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Free USPS domestic shipping for orders over $49.99

LEP Flashlights

Unlike LED flashlights, an LEP flashlight uses a laser as its light source. These types of flashlights are known to emit powerful beams with incredible range. Still, they lack any spill light at all - which makes them perfect for searching dark areas thousands of meters away or illuminating objects up to great distances without flooding your surrounding area in excess spill light! When you compare the beam of an LEP flashlight with a regular LED light, you'll notice that the hotspot is exceptionally tight. But even at a longer distance, the hotspot stays really small, unlike the average LED flashlight. They are great for use in industrial settings, search and rescue or just having fun with friends. When you need an LEP flashlight, it's time to get serious. You want one that will last for years and still be powerful enough to light your way on the most severe adventures. Our dedication to quality shines through in every one of the products we carry. With each LEP flashlight comes incredible support, so you can feel confident ordering from us again and again! Do you have your perfect LEP flashlight yet? If not, browse through our selection today - we guarantee that there won't be any going back once you find yours!
  • Acebeam Flashlights Acebeam G10 Rail Mounted Light
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    Acebeam G10 Rail Mounted Light

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    Acebeam G10 Rail Mounted Light The ACEBEAM G10 'White Laser' lights is truly unique precise lighting, a massive reach, and very robust. Because of ...

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