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Acebeam H15 2.0

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by Acebeam

Acebeam H15 2.0

Introducing the Acebeam H15 2.0 headlamp, the illuminating companion you never knew you needed. Designed to cater to the demands of industrial professionals and adventure seekers alike, this dual light source headlamp not only beams with a powerful 2800 lumens through its primary LED but also retains your night vision with its auxiliary red light mode.

The genius of the Acebeam H15 2.0 lies in its unique "Right Angle" design, allowing you the flexibility to switch between using it as a headlamp or a flashlight. No need to fret about constant recharging either; just one 18650 battery powers this marvel for an impressive maximum of 30 days. When you do need to juice up, the built-in intelligent charging circuit combined with a USB-C charging port ensures the process is swift and straightforward.

But it's not just about functionality. Durability? The Acebeam H15 2.0 has it in spades. The tempered glass lens, coated with AR film plating, promises a staggering 99% light transmittance while resisting scratches. Venture into the unknown confidently, knowing your headlamp can endure submersion up to 2 meters with its IP68 rating and can handle impacts of up to 1.5 meters.

The device's user-friendly nature shines through with its single switch that commands six brightness levels and special modes such as strobe, red, and red flash. And when you need to go hands-free, the magnetic tail sticks securely in place, and the two-way body clip provides even more wearable options. Plus, for those nocturnal adventures, the reflective headband ensures you're always visible, adding an extra layer of safety.

In a package that weighs a mere 157.6g (including its battery and headband with holder), you'll also receive a pocket clip, a Type-C charging cable, a silicone cover, two O-rings, and a user manual.

So, whether you're spelunking in caves, navigating the trails at dusk, or working in dim industrial settings, the Acebeam H15 2.0 is the reliable light source that won't let you down. Illuminate your path and grab yours today!

Acebeam H15 2.0 Features:

Utilizes a primary LED with max output 2800 lumens
Equipped with the auxiliary red light protects the night vision
Special "Right Angle" design, can be used as a headlamp and flashlight
Powered by one 18650 battery with a max runtime of 30 days
Built-in intelligent charging circuit with a USB-C charging port
Digitally regulated circuit for maintaining a stable output
Low-voltage warning design
One switch control 6 brightness levels and special modes of strobe, red and Red flash
Durable tempered glass lens with AR film plating for scratch resistance, light transmittance reaches up to 99%
Comfortable fit provided by the ergonomic adjustable headband (Included)
Reflective headband to remain visible at night
Two-way body clip capability for varying conditions
Magnetic tail hands-free fixation
Premium type HAlll hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
IP68 grade (2 meters submersible), lmpact resistance 1.5 meters

Acebeam H15 2.0 Specifications:

Size: 111.1mm(Length)x 25mm(Head dia.)x 22.1mm(Body dia.)
Weight: 157.6g/5.55oz (Including battery and Headband with holder)

Included with Acebeam H15 2.0:

1 x H15 2.0 Headlamp
1 x ACEBEAM 18650 battery
1 x Pocket Clip
1 x Type-C charging cable
1 x Silicone Cover
2 x O-rings
1 x User manual

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