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Weltool LH3 LEP Light Head

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Version: V3

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by Weltool

Weltool LH3 LEP Light Head

Weltool manufactures some high-quality light heads that can be adapted to other flashlights, and the Weltool LH3 is no exception. The LH3 is a new LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) light head, offering Weltool’s exquisite design with Surefire M600DF compatibility along with some much-loved features, such as the double-sided anti-reflection coating lens, reverse polarity protection, over-discharger protection, and low voltage warning feature.

The Weltool LH3 light head can be paired with the Surefire M600DF. It can also use the Weltool W35 18350 weapon light body or the W65 18650 light head body. Despite weighing just 91 grams, this small LEP flashlight head packs up to 335 lumens and 196,275 candela with a peak distance of 886 meters. The significant throw distance gives the beam plenty of reach, while its maximum battery life ensures enough usage time.

The Weltool LH3 light head uses a unique LEP light emitter with no virtually no spill light. This keeps the light intensity as high as possible and maintains brightness for longer.

It produces a steady, concentrated, and even output. The Weltool LH3 light head has great throw capability, highly collimated beam which can penetrate dust, smoke, and rainstorm to blind an attacker temporarily but does not expose team members or interfere with their sight due to the tight beam and lack of spill light.

The LH3 has a solid and durable hard-anodized aluminum construction. Battery life is much better than an average flashlight will output. The lowest light output setting will go 50 minutes with a rechargeable 18350 Li-Ion battery. The Weltool LH3 can also be powered by a single 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a maximum run time of 2.7 hours.

And if all that wasn’t enough already, the Weltool LH3 LEP light head has an innovative low voltage warning function instead of a power indicator, making it more stealthy.

The Weltool LH3 LEP light head is ideal for special forces training and operations. Not only is the LH3 LEP light head great for law enforcement and military operations, but it is also perfect for target shooters who want to hone their nighttime skills. The LH3 LEP flashlight head is designed with compatibility in mind giving you the ability to mount the light head in different configurations which will all let you see at great distances, no matter the time of night.

With superior light on target luminance, contrast, and high throw distances, the Weltool LH3 is definitely a product that’s worth having at any time.

** This is for the Weltool LH3 head only and is not a complete flashlight.  **

Note: V2 version is more suitable for SF MH60DF and MH62 light body. Slight size adjustment for better fitment.

Battery: 1 18650 or 18350 Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (not included).

Using multiple rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or 2 x CR123A will damage the LH3. 

  • Aluminum alloy CNC processed, the surface is hard oxidized
  • Output: 335 lumens, 196,275 candela
  • Run-time:  2.7hours @18650 battery (UB18-35) ,
  •  50minutes @18350 battery(UB18-12)
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • No PWM, no noise, and temperature control protection function
  • Double-sided anti-reflection coating tempered glass lens
  • Dimensions: (diameter) 32.5mm, (length) 67mm,
  • Weight: 91±0.5g
  • Included: LP32 protective cover


Weltool LH3 Compatible Accessories



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John L.J.
Mix and Match (LEP)

Love the way you can mix and match different light heads and bodies and tailcaps to get the right LEP combo setup needed for its purpose.
Highly recommend this light head for those that want a hotspot beam

Freaking laser beam..

This light is legit, you can easily see 400 yards with a dark night and a good optic. Talked my buddies into buying some too!

Powerful long range light

The lh3 head is longer than my other led heads like surefire and modlite, but the beam is very powerful for long range use. I like the fact that is doesn’t generate as much heat as led makes it more energy efficient so I’m happy with this product.

Throw For Days

I wanted to have white light on my MK12 in case my my MAWL was being missed by my teammates. I wanted to have something there was no way they could miss when I light up an area. This does that and then some. The throw and hot spot are both amazing. If you put this light on someone, you’d steal their visual horizon in a fairly unpleasant way. I mean, I imagine. I’m sure as hell not going to look at it to try it out. Great purchase if you want a white light that can reach out to crazy distances.

Allison H.
Baby can you light my 960+ yards

This is the absolute top of the line light you can purchase!

Taste the fu&cking sun

This is as close to to a weapon-mounted lightsaber as you can get

Nick L.
Almost too good.

Extremely bright and focused weapon light, head.

Only down side I can say is the low battery function (three blinks and turns off) occurs when the battery gets to 70 ish percent charge. So you really only get a short life out of even 18650 batteries. But it’s also not a light you’ll have on for hours.