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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Weltool W65 V2.0 Body

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by Weltool

Weltool W65 V2.0 body

The Weltool W65 weapon light body can use 1 18650 lithium ion battery or 2 CR123A batteries (depending on the light head voltage requirement), aluminum alloy material, the surface is anodized, black and FDE colors are available.

The tail of the Weltool W65 body can be fitted with Weltool TC68, TC69, TC70 and other Tailcaps. It is also compatible with surefire Z68 Tailcap, DS00 or UE Rear Cap, so you can use the corresponding Remote Switch such as surefire ST07.

The front of this Weltool W65 body can be fitted with Weltool LH1, LH2, LH3, LH4, LH5 light heads, and it can also be compatible with surefire M600DF KE2-DF heads.

Mounting holes on the W65 body can fit Weltool PM4 mounts, and are compatible with Surefire RM45, AMERICAN DEFENSE MFG AD-SF, and some corresponding rail mounts produced by Arisaka Defense, MAGPUL and Unity Tactical, but surefire M75 cannot be used.

Tip: V2.0 version is more suitable for SF KE2-DF light head


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Better than the best!

I purchased the Weltool W65, moreso that I could see how it stacks up against Arisaka, Modlite and SureFire than anything else. Well... other than the fact that these light bodies share a 18650 cell form factor, that's about where the similarities end. The construction, fit and finish of the W65 is light years beyond what Arisaka, Modlite and SureFire offer. I come from the engineering/machine sector. While the W65 exhibits clean threads, an anodized interior, a much more robust and durable finish, the same cannot be said for the others. I am most impressed by the threads though. The threads on the W65 are clean, bright, and do not "grind" when fitting a tailcap or light head onto the body. The Arisaka, Modlite and SureFire light bodies are just... I dunno. They look and feel unfinished. You pay a premium for these light bodies, yet the end result are light bodies that just feel... cheap, over-rated and over priced for what you get. The W65 absolutely checks all my boxes for a high quality product offered at a good price point.

Joseph H.
Perfect fit!

Awsome 18650 light body! Couldn’t ask for a better product at the price point.

Mark P.
Works great, but.....

I like the light body. The Weltool W65 is every bit as good as the competition, but unfortunately Killzone never has any of the different colors in stock when I'm buying a new one.

Mark P.
Great light

I'm very happy with all the Weltool light parts I bought from Killzone.


No reason to spend $70 - $80 on an 18650 or DF body from Surefire, Modlight, etc. I've had them all and this is as good as any for half the price.

adam c.
Perfect surefire replacement

Converted my m300c to a m600 and used this as the body. Worked perfectly. My old tail cap and new head fit beautifully and for less than half the price of competition/OEM. Quick shipping too!