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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Weltool LH8 Light Head

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by Weltool

Weltool LH8 Light Head


This LH8 light head is compatible with Weltool W65/W35 body, also compatible with SF MH60DF and MH62 body, can use one 3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable battery, or 2*CR123A lithium battery (the output will be reduced), anodized in black, FDE, ODG and other colors are available. And there are two kinds of LED optional, 5700K and 6500K color temperature.

It is recommended to use Weltool TC70 tail cap and Weltool UB18-30P, PB18-30P high drain battery to ensure full power output.


Material: aluminum alloy, surface anodized (Black and FDE, OD green and other colors are optional)

Light source: high power white light X-LED



CCT 5700K 6500K
Battery Type* 18650 18350 2*CR123A 18650 18350 2*CR123A
Light Output
1250 lumens 1165 lumens 456 lumens 1750 lumens 1600 lumens 558 lumens
Beam intensity 83900 cd 80000 cd
35600 cd 77000 cd
62800 cd 27200 cd
Distance 633yd 617yd
412yd 605yd 547yd 359yd
Runtime 1.5h
1.25h 1.5h
*Using Weltool UB18-30P/ UB18-12P Li-ion battery or Panasonic/ Duracell CR123A lithium battery, the data obtained from outdoor ventilation environment testing.


With polarity protection

With low battery reminder function, battery over-discharge protection function (only when using rechargeable lithium-ion battery)

No flicker, no noise, and temperature control protection

Double-sided AR-coated tempered glass lens

Each light has a unique serial number

Head diameter:31.5mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nate b.

Exceeded all expectations

Joseph H.
Awsome product!!

To be honest wasn’t really sure about Weltool at first. Now that I’ve got one…. Man it packs a punch. Especially for the price point.

Mark P.
Very impressive

This light head does exactly as advertised. It's probably the best all around light head for anything from short range, out to 600+ yards. Very happy with my purchase

Awesome WML

I originally had the LH1 head with the W35 body (18350 battery), but was underwhelmed overall. It had a great hot spot, but not enough spill. I then purchased the W65 body (larger 18650 battery) which helped some and increased run time, but still was nowhere as good as my Cloud Defensive REIN. Fortunately, Weltool did their homework and came out with this LH8 head in both 5700k and 6500k form. They are way better than the LH1 and are as good as or better than the REIN. And considering they are cheaper than Cloud Defensive while still maintaining quality construction and performance, I would say they are definitely worth it. I purchased both the 5700k associated with the W65B nomenclature, as well as the 6500k (W65C). For indoor use mounted on a home defense weapon, I would recommend the 6500k because it has more lumens, more spill, and lights up the room more overall. For outdoor use for longer distances, the 5700k might be better because it has more candella and a brighter hot spot, and therefore more ability to light up a particular object at distance. Either way, they are both similar and you can’t go wrong. Personally, I like the 6500k for the distances I use it when handheld (less than 150 feet) and the red dot sight I use when its WML is sighted well within its broader hot spot at closer distance. Great lights 5/5. Killzone also has amazing customer service and great shipping, this is a fantastic company!