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Weltool – High-Lumen LED Flashlights and LEP Flashlights

With a focus on dependability and safety, Weltool manufactures long-distance LEP Flashlights and high-lumen LED flashlights for practical usage and if you need something with more reach you can't beat their white laser LEP flashlight. Policemen, outdoorsmen, hunters, fire and rescue workers, military members, industrial workers, and anyone with the need for a powerful and reliable light will find their products top-notch. Replaceable parts and sturdy materials like stainless steel and aluminum give these lights longevity while light settings and tactical clips allow for adjustability. Along with the intuitive design, Weltool’s illumination gear is tested and meets industry certifications such as RoHS, CE, FCC, WEEE, and EX.

Check out our selection of Weltool high-lumen LED flashlights and LEP flashlights below. You’ll never need another flashlight.

Weltool W65B/W65C "Metal Lancer" Weapon lights

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W65B/W65C is a high luminous flux, high luminous intensity weapon light, W65B luminous flux 1250 lumens, beam throwing distance 633yd, luminous in...

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Weltool W35B/W35C Weapon Mounted Light

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The W35B/W35C is a compact weapon light, using a 18350 lithium-ion battery. The W35B is a throwing beam, 5700K color temperature, 80,000 candela. ...

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