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Lumintop Flashlights Lumintop EDC18 Copper
Lumintop Flashlights Lumintop EDC18 Copper
Lumintop Flashlights Lumintop EDC18 Copper
Lumintop Flashlights Lumintop EDC18 Copper

Lumintop EDC18 Copper

$ 89.95
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Plumbin K. (The Bronx, US)

Don't buy this flashlight it comes with no battery and when I bought a battery for this flash light it doesn't work. And costumer service dont even care to replay because of this issue this flashlight is way to expensive for a garbage waste of money that won't even work

The listing notes that a battery is not included and most, if not all, Lumintop products do not come with a battery. We have no record of you reaching out to us for assistance. We have replied here and privately to try and assist you.

Thomas E. (McDonough, US)
Roll of old pennies!

I absolutely love the Lumintop EDC-18 in copper! It resides in my copper flashlight collection as one of my top favorites. The weight of this model is a roll of old pennies, but that's one of the charming things I enjoy about these copper model flashlights. It is a little hefty for true EDC carry, but as an occasional rotation option, I don't mind the extra weight. It's also taking a great patina. As a side note, the copper model EDC-18, doesn't have the magnetic tail cap. Two reasons for this: Sheer weight of this model, and copper + magnets = a funky relationship! (Magnetic field doesn't reliably pass through a copper surface) Also enjoy the UI features.

David D. (Ronkonkoma, US)
Copper edc18

Awesome flashlight love the nichia leds they really are easy on your eyes and colors look amazing. Would definitely buy again 👍🏻

Stephen R. (Tampa, US)
A thing of beauty!

I bought this for my wife. She saw me looking at it online and and said, "I WANT THAT!" So, she got it. Being copper, it's quite heavy for its size, but is perfect for her to carry in her bag. It puts out a ton of light for its size. Other than that, it's Lumintop quality, it's Anduril versatility, and it's Killzone fast shipping. Need I say more???

Sean B. (Port Washington, US)
Quality Torch

Lumintop lights are great and this hunk of copper is a powerful pocket torch.
First purchase from Killzone and service is great. Found a new edc stove I love.

William W. (Aubrey, US)
Great flashlight

I was trying to put together a copper edc and the lumintop edc 18 is a great add on to my edc is super bright I love it.

Matt D. (Clermont, US)
EDC18... a copper edc beauty!

Beautiful torch... the copper gives it some weight but don’t really notice in the pocket. Andruil UI takes some time getting used to but is a blast once you do, and nothing else compares. Been using it for 3 weeks now and already getting a nice patina. The diffuser and glow gasket that’s included is a nice bonus too!

Ken V. (Ponchatoula, US)
Great light!

Copper EDC18 does NOT have a magnetic tail! Great light though. Quick delivery!

We have updated the listing and will reach out to Lumintop and see if they can update their listing as well.