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Free shipping on orders over $100!
Free shipping on orders over $100!

SKILHUNT MC10 Magnetic Charging Cable

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SKILHUNT MC10 Magnetic Charging Cable

MC-10 USB input requirements: 5V 1A, please select a full power adapter (5V-1A / 5V-1.5A / 5V-2A / 5V 3A can be used)

MC-10 charging current: 1A
Suitable for all series of M150 \ M200 \ M300 \ H04 RC \ 

The red light of the charging cable is full of blue light; please make sure that the tail cover is tightly connected during charging, and it is making good contact!

When the contact is poor or the battery voltage is high, the charging line indicator may light blue or may not indicate normally.

When the battery voltage is high, you can turn on the very bright charging line indicator and turn it to a red light, then turn off the torch to charge normally.


** This cable will only charge Skilhunt flashlights and headlamps. **

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bryant C.
Does what it is supposed to do.

Purchased with an M150 from KZ as an extra to keep in my suitcase. Works just like the one that came with the flashlight. I'm not a huge fan of proprietary cables, but this one seems like a decent design. The price seems reasonable, and I like that they use it for several models and the magnetic connection is nice. Best of all, in a worst case scenario where the cable(s) fail, I can remove the battery and charge the same way I did before I had the convenience of a magnetic cable until I can get another.

Garrett S.
Charging cable and headband replacement

Ordered a replacement Skilhunt MC10 Magnetic Charging Cable and HB3 Headlamp Headband for my Skilhunt H04 RC LED Headlamp. If you don't have one, this headlamp is incredible... long battery life, great light output, and super durable. I was very happy to find a replacement charger and headband so that I could continue to use my favorite light. More recently I used it for a 7 hour trip in a water cave. The charger, headband, and headlamp all performed as expected. Shipping from Killzone was prompt.


This charger is a proprietary piece of shit and is just made as a money grab.

Out of the many hundreds of the cables we have sold and are included with the Skilhunt lights very few have had issues. Saying they are a piece of shit is not entirely accurate and if there was an issue with a cable you received we can look at replacing it. Please reach out to us. With that said the use of a proprietary charger on a flashlight is a hotly debated topic and there are pros and cons of their use. The Skilhunt flashlights do not use proprietary batteries so you are free to charge them externally. Using a standard charging cable like micro usb or usb-c charging port has its own set of issues. We have found that the charging port is the most common cause of warranty issue across all of the lights that we sell. We have grown to accept the magnetic charging port with a non-proprietary battery more acceptable over time due to this when the flashlights also don’t have proprietary battery requirements.