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Fenix HM61R Headlamp

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by Fenix

Fenix HM61R Headlamp

The Fenix brand concentrates on providing reliable and high-performance flashlights worldwide. In the H series of headlamps, the Fenix HM61R model stands out from the rest because of its incredible features. This multi-functional headlamp doubles as a headlamp and a flashlight. It emits a maximum lumens output of 1200 and a distance of 145 meters to provide powerful lighting performance. The Fenix flashlight features dual light sources of red and white lights. Anyone can operate the HM61R headlamp efficiently because it has an easy-to-use side switch. Achieve hands-free operation because you can attach the flashlight ferromagnetic metal surfaces with the magnetic tail making it useful for a wide range of light demands. The IP68 rating and rugged aluminum body of the Fenix HM61R light with a 2-meter drop rating make the headlamp fantastic for industrial lighting. Other notable features include charging indicators, USB magnetic charging, and a large switch for easy activation.

Fenix HM61R Headlamp Easy Operation

On/ off: Hold the large switch on the side for about half a second if you want to switch the headlamp on. It lights up to the previous output level in the white light mode. If you press and hold the switch on the side with the lamp off, it lights up to low output in the red light mode. If you press and hold the same switch for half a second once more, it will turn off the lamp.

Output Selection: You can navigate through various output selections in the red and white mode. If you click the side switch once on the white light mode, you can cycle through Eco-Low-Med-High-Turbo. If you do the same in the red light mode, you can cycle through Red Low-Red Med-red Flash.

Mode Switching: If you want to switch the mode with the lamp on, press and then hold the large side switch for about 1.2 seconds. Then you can select red or white mode.

Lockout Function: With the lamp off, click the side switch twice, and the lamp blinks thrice on Eco in the white light mode. This shows it is locked. To unlock it, click the side switch twice to activate the lamp. It will blink thrice in the Eco white light and then activate to Low in the white light mode.

Intelligent memory circuit: The Fenix HM61R light remembers that last output you had selected apart from the red light mode. When you switch it on again, it goes to the previous output in the Low white light mode.

Fenix HM61R Battery

The Fenix HM61R rechargeable headlamp uses a Fenix 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries. It also has Luminus SST40 red and white LEDs offering up to 50,000 hours lifespan and 1000 lumens. For battery replacements, unscrew and remove the battery cover. Insert the new battery, maintaining the anode side to the inner side. After inserting the battery, put on the battery cover. It has a reverse polarity feature for battery protection against wrong insertion. The Fenix HM61R light also has a battery level indicator. So, you don't have to guess the amount of charge remaining on the. HM61R. The HM61R battery indicator displays the battery status automatically for 3 seconds.

· Green constant on- Saturated 100% - 85%

· Green flashes- Sufficient 85% - 50%

· Red constant on- Poor 50% - 25%

· Red flashes- critical 25% - 1%

Fenix HM61R Headlamp Magnetic Charging

Connect the charging cable's USB port to a power source. Ensure the charging cable's magnetic end is close to the HM61R headlamp's charging port. The charging cable automatically attaches to the charging port on the HM61R, and the headlamp begins to charge. You can use the HM61R headlamp while it is still charging, but the HM61R will take longer to charge. The standard charging time for the battery is 4 hours from depletion to complete charging. When charging the HM61R, you will notice some indicators adjacent to the charging port. If the red light is constantly on, the battery is not fully charged. If it lights green constantly, it is fully charged. If you store your headlamp, at least charge the battery every four months. This is crucial in maintaining the required battery performance.

Fenix HM61R Headlamp Hands-Free Operation

The HM61R headlamp features a magnetic tail that keeps your hands free. This tail attaches firmly to ferromagnetic metal surfaces to suit your needs. It is also packed with a sturdy body clip. You can clip the headlamp on your chest to work as a chest lamp.

Low Voltage Warning

Fenix HM61R senses a critical battery level in the current output, the indicator flashes. This reminds you to recharge the lamp or replace the battery immediately to ensure proper function and prevent damage to the battery.

Intelligent Protection

Like any headlamp, the HM61R accumulates more heat after using it for a longer time. When the temperature reaches 65 degrees C or more, it automatically goes down by a few lumens for protection purposes. When the temperature goes down, it gradually returns to the output.

Use and Maintenance

Taking care of your Fenix USB rechargeable headlamp provides reliability and longevity. The manufacturer recommends using only the Fenix 18650 battery. If you do not intend to use the headlamp for longer, remove the battery to protect the lamp electrolyte damages. When the O-ring is worn out due to long-term use, replace it to maintain a good water seal.

From time to time, clean the battery contacts to enhance the lamp's functionality. This prevents dirty contacts that lead to poor illumination.


This is a quality headlamp suitable for industrial lighting. It is made of aluminum and PC material to provide durable performance. It has an impact resistance of 2 meters and a waterproof IP68 rating of 2 meters underwater.


1. Only use quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

2. You should handle rechargeable Li-ion batteries with care because they are powerful and ideal for commercial applications.

3. Do not disassemble the sealed head because it can make the warranty void.

4. The headlamp utilizes high-intensity lighting, which can cause eye damages if you shine it directly to a person's eyes.

Fenix HM61R Headlamp Specifications

· Magnetic charging

· Large side switch

· Fenix 18650 rechargeable battery or two CR123A batteries

· Luminus SST40 red and white LEDs

· Battery level indicator

· Reverse polarity protection

· Intelligent memory circuit

· Premium quality Construction

· Magnetic tail

· Digitally regulated circuit

Impressive Features

· It is easy to operate

· Dual light sources

· Fast magnetic charging

· Large capacity battery

· Strong magnetic tail cap

· Lightweight and bright

What is included with the light?

The package includes the headlamp, a spare O-ring, magnetic charging cable, battery, headlamp mount. Hollow headband, warranty card, and a user manual.

Fenix HM61R Rechargeable Headlamp Summary 

Achieve the required illumination when handling your projects with this headlamp. The headlamp is multi-functional since you can clip it comfortably on your chest with the body clip. It also has a magnetic tail to allow hands-free operation. The powerful headlight is super-bright to meet all your lighting demands. The large side switch provides easy operation, and its premium quality construction ensures it can handle any working environment. It can maintain stable output with its digitally regulated circuit. With all these great features, this is your ideal flashlight/headlamp for great camping or industrial lighting.


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Customer Reviews

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Christopher W.
Pricey but good.

Has all the features you would expect at this price poin plus a few more. Headband works well and was comfortable. Bought it and took it on one camping trip. Seems to be durable. UI can be improved but is acceptable. On/off is easy to find and engage with thin gloves. Did not try thick gloves. Small and compact as others. Would recommend.