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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Manker Flashlights

Mankerlight, a company founded by two talented and experienced engineers with a passion for outdoor recreation and innovative flashlight technology, has made significant strides in the LED flashlight market since its inception six years ago. Originating in China's torch club, the largest LED flashlight forum in the country, the founders first established themselves by collaborating with forum members to create their debut product: the Forum Flashlight. Despite initially being dubbed "big idiot" by members, this product was eventually accepted for its reliability and stability. Their growth continued with the development of the Manker Godmes, which boasted innovative new features, such as being the first flashlight to connect to a mobile phone app. Today, Manker has expanded from its modest beginnings as a team of two engineers to an experienced and skilled team that manages research and development, quality control, marketing and sales, CNC, and assembly factory. With a relentless spirit of innovation and dedication to satisfying market needs, Manker is committed to delivering unparalleled performance in the flashlight space.
  • Manker Striker Mini Titanium EDC Flashlight

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    Manker Striker Mini Titanium EDC Flashlight 1. Compact Size, Lightweight for Perfect Everyday Carry - Length is 4.0 inches (102 mm) and weighs on...

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