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Acebeam X50

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by Acebeam

Acebeam x50 Multipurpose Handheld Searchlight

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Acebeam X50 6500K specs:

Acebeam X50 5000K specs:

Acebeam X50 Features:

When you need a bold and reliable light, the Acebeam X50 handheld searchlight should be your go-to searchlight. With its powerful output, the Acebeam X50 will provide you with a strong beam of light that will light up your surroundings at any time. This Acebeam searchlight is exceptionally made—it looks like a true masterpiece when you take it out of the box!

The flashlight body is strong and durable since every part is made of high-quality materials. The Acebeam X50 handheld searchlight uses 8 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs and comes in a 6500k cool white color temperature or a 5000k neutral white color temperature variant. This multipurpose handheld flashlight achieves a whole new level of bold lighting—the power of the searchlight is unbelievable for its size.

This powerful searchlight from Acebeam produces up to 40,000 lumens that can provide lighting up to 2625 feet (800-meter beam distance, 160,000 cd). Even in its highest mode of 40,000 lumens, the Acebeam X50 is a useful tool that is able to maintain that 40,000 lumens for more than a minute! The X50 torch runs on a built-in 4250mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, which can quickly and fully charge in about 90 minutes via the integrated USB-C charging port. The battery pack also serves as a USB C power bank—allowing you to charge your other gadgets. With onboard fast charging, there’s no need to switch the cells. However, a spare Acebeam X50 rechargeable battery pack can be purchased here.

The X50 multipurpose handheld flashlight is capable of lighting up large spaces with a wide 120-degree beam angle. If you want to light up a larger area, room, or farm, simply hold the flashlight in your hand or with the optional handle. The ergonomic handle design allows for easy carrying and also includes a tripod socket. A mechanical safe lock system and a stainless steel switch also add to the overall build quality of this flashlight. This highly versatile Acebeam X50 multipurpose handheld searchlight is ideal for security guards, farmers, search and rescue teams, and civilians. This flashlight is ultra-portable and fits securely and easily in your hand. It will always come in handy whenever you need a reliable and long-lasting source of light.


A spare Acebeam X50 battery pack can be purchased here

The X50 6500K color temperature specifications:

Turbo High 2 High 1 Med 2 Med 1 Low Ultra-Low Strobe
Brightness 40,000 lumens 26,000 lumens 14,000 lumens 6,500 lumens 2,250 lumens 650 lumens 230 lumens 12,000 lumens
Runtime 1.5hrs 1.75hrs 1.50hrs 2hrs 3.66hrs 11hrs 24hrs 1.75hrs
Distance 800 meters 620 meters 473 meters 350 meters 240 meters 120 meters      -      -
Intensity 160,000 candela 96,100 candela 55,932 candela 30,625 candela 14,400 candela 3,600 candela      -      -


The X50 5000K color temperature specifications:

Turbo High 2 High 1 Med 2 Med 1 Low Ultra-Low Strobe
Brightness 38,000 lumens 24,000 lumens 13,500 lumens 6,200 lumens 2,150 lumens 600 lumens 200 lumens 12,000 lumens
Runtime 1.5hrs 1.75hrs 1.50hrs 2hrs 3.66hrs 11hrs 24hrs 1.75hrs
Distance 750 meters 600 meters 430 meters 330 meters 230 meters 110 meters      -      -
Intensity 140,625 candela 90,000 candela 52,900 candela 27,225 candela 13,225 candela 3,025 candela      -      -

Acebeam X50 Handheld Searchlight Features:

  • Utilizes 8 x CREE XHP70.2 LEDs with a max output of 40,000 lumens
  • Maximum beam intensity of 160,000cd and maximum throw of 800 meters
  • The beam angle is up to 120 degrees which provide a wide range of visibility.
  • A step-down constant current circuit design with an efficiency rate of up to 98%
  • Built-in 10.8V/4250mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack
  • Fast USB Type-C charging with discharging function available
  • USB Type-C 35W fast charging; 1.8 hours for full charging
  • Built-in intelligent temperature regulation
    controller for step down of bright levels
  • Reliable mechanical safe lock prevents accidental activation
  • Detachable handheld handle meets various lighting demands
  • One single stainless steel switch provides access to all functions
  • Hardened dual AR coated, 99% transmittance glass
  • Made of durable A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, providing a rigid structure and a fast cooling efficiency
  • Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Rating in accordance with IP66
  • impact resistance of up to one meter

What battery do we recommend to power this Acebeam flashlight

The battery for the Acebeam X50 is a built-in 10.8V/4250mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. The batteries in the battery pack are not user-replaceable. If you need a spare battery pack you can order it from here


How many lumens can the Acebeam X50 light output and how many meters of throw is it capable of?

The new Acebeam X50 searchlight can output up to 40000 lumens using the cool 6500k white option and up to 38000 lumens with the 5000k neutral white option. You can get up 800 meters of throw with cool white option and 750 meters with the neutral white!

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