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Killzone Flashlights Raptor Intensity Control Pro Kit

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Killzone Flashlights Raptor Intensity Control Pro Kit | Predator Hunting Light


What is included in the Killzone Flashlights Raptor Pro Kit? 

1.) One Killzone Flashlights Raptor intensity control zoomable flashlight capable of identifying hogs, coyotes, and varmints out to 365+ yards. Light up their eyes out further than that! Click the knob to turn on and then dial the knob to the desired brightness level.
2.) Two electrically potted LED modules in either red, green or white
3.) Two EVVA (Sanyo Core) protected 3500mAh 18650 lithium batteries
4.) Choice of single or dual 18650 battery configuration. (single displayed in pics)
5.) One XTAR MC4 USB smart charger with wall adapter and USB cable
6.) Universal rapid scope mount
7.) Velcro universal mount
8.) Regular tail cap switch
9.) AR Picatinny mount
10.) Scope to Picatinny adapter
11.) All of this in a Flambeau hard plastic case with sliding latches for protecting your investment

The Killzone Flashlights Raptor with intensity control is one of the brightest, most durable zoomable flashlights available on the market today. The Raptor is manufactured out of durable aircraft-grade aluminum which will stand up to a great deal of abuse when out in the field. The LED module that houses the LED and electronics is fully potted with a special epoxy commonly used in the aerospace industry to ensure that the Raptor can withstand the most extreme weapon recoil or shock from an accidental drop. The potting compound is poured into the LED module completely filling and covering all components, wires, and connections within the module. Once the potting compound solidifies around the wires and circuitry it ensures that the components, wires and solder connections within the module can never come loose or be damaged due to shock or by coming into contact with liquids.  

The Raptor can zoom from flood to spot with one full revolution of the flashlight head making it easy to adjust the intensity of the beam and the area that it illuminates. In addition to being able to adjust the beam, you can also increase or decrease the beam intensity by dialing the knob to the brightness level you desire. If you are in the market for a bright, durable hunting light that works great for hunting hogs, predators or varmints on the darkest nights this is the light for you!  With the red led module, you can expect full body illumination at up to 365 yards and up to 450 yards with the green LED module. With the Raptor attached to your favorite rifle or shotgun, the hunting does not stop when the sun goes down! You will be prepared to go after and get more hogs, predators, and varmints by adding this flashlight to your arsenal! 

So why should you purchase the pro package over the other light packages we offer or others available on the market? The Raptor is not only durable with it's electrically potted LED module it is also one of the brightest LED hunting lights on the market. It is capable of zooming in and out with one complete revolution of the head to either produce a tightly focused beam that can identify game out to 365+ yards or widen up the beam to light up a large area and reduce the beam intensity. This package will come with two LED modules in either red, green or white so you can be ready to hunt hogs or predators on the darkest nights. The EVVA 3500mAh (Sanyo core) batteries included in this kit have more capacity than the batteries included with the standard kit. When the Raptor in a dual battery configuration it will run from 2 to 30 hours depending on the brightness level you use. With the pro kit, we upgrade the charger to an XTAR MC4 4-slot USB smart charger. The XTAR MC4 is a 4 port lithium-ion battery charger with many advanced features. The MC4 input port is based on the Micro USB port so it is compatible with cords you may already own. This is very handy in case you lose the original cord! The MC4 is compatible with any 5V USB power supply so you can easily use this at home while plugged into a wall USB power outlet or even in the car with a USB car charger. The MC4 can even be powered by solar panels while you are outdoors!  The MC4 is compact but is still able to charge 3.6/V3.7V Li-Io, IMR, INR, ICR batteries in sizes 10440,14500, 14650, 16340, 17335, 17500, 17760, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18700, 21700, 22650, 25500 and 26650. The MC4 intelligently adjusts the charging current after placing the batteries in the charger. When 4 batteries are charged at the same time it will charge each battery at 0.5A and when using slot 1 or 4 it can charge up to 1A. XTAR chargers and EVVA batteries are well known within the flashlight community for high quality and safety and we believe you will agree after putting them to use. In addition to the amazing flashlight with intensity control, extra LED module, higher capacity batteries and smart charger we also include many different options for mounting the light to various weapon configurations and include a very nice Flambeau case with sliding latches to store and protect your new gear! 


Customer Reviews

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Doug D.

Awesome light

Russell M.
Russell review

Yes verified

Travis S.
Awesome products

Light works great, no flaws whatsoever. Have really enjoyed warm white and red both! There are alot of great lights on the market now days, but these are the best I've used by far. Also Jody, you're top notch on customer service! Bought another one to have one to scan with and one to leave on my gun