I ended on this one. Why? Love the fact it's not just a headlamp but a right angled light with a magnet in the tailcap but the real reason, the emitter. I like my lights warmer and this tint is perfect. When I saw that Killzone had teamed up with Armytek I had to go for it. I use this for just about everything that calls for more light and the tint is perfect, not too warm and of course not too cool, just perfect for my needs. Also, almost forgot to mention, love the durability and the fact I can use my own batteries and don't have to buy a proprietary one.

Thanks Killzone!

Ryan H.
Great right angle light

Awesome tint and output, definitely in my top 5 favorite lights

Dan W.
Thanks r/flashlight

A Reddit user on r/flashlight posted about killzone partnering with Armytek to do a run with warm emitters. The internet seems to be very polarized on Armytek lights in general due to their great build quality but poor customer service but I pulled the trigger because this purchase was through killzone. The light is great, colour temp is perfect, anodizing is…standard Armytek. All in all I would buy again and do recommend. Also apparently you can get this model in green so check that out I that’s more your style I guess.

Warm Wizard

Use it heavily all day every day at work doing lots of electrical work in cabinets and panels. Nice wide, warm, high CRI beam. Great battery life. Decent headband but not as comfortable as Skilhunt's. An awesome companion for working in some dark dungeons

C2 Pro 3000K Nichia

I have been waiting for this light for 5 years. Thats when I started carrying my first Wizard. The clip, switch, UI, mode spacing, wide beam, texture, water and drop rating are all first class. The light goes in and out of the head mount easily. The mount does need some padding but I've already fixed that. The 3000K hi cri was all that was missing from the Armytek lineup.

Jim M.
Weird Light. Great Emitter. Great Store

Got one of these after waiting months to find one. The emitter is great. The host(first Armytek) is not so great. The seals are solid and the charging is fine. Magnet is good. Now for the poor aspects. Seems like these are a mixed bag. It is good in low temps but this thing heats up quickly for an 18650 headlamp. I get yellow and red thermal warnings each use. Maybe this is just a lemon? this is my first Armytek and after all the reviews and attention they get I was expecting a lot, maybe too much? Body color is also off. I WB locked my wall shot at 5000K. Emitter ECU on Low. Crab shot is under high CRI LED lighting with neutral tint. It is so close but I had to take a star away.

Now for the good part. Killzone has great customer service and they communicated with me very quickly message by message and really squared me up. Jody, thank you for the amazing customer service.

If you want a great shop, you found it. If you want a good warm emitter hard use work light? I would stick to other manufactures. YMMV

I really enjoy my Skilhunt, Manker and Zebralight headlamps. Using so many lights I feel I have given this light a fair review again, I think this light is worth a try but it has some shortcomings.

Thomas V.W.
Useless after two uses

Battery will not keep a charge, not something you want to deal with after spending a hundred dollars. I guess I’ll have to look into replacing the battery but this is highly disappointing.

Batteries are rarily the issue. Did you loosen the tailcap before charging? This is commonly missed. If you did that please reach out to us so we can asssit you getting this fixed.