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Eagtac DX3B MKII

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Eagtac DX3B MKll Flashlight

The DX3B MKII is a compact pocket flashlight suitable for various applications. A protected 18350 lithium-ion battery powers the flashlight to a run time of 0.6 hours on the max output and up to 35 hours on the low output. The DX3B provides excellent illumination with the 3100 LED lumen from the Luminus SST70 LED. You can choose from five levels of brightness with the included side switch. The flashlight provides a total beam distance of 280 yards; it has a fast-charging micro-USB and a stainless steel double switch. The DX3B MKII innovative flashlight includes a user-friendly interface for easy operation. Apart from the flashlight, you get other items in the package, including a lanyard, spare or-rings, user manual, USB charging cable, nylon holster, tail cap, and a pocket clip.

Eagtac DX3B MKll Programmable Switch

The DX3B MKII flashlight has a programmable on/off switch for easy use. You move to MAX or the second-highest output by pressing the tail cap switch. Hold and click the tail cap to proceed to customized output or MIN.

The start-up level is programmable, where you can switch to the needed output level and keep holding the side switch for five seconds or more.

It includes a hidden auxiliary level where you can move through two output standards to enter. By pressing the button switch on the side, you can navigate through the five brightness levels.

Eagtac DX3B MKll Battery

The DX3B MKII flashlight uses a 18350 lithium-ion battery to provide reliable power for an extended period. It has a blue LED indicator on the side to display the battery capacity. The indicator shows the battery capacity by flashes. One flash indicates less than 15%, two flashes between 15%-40%, and three flashes between 40%-70%. Four flashes show it is less than 70%.

Note that the battery capacity report on the MAX level is lower because of the low overload voltage.

Eagtac DX3B MKll Charging

This DX3B MKII rechargeable LED Flashlight utilizes a built-in charging circuit, and you can charge it with any 5V USB charge and an optional USB 5V car charger.  

During charging, you can either choose to put off the tail cap in the ECO mode charging at 80% capacity. The other option is to put the tail cap on for 100% charging capacity. 

You can quickly tell the charging level because it includes a charging indicator. One flash shows less than 50% charging level. Two flashes indicate between 50%-75% charging level. Three flashes show less than 75%, and constant on means it is 100% done.

After charging, take out the charging power plug and turn off the tail cap switch. Wait for some seconds for the circuit to reset to the normal status.

If the battery is depleted and you force the flashlight in the high output mode, it blinks to alert you the battery cannot function on the high power mode. Therefore, you should go to the lower output and charge the battery immediately. 

Eagtac DX3B MKll Deep Reflector

A few things contribute to the throw of 280 yards. The flashlight is made with a multi-layered waterwhite glass lens with a coating on two sides. It also features a smooth aluminum reflector. 

Eagtac DX3B MKll Rechargeable LED Flashlight Construction

The construction of the EAGTAC DX3B MKII flashlight greatly matters, especially if you intend to use it outdoors. The flashlight’s body is made of hard-anodized aluminum for reliable and durable use.

It also includes quality components like the aluminum reflector and the coated lens for enhanced performance.

Eagtac DX3B MKll Specifications

  • 3100 LED lumens
  • 280 yards beam distance
  • Built-in rechargeable micro USB
  • IPX-8 waterproof rating
  • Aluminum reflector
  • Harden waterwhite glass lens 
  • 2.7V - 4.2V operating voltage
  • Weight of 108 grams 

Eagtac DX3B MKII Impressive Features 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Five brightness levels
  • Fast charging
  • Battery report system
  • Easy to carry with the pocket clip
  • Longer beam distance
  • High-performance battery
  • It is waterproof

Eagtac DX3B MKII Summary

This flashlight offers reliable lighting needs with a maximum lumen output of 3100. It provides up to five levels of brightness that you can choose from when using the on/off switch. It has a powerful battery to give reliable performance and longer runtime. Charging is easy with micro USB charging, and it takes less time for the battery to charge fully. The durable flashlight can handle extreme conditions outdoors. It is also waterproof, so no worries about water damages. This pocket flashlight will significantly meet your lighting requirements at work or outdoors.

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