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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Killzone Flashlights Punisher Flashlight

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Killzone Flashlights Punisher Flashlight | Predator Hunting Light


The Killzone Flashlights Punisher is an amazing, bright, durable, zoomable hog and predator hunting flashlight that is also compact in size. The Punisher is manufactured out of durable air-craft grade aluminum which will stand up to a great deal of abuse when out in the field. The LED module that houses the LED and electronics is fully potted with a special epoxy commonly used in the aerospace industry to ensure that the Punisher can withstand the most extreme weapon recoil or shock from an accidental drop. The potting compound is poured into the LED module completely filling and covering all components, wires, and connections within the module. Once the potting compound solidifies around the wires and circuitry it ensures that the components, wires, and solder connections within the module can never come loose or be damaged due to shock or by coming into contact with liquids.

The Punisher can zoom from flood to spot with one full revolution of the flashlight head making it easy to adjust to the intensity of the beam and the area that it illuminates. In addition to being able to adjust the beam, you can also increase or decrease the beam intensity by cycling between the low, medium, and high modes. If you are in the market for a bright, durable predator hunting light or hog hunting light that is compact the Punisher is for you! We also have an optional pressure switch for this light so you can attach it to your bow. With the red led module you can expect full body illumination at up to 250 yards with the red LED, 350 yards with the green LED module, and up to 400 yards with the infrared LED module combined with a night vision scope. With the Punisher attached to your favorite rifle or shotgun, the hunting does not stop when the sun goes down! You will be prepared to go after and get more hogs, predators, and varmints by adding this flashlight to your arsenal!


What is included?

1.) One Killzone Flashlights Punisher zoomable flashlight in one of the color options available. Batteries will need to be purchased separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason K.
Punisher Light

Exactly what I was looking for. Small compact design can be easily mounted on a rifle. We have several Killzone scan Lights that we use for varmint hunting. The Punisher was the perfect light to add to our rifles. This light illuminated the scope reticle as well as the intended target. I am extremely satisfied with the product quality and the customer service from Killzone.

Jack P.
Punisher flashlight

Love my light. Currently I own a Killzone sniper hog fox pro and wicked and I’ll pick my Killzone punisher over all the others. Not only is it brighter but the warm white seems to be a lot more effective than the brighter white beams on the others, in regards to not blinding animals coming in. On top of that their customer service is unmatched I messed up and ordered the wrong light and Jody had me a new one in my mailbox the next day

Mike R.
Easy ordering and timely shipping

Seems to be a good product. And what I was expecting for the most part. Would have liked it to include the batteries.