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Free shipping on orders over $75!

Sportac PH10LC2 Nichia

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LED: Nichia 219C CRI-92

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by Sportac

Refined headlamp

PH10 series

All aluminum constructed SPORTAC headlamp offers you maximum lumen output with just one click. The PH10 series free your hands whether you are working with close-up stuff, or viewing an object far away with MAX output.

775 LED Lumens

Powered by the Nichia 219C high CRI. The PH10LC2 gives you maximum brightness along with great color rendering.

200+ hours runtime

Get maximum continuous runtime with the lowest output of 4lm, which is enough to last through weeks. Get 1.5 hours of runtime at the maximum output level. The three other intermediate levels offer between 2.8 to 25 hours of runtime with a single 18650 Li-ion battery.

C3000HL - Low dropout & highly efficient circuit

To enhance the current regulated runtime with a single Li-ion battery, we used the latest IC and high-end passive components to minimize the internal resistance and the dropout voltage of the circuitry.

Smart voltage report system

Once the headlamp has been turned on or brightness level has been changed, the micro blue LED located under the semi-transparent on/off switch silicon boot will flash once, twice, or three times to communicate the current voltage level to you.

Deep reflector design

The magical reflector sitting inside the PH10 series offers you a perfect balance between spot and flood beam. At lower output, the overall beam is great for close-up work. At MAX output, the spot beam is excellent for viewing at medium and long distance.

One press for MAX or MIN output

Press and hold the on/off switch button from off for MAX output. Press and release quickly (within 0.3s) to turn on the headlamp at MIN output to preserve your night vision.

Five pre-defined output

Press and hold the on/off switch to toggle between five well-defined brightness output. Press and hold for more than 10 seconds to enable 1.5Hz blinking mode.

Two mounting options

Lightweight Nylon headband or the bike helmet mounting band.




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