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Lumintop GT Nano

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Lumintop GT Nano Flashlight


GT Nano is the 10180 battery version in the classic BLF GT family. It is a super tiny yet ultra throw keychain flashlight. With a length of 52.5mm and 17g in weight, this tiny flashlight can burst into a max of up to 450 lumens output and up to 300 meters amazing throw. The included 10180 Li-ion battery and a Micro USB charger allow the flashlight ready to use and easy to be charged. Defaulted smooth ramping UI, optional advance settings, IPX-8 waterproof, GT Nano is a must-have for your EDC collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jason O.
Wow can this thing T H R O W!

It was one of those, "eh, why not" purchases I made after a few glasses of wine, but I am very impressed at this little guy's ability to THROW. dang! Granted, the battery life isn't the best, but that's not the point. For sheer "wow" factor alone, this is worth the price. Call it a keychain light, fine. This keychain light is really powerful and gets the job done. I'm glad I bought it.

Wife says ANOTHER ONE ???

Here's how to justify ANOTHER ONE...
Show her how distraught you are and then show her the GT Nano and tell her
you just pulled it of your pant pocket in the dryer. (Can you pull off a tear or two?)
Then show her the shrunken little cutie still works ! And look how well it works !!
O M G She'll say. You'll say maybe one day some genius can make one just this size and
quietly walk away ...
'til the next purchase fellas

ricky r.
Little power thrower

I got on the waiting list for the original BLF GT and have been a fan ever since so naturally I had to get this tiny little version as well. Like the original it immediately brought a huge smile to my face once I turned it on. It is unbelievable how this tiny little light can project a beam so far! Every single person I have shown this little pocket rocket to has wanted one and of course I recommend they buy theirs at Killzone. The ONLY drawback is the obvious one. A light with this much power will not have a lot of run time on it’s tiny 10180 battery so even though the optional 10440 battery tube takes away some of the “cuteness” I do recommend buying it and a couple of 10440 cells if you are going to use it for extended periods. They increase run times by about 4x and actually increases the power output a little. The tiny tube is plenty good for showing it off several times though. This picture supplied is the little Nano easily hitting a tree 100 yards away!

Coy J.
It does what it was designed for.

It's a light that you show to your friends and say watch this.

Sean M.
Powerful but not practical

This little light is on my keychain and makes for a good conversation piece.

What I like:
- At night it will throw pretty far
- Beam is tight with little spill
- People are always shocked after I turn the light on and then they see what I'm holding.

What I Dislike
- Obviously battery life for such a small light will not last long. I purchased an extra battery and a keychain pill holder that fits the battery just right.

- The finish is already showing wear, with scuff marks from my other keys, revealing the grey.

- The red light is barely visible thru the button membrane. I thought it just wasn't working until I noticed I had to hold it at a very specific angle to see any glimpse of the red.

- The button membrane too easily easily comes off when pulling it out of your pocket due to the friction of pants and the rubber material. (I was actually warned about this by another owner but didn't believe it.) The button is not even attached, it is just tucked in around the edges. One night I got home and saw the button missing which left no way to operate the light. Fortunately I searched the pockets of the last pair of shorts I was wearing, found the little membrane piece and tucked it back in, adding a touch of krazy glue to make sure it doesn't fall off again. (I really don't know how this is IPX8 rated when the button cover has a small lip that just tucks under the fitting to hold it in place.

That being said, I still like this light. It actually makes me want a larger version of it, like the Mini or Micro. It would be nice to have an optional longer tube which could house 2 batteries for longer life.

If $40 doesn't break the bank, you should definitely add this to your collection. Just be careful when pulling it out of your tight pockets, and the rubber button will stick from friction and come off, leaving no way to turn the light on or off, which will render it useless.