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Weltool T12

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by Weltool

Weltool T12


T12 is a tactical flashlight with 3TAC function. At full power output, it has 2,000 lumens, 141,000 candela and a throw of 750 meters. The 3TAC function is that the flashlight has three different tactical lighting options built in. Different lighting options can be selected according to needs. In the off state, you can tap the tail switch momentarily, or in the on state, tap to switch modes; T12 adopts a through-hole cooling structure, dual The body structure of the flashlight is also equipped with multiple springs to enhance shock resistance.

The 3TAC function was pioneered by Weltool, which can meet more tactical needs and user groups, is simple and reliable; and the T12 has a large viewing angle and dazzling beam effect, making it an all-round law enforcement tactical flashlight.


T6 series aluminum alloy CNC machined, hard anodized

Using high-power X-LED, the continuous working life is about 50,000 hours

Coated tempered glass


The above data is tested using Weltool INR18-30P lithium-ion battery in a static state indoors (ambient temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius). Different environments and test standards will vary and are for reference only.

The flashlight also has overheating protection, battery over-discharge protection, battery reverse connection protection and low battery reminder function.

The flashlight uses 1 rechargeable high drain 18650 lithium-ion battery

Tail switch

Each flashlight has a serial number

IP67, can be used in heavy rain

Passed 1 meter drop resistance test

Weight (without battery): 172±0.5g

Dimensions (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 39mm, (body diameter) 26.5mm, (length) 151mm

Included: 1 18650 battery, 1 O-ring, 1 portable charger, 1 stainless steel pocket clip


Flashlight has three tactical lighting options :

A lighting options : In the off state, lightly press the switch to turn on the full power momentary. After fully pressing the switch, a click sound will turn on the high continuously. At this time, lightly press to switch to low; high and low can be switched cycle by lightly pressing.

B lighting options : Off state, lightly press the switch for low output momentary, fully press the switch to turn on full power output. At this time, lightly press to switch to medium; full power and medium can be switched cycled.

C lighting options : Off state, lightly press the switch to turn on the full power momentary, fully press the switch to turn on strobe, press lightly at this time to switch to high; strobe and high can be switched in a cycle.

In the off state, press lightly the switch 8 times or more continuously and let go. The flashlight will start to cycle automatically,Select the lighting options :

High flash 2 times as A lighting options prompt

Low flash 2 times indicates B lighting options prompt

Strobe is the C lighting options prompt

At any flashing prompt, press the switch fully and "click" to select this lighting options and remember it. This lighting options will remain unchanged after shutting down or replacing the battery.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Edgar S.
What a flashlight!!!

Talk about a versed tool. For up close and long range you cannot go wrong with this. The programmable functions are actually useful. Being able to change those settings quickly is super dope! The build quality of Weltool is just spectacular. If you need something that can illuminate everything up close and spot something far away. This is it!!

Great light for patrol work

I work as a police officer and I specifically bought this light for work. I wanted a light that could be bright enough at a distance to expose detail and cut through barriers like headlights and tint, but still function well when clearing tight quarters. I've been using this on the job for almost a month now and it's already proven to be exactly what I was looking for. I run the light on setting A, so a light tap and hold at full power is perfect for cutting through headlights and tint, a full press puts the light on high which is right for most occasions, and a light tap while on switches to low so I don't get blinded looking into a bag or small compartment during a search. Time will tell on durability and longevity, but based on reviews from others I've read this shouldn't be an issue.

Christopher S.
Dependability plus Rugged build quality

I purchased this T12 to fill in a vacancy for my
Weltool flashlight 🔦 usage.
The flashlight is extremely robust for an 18650 flashlight, but delivers incredible brightness, distance, and economic versatility with that size battery.

Stephen R.
Incredible tactical light! Very well built

Incredible Beam with perfect spill!

Edward P.
Amazed at the performance

This Weltool T12 is absolutely perfect. The beam, the spill and the settings. I chose the B-setting because It was exactly what I wanted. I own many flashlights and each one is different in there own way and are used for different purposes. I have to say that this is honestly all you will need. Almost like a THROWER with a Floodish Spill. I could not be happier with this light. Weltool is AMAZING.