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Weltool LH18 LEP Light Head

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by Weltool

Weltool LH18 LEP Light Head

The LH18 is a revolutionary product, it is a LEP light head with a spill beam, which has a beam intensity specific to LEP light sources, and also a spill similar to an LED beam at a distance, with a beam intensity of 175,000 candela and an output of 630 lumens . This LEP beam with spill, pioneered by Weltool, is more conducive to long-range shooting, with more visible area in the distance than traditional LEP lights, and less interference light at close range, it is not easy to expose your surrounding environment or Teammates, it is also beneficial for the shooter to avoid spilling light to illuminate surrounding objects or plants and affect the vision when shooting prone or kneeling. Similarly, it is also suitable for the shooter to maintain situational awareness when entering narrow passages. This low lumen high candela beam combines the respective advantages of LEP and LED, pioneered by Weltool.

Weltool LH18 LEP Light Head Features:

Aluminum alloy material, hard anodized

PMMA optical lens, coated tempered glass lens

Using high power white light LEP light source, color temperature 6000-6500K



Battery Type 18650 18350
Light Output 630 lumens 600 lumens
Beam Intensity 175,000 candela 175,000 candela
Beam Distance 836m 836m
Runtime 50min 25min


The above data is obtained from Weltool 3000mAh 18650  li-ion battery and 1200mAh 18350 li-ion battery. 

This light head features protection against battery over-discharge, protection against improper battery polarity, and a reminder function for low voltage.  It exibits neither a flicker nor a noise.

The Weltool LH18 uses one high-drain, rechargeable Li-Ion battery operating at 3.6V or 3.7V; CR123A batteries are not compatible and may damage the light head.

The diameter of the LH18 LEP light head is 29mm

It is advised that you use the Weltool TC70 tail cap, which is compatible with the Weltool W35/W65 weapon light body and the surefire M600DF scout light (Can handle 10A current to ensure full power output of LH18)

It is possible to make a T14L hand-held LEP light by combining this with the body of the Weltool BB18 hand-held light and the TC20 tail cap.


Weltool Compatibility Diagram

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Frikkin Lazer Beams

Used this head on both a PL350 body and a W65 body and it's a damn lightsaber. Dimmer for sure on the PL350 w/Modlite 18350 battery but still able to see steel silhouettes out to 100y with it and was able to clearly illuminate steel at 150y and make hits with a 30q 18650 in humid conditions and even barely illuminated a steel silhouette at approx. 325y (but didn't have enough light splash to see it through an optic). Held up well under 556 recoil.

John L.J.
LH18 LEP with Spill

LH18 Head LEP with spill has a very useful output of 630 lumens and175,000 candela
Very portable and a handy EDC
LEP lights are the way to go for those seeking long range beams

LH18 Head

OKW killer *with the right setup.*

I monted an LH18 to a Modlite 18650 body and tried to use a DS00 tailcap with a Modlite Modbutton and 2 different fully charged 3500mAh 18650 batteries. The results were disappointing and only the button on the DS00 worked, the Modbutton had reduced output and blinked on and off. Weltool informed me their clicky cap is the recommended tailcap.

With that setup, it has usable spill and an amazing hotspot and throw that is noticeably more intense than an OKW. This will be used on my work rifle and I may upgrade my handheld as well.