Killzone Flashlights Night Owl Headlamp Standard Kit

The Killzone Flashlights Night Owl Headlamp is an amazing headlamp that is sure to be a valuable tool in any hunters arsenal! While this headlamp was designed with the hog, predator and coon hunters in mind any outdoorsman that needs a hands free light that is also capable of shining very long distances will find this headlamp useful. The headlamp is built with interchangeable LED modules so you can easily change between a red, green or white LED depending on need or type of hunting you plan on doing. While using any of the color led modules you should expect to get full body illumination out to 200+ yards. This headlamp kit comes with two EVVA 2600mAh batteries which are highly regarded as some of the most trusted lithium-ion batteries available. With a fully charged set of these batteries you will get 3 hours of runtime on high, 9.5 hours on medium and 20 hours on low. If you already own or plan to purchase a Killzone Flashlights based light the batteries in this kit will also work with you flashlight. The housing for the LED module is made of a high strength aluminum to protect the LED module and the core electronics in the battery pack have been electrically potted to increase the durability of the headlamp.   


What is included in standard kit?

1.) One Killzone Flashlights Night Owl Headlamp with either a red or green low>med>hi LED module
2.) Two EVVA (Samsung Core) 2600mAh 18650 lithium battery
3.) One dual channel XTAR MC2 18650 USB battery charger. USB adapters sold separately.
4.) One Flambeau hard case with sliding latches and custom foam to protect and store the headlamp and accessories.


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