Acebeam H50


Acebeam H50 is lightweight headlamp with triple LEDs juxtaposed and TIR optical lens,which provides max 125°beam angle to illuminate everything in the user's field of vision, perfect choice for late-night work or exploration, available 3 LED versions for different usages, 3 x Samsung LED output max 2000 lumens, 3 x Nichia LED bring CRI≥90 and 3 x Osram LED throw 209 meters. Also, H50 features 3 of the selected LED and can be toggled between Triple-On, Two-Side-On, and Middle-On. Lastly, H50 is USB-C rechargeable which can quickly charge a 18650 battery right inside the light.
3 x Samsung LH351D LED
    3 x Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED
      3 x Nichia 219C CRI≥90 LED


      ** Battery is not included **


      Option 1:
      3 x Samsung LH351D LED

      Triple ON 
      Turbo: 2000 lumens;2h 15min; 137m; 4700cd
      High: 1000 lumens;2h 30min; 95m; 2250cd
      Mid: 450 lumens;3h; 60m; 910cd
      Low: 55 lumens;3h 30min; 23m; 136cd
      Moonlight: 10 lumens;16day; 11m; 30cd

      Two-Side ON
      Turbo: 1350 lumens;2h 15min; 109m; 2950cd
      High: 700 lumens;2h 30min; 76m; 1460cd
      Mid: 300 lumens;4h 30min; 49m; 600cd
      Low: 40 lumens;5h 15min; 20m; 98cd
      Moonlight: 5 lumens;21day; 9m; 22cd

      Middle ON
      Turbo: 650 lumens;3h; 76m; 1450cd
      High: 350 lumens;4h 45min; 53m; 690cd
      Mid: 150 lumens;9h; 34m; 290cd
      Low: 20 lumens;10h 30min; 14m; 50cd
      Moonlight: 3 lumens;30day; 6m; 10cd

      Option 2:
      3 x Nichia 219C CRI≥90 LED

      Triple ON 
      Turbo: 1210 lumens;2h 15min; 121m; 3690cd
      High: 650 lumens;2h 30min; 90m; 2030cd
      Mid: 300 lumens;3h; 57m; 820cd
      Low: 40 lumens;3h 30min; 21m; 110cd
      Moonlight: 5 lumens;16day; 8m; 18cd

      Two-Side ON
      Turbo: 800 lumens;2h 15min; 101m; 2570cd
      High: 400 lumens;2h 30min; 70m; 1210cd
      Mid: 200 lumens;4h 30min; 46m; 530cd
      Low: 25 lumens;5h 15min; 19m; 87cd
      Moonlight: 4 lumens;21day; 8m; 16cd

      Middle ON
      Turbo: 420 lumens;3h; 74m; 1380cd
      High: 250 lumens;4h 45min; 51m; 660cd
      Mid: 110 lumens;9h; 33m; 270cd
      Low: 15 lumens;10h 30min; 12m; 36cd
      Moonlight: 1 lumen;30day; 4m; 5cd

      Option 3:
      3 x Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED

      Triple ON 
      Turbo: 1250 lumens;2h 15min; 209m; 10900cd
      High: 650 lumens;2h 30min; 147m; 5400cd
      Mid: 300 lumens;3h; 94m; 2200cd
      Low: 40 lumens;3h 30min; 36m; 320cd
      Moonlight: 5 lumens;16day; 15m; 30cd

      Two-Side ON
      Turbo: 850 lumens;2h 30min; 169m; 7100cd
      High: 450 lumens;2h 15min; 118m; 3490cd
      Mid: 200 lumens;4h 30min; 169m; 1410cd
      Low: 25 lumens;5h 15min; 29m; 210cd
      Moonlight: 4 lumens;21day; 13m; 40cd

      Middle ON
      Turbo: 430 lumens;3h; 117m; 3450cd
      High: 250 lumens;4h 45min; 82m; 1690cd
      Mid: 100 lumens;9h; 53m; 710cd
      Low: 15 lumens;10h 30min; 21m; 110cd
      Moonlight: 2 lumens;30day; 9m; 20cd

      Impact resistance: 2 meters
      Waterproof: IP68
      Wide beam angel of 125°
      Size: 83(length) x 33mm(head dia.) x 26mm(tube dia.)
      Weight: 62g without battery
      Single-button switch for controlling the brightness
      Constructed from Aero grade Aluminum Alloy
      Robust HAIII military grade hard-anodized
      Comfortable Elastic Headband with sweat channeling and  reflective
      Over-heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface
      USB-C rechargeable up to 3 x faster than Micro USB model
      Powered by 1 x 18650/2 x CR123/2 x 16340

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