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Eagletac GX30L2-R MKII SST70 Flashlight

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Eagletac GX30L2-R MKII SST70 LED Flashlight

Compact and powerful are the only words that come to mind when thinking about the brand-new Eagletac GX30L2-R SST70 LED flashlight. This new and enhanced version measures only 8.6 inches (220 mm) in length and produces a max output of 3100 lumens. What makes this nifty flashlight even more impressive is the searchlight beam distance of 531 meters. Unlike other models on the market, the new version of the GX30L2-R SST70 has outstanding features, such as a smooth aluminum reflector, a replacement glass lens, and a blue LED charge indicator. Other fantastic features are the Luminus SST70 LED and the 6800mAh rechargeable Lithium battery.

Despite its modest appearance, the Eagletac GX30L2-R SST70 torch provides incredible power and five brightness levels. The combination of size, weight, and incredible performance makes this bright professional-duty flashlight a great companion for camping, night walks, and everyday use. It weighs 9.9 ounces, which makes it easy to carry it along with you regardless of where your outdoor adventures take you.

Eagletac GX30L2-R MKII SST70 Powerful, Modern, Duty Light

The powerful and modern Eagletac GX30L2-R SST70 LED flashlight produces a fantastic light color, which produces great viability in low-light conditions. In combination with a smooth aluminum reflector, the GX30L2-R SST70 has an Anti-reflective (A.R) coating, which ensures 98% transparency in most situations while preventing reflections and color shadows.

Eagletac GX30L2-R MKII SST70 Durable, Rugged Design

It has a durable aerospace aluminum body with HAIII hard-anodized finish and a quick attachment clip for secure and hands-free usage. Its robust build meets the strict IPX-8 standard, which implies that the flashlight can be submerged in water over one meter deep for an extended period with no damage.

Eagtac GX30L2-R MKII SST70 Rechargeable Battery

This LED flashlight is powered by an ultra-modern Li-ion rechargeable battery type 18650 of 6800mAh, which comes with the set. The inclusion of a large battery allows over 200 hours of light operation in regular mode.

Eagletac GX30L2-R MKII SST70 Rechargeable Advantage

An advantage of the Eagletac GX30L2-R SST70 LED flashlight is the ability to charge the battery on the go via the 12v car charger or the provided USB charging cable. This means you don’t have to carry an extra charger with you during your adventures. This is one powerful flashlight for the money and would make any pro happy!


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