Game Drag - Green/Black/White Camo

Keep the fleas and ticks off of you with this game drag! Shoot a mangy coyote and don't really want to carry or touch it? What about a big ole stinky hog? This green/black/white camo game drag will help in these cases as it can be used to carry out coyotes, deer, hogs, predators or turkeys from the field. Simply, push the paracord through the loop and around the animals foot or neck and then drag with the thick braided portion or put it over your shoulder. With 4 loops on each side you can even carry multiple animals out at the same time! The braided portion of the drag is one inch wide in the middle and then narrows down to 3/4 of an inch. The total braided portion of this game drag is 16 inches and the straps with heavy duty rings measures around 23 inches in length.

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