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Free shipping on orders over $75
Free shipping on orders over $75

Acebeam EC35 Gen II

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$ 76.90
$ 66.90 - $ 76.90
Current price $ 76.90
LED: Luminus SST-20 4000k 95+ CRI
EVVA 3500mAh Protected 10A 18650 Included?: Yes - Include Battery

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by Acebeam

Acebeam EC35 GEN II Flashlight 

The EC35 is a compact and lightweight EDC flashlight with a Type-C charging port. Driven by a 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery (also compatible with cold-resistant CR123A batteries), the light emits a max output of 1100 lumens and 180 meters. Dual switches control five output levels and strobe for easy and fast operation. Additional features include a battery level indicator, smart output memory, and a two-position body clip, all of which enhance daily usage in outdoor activities and tactical applications.

** The Luminus SST-20 4000k 95+ CRI version is a custom batch and we did not have enough made for Acebeam to update the packaging. The box, manual, specs in any literature within the box or this listing will all reference the Samsung LED from the Acebeam website.**

** The included Acebeam charging cord or USB-A to USB-C cable is recommended. USB-C to USB-C cables will not work **


Featured by a USB Type C charging with 3 times speed of the traditional Micro-USB input
Compact size, Lightweight, and one-handed operation for every-day-carry
Driven by a 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, also compatible with 2pcs cold-resistant CR123A batteries
Highly efficient constant current circuit design (Non-PWM)
All circuit contacts are gold-plated
Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion
Battery level indicator lights for easy power monitoring
Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
Sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum body with military-grade type III hard-anodized finish
The skid-resistant diamond knurled design provides a comfortable grip
Integrated Precision Digital Optics Technology provides extreme reflector performance
Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass lens with an anti-reflective coating
Tail Stand Capability for free your hands
Tail Lanyard enables the light to be hung, suspended to other subjects
IPX68 waterproof (2 meters submersible)

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Daniel S.
Great light

Great light, bright, easy to carry, does get a bit hot when using turbo after 1min but honestly I’d still say it’s great. Shame I lost one of these but I already have a second coming in and hopefully it will be just as good.

Adam N.

I had no idea you could get flashlights this good. So handy and enjoyable to use around the house for projects, and outdoors on walks. Can spot ice on a sidewalk from 20 feet away. SST-20 LED with high CRI helps with technical work like terminating Ethernet in the correct order of colors. I purchased one in the fall of 2020 and my partner likes it so much I got another one this year so we don't have to fight over it.

Anthony F.
Checks all the boxes

I wanted a flashlight that could get very bright, had a few different brightness settings, and would fit comfortably in my pocket. Check. Check. Check. It doesn't "disappear" into my pocket the way I might like an everyday carry item, but it's perfect for a jacket pocket. The trade off for that extra size is a fist sized light that can clearly illuminate my the fence at the back of my yard from my kitchen deck, some 200 yards away.

The last note I would make is the "moonlight" setting has been an unexpected win, going from something I thought was unnecesary to something I can't believe I wasn't looking for. Being able to enter my toddler's room to soothe or find something without waking him with a brighter light has paid for itself twice in a week. Great product, both design and construction.

Dakota S.
Amazing AR-15 light!!!

The push button on the back with the selector switch up front is great for quick tactical needs and also for planned usage. Couldn't ask for a better light!

Great light for a night out.

I purchased the Luminus SST-20 4000k 95+ CRI version, I am very stoked with it. This is my first truly high end flashlight, I enjoy the dual controls--nice to have some adjustability in your output. I really got this light for the dual buttons, specifically the insta-turbo access via the tail button, being that I am using this light for late night ventures.

Fernando R.
Love it

Great flashlight. The different light power settings help a lot. Dim when you need it, or bright to suit your needs.

Flashlight does get really hot though so be aware. Pretty beefy for an EDC flashlight but can't complain.

Glen P.
Better than expected

Best flashlight I’ve ever owned.

Solid Flashlight

Well built flashlight with exactly the right amount of flexibility for my needs. Love the dual switches.

Patrick F.
Awesome customer LED option

I compared this with the original factory LED option and I'm very glad I got this one. The high CRI emitter is great to use.

Kraig H.
Excellent and versatile.

I had a cheap 18650 light stop working on me, so was in the market for an upgrade. I wanted a general purpose "around the house" light to keep on my nightstand, as well as something I could take to worksites from time to time for general purpose use. Ended up settling on the SST-20 version of this and am very pleased. It has a great combination of CRI, color tint, a tight beam with a far throwing hotspot, and a very even "outer beam". I often will grab a very floody headlamp for lots of close-up work, but this EC35 is an excellent companion and "general purpose" flashlight. Plus it's simple enough to use that I don't have to give a bunch of instructions when handing it to someone. Also Killzone service was fantastic- I had an issue getting the light to turn on initially, but they quickly responded and recommended an extra tightening of the tail cap, which sure enough fixed the issue. Will be returning for future light & battery needs!