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Fenix HT18

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by Fenix

Fenix HT18 Long Range Rechargeable Flashlight 

If you’re in the market for a powerful hunting flashlight that won’t break the bank, you should buy the Fenix HT18 Long Range Rechargeable Flashlight. The Fenix HT18 long-range rechargeable flashlight which is designed for hunters and outdoors people, provides a powerful output with colored filters and a rechargeable battery, making it one of the best hunting flashlights on the market. It provides an impressive 1500 lumen output with the included 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery at a beam distance of 925 meters. It also features a strobe function to disorient an attacker. The HT18 is also perfect for mounting a weapon.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fenix HT18.

Fenix HT18 Specs 

• Model: HT18

• Cell: 21700 Or 18650

• LED: Cree XHP-35 HI LED

• Output: 1500 Lumens

• Flashing Mode: Strobe

• Max Beam Distance: 925 Meters

• Weight: 220 Grams (Excluding the Battery)

• Body Diameter: 27.5 Mm

• Head Diameter: 68 Mm

• Length: 184 Mm

• Reflector: Smooth Aluminum Reflector

• Switch Type: Side Switch, Tail Switch

• Construction: High-Strength and Oxidization-Resistant Aluminum

• Finish: Premium Type III Hard-Anodized Finish

• Waterproofing: IP68, 2 Meter Depth, and Dustproof

What’s In the Fenix HT18 Box?

Fenix HT18 Flashlight

• Fenix ARB L21-5000U USB 21700 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

• USB-C Charging Cable

• ALF 18 Battery Holder

• Red Light filter adapter offering the ability to change the beam color

• Green light filter adapter offering the ability to change the beam color

• Holster

• Lanyard

• Spare O-ring

• Spare Rubber-Switch Boot

• User Manual

• Warranty

Fenix HT18 1500 Lumens Hunting Flashlight 

The Fenix HT18 hunting flashlight emits a max of 1500 lumens at a beam distance of 925 meters, delivering long-range visibility for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts of different levels. It provides an impressive beam throw, and its focused beam will impress every hunter and outdoor enthusiast.

It is small and compact, unlike many other flashlights. Many long-range searchlights often use two or more 18650 batteries, but the HT18 is quite small and comes with a 21700 Li-ion battery. It has a sleek design that makes it a great hunting light or an outdoor light.

Fenix flashlights are very durable, and the HT18 is no exception. It boasts an aluminum alloy construction and a hard-anodized finish, so you don’t have to worry about the flashlight not lasting for long. It is impact-resistant and is water-resistant up to a standard rating of IP68. That is what you need with a rechargeable hunting flashlight. This light also has a double spring design to ensure that the battery is properly held.

HT18 Flashlight Accessories

Another exciting thing about the H18 hunting flashlight is its accessories. Many hunting flashlights have standard accessories such as a holster, spare rubber boot, spare O-ring, lanyard, and a charging cable.

The Fenix HT18 1500 Lumen LED flashlight includes a few other accessories, so you will get every accessory you need for your hunting missions. This flashlight includes the aforementioned standard accessories, but you also get much more, including a battery carrier, a 2100 battery, a green filter, and a red filter. You’ll be pleased with this hunting flashlight because it includes convenient accessories designed for hunting. With many other models, you have to buy such accessories separately.

Fenix HT18 Performance

The Fenix HT18 hunting flashlight offers an amazing level of performance in a small and compact package. It uses a powerful Cree XHP35 HI LED and delivers up to 1500 lumens with a beam distance of a staggering 925 meters. With its digitally controlled circuitry, this Fenix flashlight maintains constant illumination without flickering or dimming.

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the included green and red light filters to ensure visibility in dark areas without frightening prey. The Fenix HT18 will be your new favorite hunting flashlight.

How to Operate the Fenix HT18

It is straightforward to use The HT18. It features a tactical tail switch with on and off functions. It also has a side switch to cycle through the various brightness levels and includes a strobe mode. The user interface is also simple, which is standard with most Fenix Tactical lights.

Fenix HT18 21700 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Details

The Fenix HT18 comes with a high-capacity 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers up to 1500 lumens with strobe and turbo outputs. The 21700 Li-ion battery offers extended run times. The battery has a USB Type C charging cable, and the charge time is typically four hours.

And like other Fenix flashlights, the HT18 features over-discharge and overcharge protection to protect the battery. Reverse polarity protection helps to ensure the battery is inserted correctly.

The HT18 is also compatible with 18650 batteries. However, this leads to lower strobe and turbo outputs and reduced runtimes. You can enjoy longer runtimes by using the included 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The HT18 flashlight also includes a battery indicator with an LED on its side switch. This indicator should show you the battery level. If the battery indicator shows solid green, there’s 100% to 85% of the charge remaining. If the indicator is flashing green, there’s 85% to 50% of the charge remaining. If it shows solid red, you have 50% to 25% of the charge remaining. Lastly, if it shows flashing red, less than 25 percent of the charge remains, and you need to recharge your battery.


The Fenix HT18 rechargeable LED flashlight produces up to 1500 lumens at a beam distance of 925 meters, ensuring long-range visibility for your hunting and outdoor adventures.

With the HT18, you can enjoy a wide range of hunting activities. This light offers endless possibilities from hog hunting to coyote hunting with the included green and red filters and up to four brightness levels. This light is also straightforward to use. To turn it on, press the tail switch. Press the side switch to cycle through various brightness levels, and hold it to activate strobe mode.

Rated 1P68 waterproof grade, this light is also dustproof and impact resistant. The sturdy aluminum alloy construction makes the Fenix HT18 a dependable flashlight even in extreme weather.

The best thing about the Fenix HT18 is how complete this model is. It offers a wide range of accessories that can meet any hunting or outdoor need. The package includes all the accessories you need to operate the Fenix HT18, including a rechargeable battery, red & green filter adapters, and a USB-C charging cable. Its long-range beam can spot prey at long distances, making it a convenient hunting tool.


Related Questions

Is Fenix a Chinese company?

Yes, Fenix is a Chinese company that manufactures high-end lighting products. Fenix or ‘Phoenix’ means ‘the perfect thing’ In Chinese.

How do you charge a Fenix HT18?

Switch off the light and plug the USB cable into the power supply.

What is the longest range flashlight?

The Fenix HT18 is one of the longest range flashlights on the market.


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