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KZ250G Green Hog Light Hunting Pictures

KZ250G Green Hog Light Hunting Pictures

I recently had a chance to get out in the field and was able to snap a few photos with my phone while using one of our LED hunting flashlights. The quality of the photos are not great but it was the best I could do with the equipment I had available.  I thought I would post them to show the scope mounted KZ250G green hog light in action.

The below picture is before it got dark outside. This photo should give you a rough idea on how far away the feeder is from the stand we hunting in. If you look down at the end of the road you should be able to see the feeder. The friend I was hunting with said the feeder was just shy of 200 yards.


Below is a picture of the KZ250G green hog light after it started to get dark outside. The KZ250G is one of our brightest hunting lights!  With a quality scope is would have been easy to take out a hog if we would have been lucky enough to see one. Better luck next time... 

This is a picture of my friends KZ250G mounted on his rifle using the universal rapid mount. Here piggy piggy piggy!!

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